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Request James Bond fic


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I've just seen Skyfall yesterday and was blown away by it. It was awesome! The story was great and very engaging, the villain was terrifying, the action was good and there was a good amount of it and we even saw some of Bond's past.

Now I wonder if anyone would like to write a story that is set after Skyfall. There is this scene towards the end, where he got into "some deep water" (as he put it himself XD), i.e. took a dip in a lake that was totally frozen over (except for the spot where he fell in, obviously) and went on to fight the bad guy after it.

Or, you know, a different James Bond story. Whatever comes in your head.

I haven't found any on the web. Also tried to write one myself. I am rubbish at writing for bond, as it turns out. XD And I've also got two other stories that I'm supposed to finish ^^; (sorry). So it would be awesome if someone could write something to this! :D

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Hey, you know what? I'm totally seconding this request! I was kind of disappointed when he showed no reaction to being submerged in icy water (even IF he was running on adrenaline and couldn't feel it at the time). I was at least expecting a case of the shivers or something. Goodness! :P So yes, I too would love to see some Bond-y goodness. biggrin.png

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Ahhh, this is true. There are multiple Bonds. :laugh: I have to say I'm partial to Daniel Craig, but secret agent + sneezing = HAPPY FANGIRL NONETHELESS. :yay:

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