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Okay, so I love Legend of Korra, and I know a lot of you do, too. But even though I love Mako and Bolin, Amon/Noatak is by far my fave, and there seems to be a lack of him. Seriously, I fell in love with this guy ten episodes before they revealed he was hot. It must have been the voice. Steve Blum, you strike again.

I really suck at fabric, if you couldn't tell. Which is totally the reason I drew him without a shirt...whistling.gif

So my headcanon is that he sleeps with his mask, just in case. The stress of leading a whole resistance probably got to him at some point, a la this. Even though there's usually no sneezing envolved, I love stress-induced fevers. I don't know why. My favorite kind of guys are the ones who are usually all strong and stuff, but get weakened by something...which now that I think about it that's like one of the points of this fetish. I'm rambling. I shall shut up.

(Yeah, it's not colored and it's all sketchy. I'm probably going to color and shade and fix and stuff later.)

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Waaaaa! I suck at all this picture uploading stuff. *bangs head against desk*

...........................(This is embarrassing, but how to you show a picture?)

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One way to show pictures is to use an image hosting site, like imageshack or tinypic. Basically you upload your picture there, get the direct URL, click the image-sharing button here (bottom row, 9th button from the right) and paste the image URL in the new window, press ok, and voila! Your picture is in the message.

At least, that's how it should work! heh.gif

Hope this helps! :) Always great to get new art.

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