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SNeezing in class ( female)


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A few years ago, in my biology class at school, there was a girl who had very strong hayfever and also got colds very often. So was sniffling and sneezing most time of the year. She was middle-tall and had midddle-long, brown hair. One morning in spring she sat at her table in the biology room and started to sneeze during the first minutes of the lesson. Her sneeze sounded like HE - GCHXXX and you could her that her nose was very stuffed up. She sniffled and rubbed her nose with her hand several times. When she had rubbed her nose for the third time, she sniffled wetly and grabbed her pocket, searching for a tissue. She didn`t find one, so she searched for it in her jacket. But there seemed to be no tissue to. She sniffled and rubbed her nose again - stronger than before. A few moments she looked around herself, then she asked another girl for a tissue. But that girl had no tissue too :P. She began to write but rubbed her nose with her hands again, it looked very desperate now. She continued sniffling until she sneezed again after a few minutes. But this time she hadn`t to ask because another girl came to her and handled her some tissues. She blew her nose with a few very wet, gurgly blows. Then she seemed to feel better, but she sneezed and blew her nose a few times more till the end of the lesson.

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I hate when there's no tissues! Hayfever is awful!

Thanks for sharing.

Yes, and I hate it also when I have tissues but can`t really use them because I`m sitting in a full classroom. :/ Watching other persons makes definately more fun :D

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