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Is there a way to develop allergies?

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I was wondering. Is there? If there isn't an established way to develop allergies to something (purposefully), do you think we could figure one out? Looking for thoughts, ideas, anecdotes, etc.

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Well, you can develop allergies at any point in your life, just like you can grow over them sometimes. I didn't develop allergies until quite recently, and I know of more people where it happens even later in life. But apart from overexposure, I'm not sure there is a surefire trigger to develop them.

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Cake is right, you can develop new allergies at any point in life. But genetics can certainly play a role in that. I did read some study that says if one of your parents has allergies, you have a 50% chance of developing them as well, and if both parents have them then your chances jump to 80%. I've been allergic to ragweed ever since I was a little kid but I only recently became allergic to tree pollen within the last 5 years. And because my dad and sister are both allergic to cats, I'm sure there's potential for that one with me also. So yes, new allergies can pop up at any time.

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I know about that part. The premise I'm hoping to explore is acquiring an allergy on purpose. Do you think it can be done? If it could be done, what are some hypotheses you have on how it might be accomplished?

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I don`t think that this is possible. You can terminate an allergy with de-sensibilisation or some other medical technics, but I have never heard of the opposite. But I think it`s better so because some allergies can turn out into serious danger for your healthy.

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I don't think that there is any way to aquire an allergy.

Just my opinion as someone who has allergies- generally it isn't just the "fun" stuff. Eyes that itch and burn are a pain, as well as sinus headaches. Also, sometimes people's allergies end up not being nasal at all but things that affect breathing, or hives, or other non-fun stuff.

Anyway... I'm honestly not trying to be a downer. I can understand that people with the fetish, especially if they enjoy their own sneezes, would sort of want allergies sometimes. :) :) I get it- truly.

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Ah darn. Welp. It was a thought. Thanks everyone.

tma- eek, i can see what you mean. hives would suck. D:

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Repeated exposure. A friend of mine worked in an animal facility at a university, where she had to handle rats on an almost daily basis. After about six months she became allergic to the rats, and would start sneezing uncontrollably after being in the room with them for a few minutes. This was not a surprise to the supervisor, who put her onto other duties and insisted she wore a facemask when she did occasionally have to handle the rats. I got the impression this happens from time to time, but isn't common. Some people had worked there for decades and not developed allergies.

I often picked her up after work for a drink, and for a couple of weeks there she would get into my car and be sneezing her head off all the way to the bar.

Ah, memories.

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