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Talked about the fetish with my boyfriend


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So technically my boyfriend has known about my “quirk” as we like to call it since before we began dating (we’d been really good friends for about a year or so prior to dating and there had been a night of drunken talking, etc). But I had never shown him any kind of reaction from it before, and he never really understood how sneezing could be used or related to arousal though and before we even began dating he’d essentially written it off as an unusable fetish because he didn’t understand it.

However, after about a month into our relationship, I told him that even if he didn’t understand I did find it attractive. It’s really difficult for me to share my thoughts about it with him since it’s something I haven’t told anyone in detail before, so I was very brief and said I like the sound a lot. He was very sweet and simply took me at my word and accepted it without too much questioning.- I just love that one of the few questions he asked me though was if he should sneeze towards me for now on!! He ever went so far as to apologizing for it not being something he can control. (Oh contraire!)

So last Sunday, about a couple weeks after this conversation, when we were getting ready to go to bed, he told me he had a surprise for me. I was completely in the dark and when he pointed to the dryer sheet lying innocently on the other side of the futon I nearly smuthered him out of happiness. He has a ridiculous amount of allergies and is a pretty sneezy person, (averaging 4 or 5 a day when we’re together) so he had a pretty good idea of what might “set him off.”

He asked me to rip up the dryer sheet over his face, since that had worked for him when he had practiced. (OMG did he really say he practiced this for me?! ) He got all cute and stuffy right away, but only got as far as a few presneeze faces, totally hot though so I’m not complaining. He said the humidifier being on might have made the sheet a little damper than it needed to be to work properly.

However, this morning as the two of us were getting ready for work, he stopped like he was thinking about something and said “here it comes” and grabbed me into a hug from behind as he sneezed a rather powerful “HUH’ CHA!” with that cute exhausted “ Uh *sniff*” afterwards. A veeeeery nice way to begin a busy day if I do say so myself! :3

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Awww, that's so cute~ I'm so glad I'm not the only one with such a supportive partner about this. Just with how he wants to make you happy, it's wonderful ^^

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