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New Nanny Cold


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OK...this is pretty touchy. One of those THIS IS GREAT- THIS IS TERRIBLE situation. My wife and I recently hired an early twenties Argentine liv-in nanny to care for our infant children. She's very cute and a million times more so with a lovely little budding head cold.

She hadn't sneezed in the first month with us...just seemed to be the kind to hide such things. Then a couple of days ago, she let out this lovely girlish sneezette...with both hands cupped around her nose. She then did this cute little head bob to get hair out of the way. I blessed accordingly and hoped for another...no such luck.

Then yesterday...while I was arrranging some flowers- she sneezed a little more forcefully and scratched her nose as though the bouquet was irritating her nasem. We laughed at the possible connection and she plopped her lovely little nose right into the flower to see...again, no such luck.

Today...paydirty. More sneezing and she asked for help with cold medicines because she felt one coming on. We walked her thru the options and she pointed to her nose with that annoyed look we all get when stuffy. I passed her the kleenex box...and low and behld- she let out the loveliest little honk you can imagine. Her nose is only hours into the cold and it's already on the chapped side. This could be a good one, yes.


...and hell. Now, some backstory - my wife has a little outdated intel on my little fetish- a mistaken effort to share my little - well, stuff with my new wife back when we thought such things were sexy among newlyweds. Lets just say - its done nothing but force an odd look everytime we see a pretty woman sneeze and the usual comment about my blow fetish everytime she catches cold. Needless to say...this little situation is recipe for disaster. I actually have to stay away from our nanny becasue I'm all but certain my wife will make a comment. Not a touch thing- please- I'm an old guy and see her more like my older daughters. it's just the embarrassment of getting busted ogling the blows when they come.

Like I said...heaven and hell.

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Ooh what a Catch-22! She sounds lovely!

Though your profile say you're 24...if that's an 'old guy' then I must be ANCIENT! ;)

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