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Sick(self ob, female)


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So I feel pretty darn disgusting right now. I can't really even swallow because my throat hurts really badly, and I keep coughing a lot. Oh my goodness that hurts. Anyway, I don't sneeze much, at least from colds, but I have been sneezing about once every minute or so for the past few minutes. I just had a fit, actually. Sigh, I wasn't able to record it. Not that I have anywhere to post it but.... Anywhoo, the sneezes sound really desperate and powerful, kinda like this

"HAHCHAAAAAAH!" Sorry for the terrible spelling. I think I'm dine sneezing for a bit, gonna try and get some rest.?

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Thanks, it was pretty awful. I am just now getting over it, I can talk again! My voice is still really hoarse.

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