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Has anybody ever been dying to see someone sneeze even though you're not that attracted to the person that much? Because it's really weird for me usually I only really am dying to see someone I'm really attracted to sneeze even though I like seeing other females sneezing I really only care to see the ones I really like. But there is like this one I am really wanting to see sneeze. I think there is a few reasons:

1.) She's half Asian and half euro so its kind of a really unique face/nose that she has which might make for a cool sneeze. Her nose is really cool because its like an Asian nose that's a tiny bit longer but its seems like chunkier I guess lol. She's cute but its not like she's super hot.

2.) Her personality is not shy. She's not like a loud mouth or anything but she'll get very unembarrassed if she's comfortable with you. However, I think an exception is her sneezing because I think I have seen her stifle before but its like I'm not really sure. One time I thought I saw the end of one of her stifles and I saw the person next to her say bless you and she quickly whispered thank you like almost too quick where she didn't want anyone to hear him say that.

3.) She is always touching her nose constantly. Its not like she is rubbing her nose madly but it seems like she is always itching it or something and its probably cause she has really bad allergies.

So what do you all think? Have any of you expirenced a situation like this?

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Oh, indeed! It also happens that I am COMPLETELY unattracted to that person, but I am just dying to see him/her sneeze, because... that person never seems to sneeze.

It just becomes a non-sexual obsession, like:"Oh, Lord, does this person EVER sneeze? That's weird... Maybe he/she has totally repulsive sneeze so he/she tends to hold it back in public?"

If you know what I mean. :)

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