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Hi all! Yes, I'm back with yet another request that I'm putting out there for anyone who is game... I am used to my requests not being taken up by people because usually I'm asking for really specific things, sometimes in less-than-popular fandoms.

However, this time I'm asking for something that I cannot believe I can't actually find anywhere:

Stargate SG1: Daniel Jackson: allergies OR illness.

I have just finished watching all ten seasons and two movies of SG1 for the first time, as my husband got me into it. I am in love with Daniel, but sadly we don't get to see him suffering from allergies after One False Step in Season 2. I'd love a nice sneezy!Daniel story, preferably set when Jack is still on the team. I was astounded that I couldn't find anything much when googling; here we have a complete hottie who does "cute and vulnerable" oh-so-well, PLUS has allergies that are actually canon, but no fics??

Unless my searches were screwed up and you can point me to any fics I've missed (apart from http://brothersinarmsfiction.com/joag/sg/airless.html, which isn't written by a fetishist anyway), I really hope someone will be willing to take this one up for me. Thank you!

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I know I've seen pleanty of other fics out there with Daniel sneezing in them, though I don't think any of the other ones I've read include nearly as much sneezing as in that Airless fic. I'm too tired right now to try to search some of them out right now but I'll tell you the search terms I usually use. Normally I'll google something along the lines of stargate sg1 fanfic "sneeze", then sometimes I'll add something after "sneeze" like allergies, flowers, pollen, etc.

I believe krazykat also wrote a Daniel allergy fic on this forum called Too Close for Comfort, but it was kind of 18+ and slashy with him and Jack, so no idea if you're into that, but you could try searching it out on here. She also did one where Jack had allergies that was pretty good called Catestrophic Encounter or something like that.

There's also a few Stargate fics on Tarotgal's Realm which is listed in the links section of the forum.

Though I'm much more into Stargate Atlantis than SG1, I wouldn't mind reading a new Daniel allergy fic if anyone else wanted to write one. I wish I could do it myself, but I just feel I can't get my head into the characters that well if you know what I mean, despite the fact that I've seen all the episodes and movies multiple times. Really I just have a ton of trouble focusing on writing in general these days and have so many Stargate Atlantis fics that are works in progress or only exist in my head. *sighs*

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Thanks Shayla for your reply. Not usually into slash, but thank you for the rec anyway. :) I haven't done absolutely exhaustive searches, but I think I thought this kind of thing would be easier to find, which is why I got disheartened and eventually gave up, lol.

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No problem. I find that it really helps to put the word "sneeze" in quotation marks when doing google searches. In the past I've found that if I don't do that, then a lot of times it will give me sick fics that might not even have sneezing in them but are mostly about achy fever stuff.

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