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The idea is that I try and post one drabble a day until I've completed Natto and Dove's original drabble challenge: http://www.sneezefet...showtopic=32901 (or you all beg me to please stop. bleh.gif )

They will all be original (if I can keep it up), and with varying genders and causes. I will also attempt to write them in order, but may fail at that, too. blushing.gif

So, without further ado, drabble number one, and I hope you will enjoy reading! As always, comments make me insanely happy.

1 - Kink (F)

They had been seeing each other for a few months now, meeting up

whenever they could and tonight they were celebrating the imminent

summer in a lovely little tavern downtown. The food was delicious, the

company more than charming and even before the drinks arrived, they

were holding hands on the table, being your average, sickeningly sweet

couple, and looking into the other's eyes.

Suddenly, one pair of eyes fluttered shut. Her breath hitched once,

then she let out a disappointed sigh. She rubbed her nose vigorously

with one freed hand, only to be overtaken by another set of hitches,

ending in a sigh.

"Are you okay?" he asked, his hand grasping hers a notch tighter. She

nodded and replied in a breathy voice. "I just... have to sneeze and

it... and it... hehh... ihhh... won't come out." He reached over and

pressed a butterfly kiss to the tip of her nose. "Oh dear... have

to... have to... ahh... aahh.... hiiitchooh!" She smiled at him

through watery eyes. "Bless you" he said, his voice hoarse. Surprised, she

looked up to find a familiar look in his eyes. She grinned. "Kink of

yours?" He blushed and nodded.

"Can we go to my place tonight? I have a perfume that I want to try."

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Awwww!!! *grins*

I could totally picture that. Very cute!

And no stopping allowed. :whip::bleh:

Errrr... I mean... please continue *bats eyelashes* :winkkiss:

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Ahhhh! <333333 So cute so cute so cuttte!!!!!!! And I like your writing style. I'm so happy you decided to go ahead with this proud.gif

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Thank you lots for all the wonderful comments. blushing.gif I'm smiling like an idiot right now. blushing.gif

@Maru: Yay. ^^ I intend to cute. wink.png (Or something. laughing.gif )

@Hissybella: Very happy you like it. smile.png

@Tma: Ouch! bleh.gif Okay, okay, no stopping. blushing.gif

@Amyparda: Am so happy you like it. biggrin.png Really hope you'll enjoy the rest too. ^^

2 - Science Fiction (F)

She accepted the glass and drained half of it in one swallow. Immediately she sneezed, a few seconds later again. "What is this dr..haeeechuh! stuff?" she asked, interrupting herself with another sneeze. Accepting drinks from handsome strangers in a space bar (especially when watching them order it to make sure nothing funny got slipped in there) generally turned out well, which may have made her less cautious about trying unknown cocktails.

The man grinned and held up his own glass. "I won't bother you with the barkeep's name for it, but it's generally known as sneezebrew. For obvious reasons." He raised an eyebrow. "It's considered a delicacy on my home planet." He took a sip of his own drink. She watched him to see what would happen and sneezed again.

When he put down his glass again, his smile widened. "Immune" he proclaimed happily. "Different metabolism." She glared, but emptied the glass anyway. Holding back through sheer force of will, she gave him one last look and took her twitching nose out of the bar.

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Aaand, number three. smile.png I've written two versions of this one, one female and one male, simply because I liked the different feel to them by changing a few words in the second half. Hope you enjoy!

3 - Frightened (F)

We had stayed out later than usual and it was pitch dark before we left the party. My friend and I lived in apartments not a block apart at the other end of the park. The dense trees blocked out most of the moonlight so it was more stumbling half-blind through the darkness than anything else. Thankfully, the path was easy to follow. Once or twice, I heard an odd sound to my right, but thought nothing of it.

After a few minutes, we reached open space again and I quickened my pace, tired and eager to get home. After a few paces, I noticed my friend wasn't keeping up. She was standing several yards behind me, her head bobbing forward and a hand clamped over her nose. "Hehhxngt! Hhhxnght! Hhhhhhhxnght!" I walked back, worried. "Are you okay?" Teary eyes sheepishly looked up to meet mine. She visibly relaxed and straightened up again. "I'm fine. I just... " The rest of her sentence was nearly impossible to make out. "... sneeze when I get scared." She coloured and took off without waiting for my response. I giggled and ran off after her. "Hey, wait for me!"

3 - Frightened (M)

We had stayed out later than usual and it was pitch dark before we left the party. My friend and I lived in apartments not a block apart at the other end of the park. The dense trees blocked out most of the moonlight so it was more stumbling half-blind through the darkness than anything else. Thankfully, the path was easy to follow. Once or twice, I heard an odd sound to my right, but thought nothing of it.

After a few minutes, we reached open space again and I quickened my pace, tired and eager to get home. After a few paces, I noticed my friend wasn't keeping up. He was standing several yards behind me, his head bobbing forward and a hand clamped over his nose. "Hehhxngt! Hhhxnght! Hhhhhhhxnght!" I walked back, worried. "Are you okay?" Teary eyes sheepishly looked up to meet mine. He visibly relaxed and straightened up again. "I'm fine. I just... " The rest of his sentence was nearly impossible to make out. "... sneezewhenIgetscared." He coloured and took off without waiting for my response. I laughed and ran off after him. "Oi, wait for me!")

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I've never heard of sneezing because of fear before, but it sounds so cute! I hope they shared some nice, comforting hugs when they got home, especially if a few final sneezes were involved. :P

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Ooh, that's a brilliant idea. :yes: Sneezing from fear! I might yoink it and run off with it, cackling...

Also nice Science Fiction idea. By the way, did you know that the word count restrictions are really more sort of a guideline? *nudge nudge* ;) ;)

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Mmmm... :wub: Love these. The sc fi- is very cute. And the fright fic- it is brilliant- I love that it really fits either gender so perfectly!!

Keep it up!! :wub:

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@Blah: That's up to you to imagine. bleh.gif

@Maru: blushing.gif Run ahead, dear. wink.png Feel free to run off with, write delicious fiction with it and let me read it. whistling.gif

Ah, but then there's less left for you to imagine. ^^ *flees* wink.pngblushing.gif

@tma: Awww, thank you lots, so happy you like them. wub.png

Two drabbles today, since I didn't post one yesterday (I felt weird about posting so many times in a row blushing.gif). Hope you enjoy!

4 - Fake (M)

The expression on his face was one of full concentration. His eyebrows creased, his eyes squinted and his nose expectantly upturned. "Aaah... aaah... achoo! Achoo!" I couldn't help but laugh. Those were about the worst fake sneezes I'd ever heard. Not that I had heard many. The look stayed. He faked another sneeze.

Now, my curiosity was sparked. "Okay, I give up. Why are you faking sneezes?" His eyes started to squint even more and a single tear ran down his cheek. He held up his finger in the `just a sec' way and his breath hitched again. This time I wasn't sure whether he was faking. "AaahCHUH! HehhhCHUH! Aaaah... HAHHAAEESHOO!"

After those three, desperate explosions, he sighed with relief as his features smoothed out again and snuffled once. Looking at me, he shrugged. "I really needed to sneeze, but it was stuck. Faking them usually helps. Or looking at a bright light... but it was more fun to mess with you." He grinned and opened the fridge to grab a soda. The cold gust of air made me shiver a few feet away. It had obviously affected him too. "Darnit" he laughed as the concentrated look was

back on his face again.

5 - Pencil

It must have been the most boring lecture I'd ever attended. Rows and rows of students drifting off, tapping their pencils on the table or reading a book as the professor droned on. I did make the occasional note, but most of the time I was playing around with my pencil and observing my fellow students.

I must have zoned out, for the next thing I knew was a mix of pain and an intense itch. Automatically I moved the hand with the pencil to make it seem like I was doing something useful. It caught for a second on the edge of my nostril. Wondering what in heaven's name I had been up to, I found that during my period of half-consciousness, I had managed to stick the pointy end up my own nose.

But that wasn't the worst of it. I had managed to do so exactly the right way to cause an irresistible tickle. In the brief time between coming to full alertness again and realising what had happened, my nose had gone ablaze. It seemed to vibrate with nervous energy that could only be released in one way. My sneezes had never been the kind to go unnoticed. Especially not in a huge, silent lecture theatre.

Panicked, I looked around. The nearest exit was too far, I'd never make it. "Ahhh... hhhhh... hhhhhehhh..." My breath hitched unstoppably, it was no good. I cupped my hands over my mouth and nose in defeat. "AAAAAHCHUUUH! Hehh... ehhh...heh-heh-hehh-hehh-IIIITCHOOOO! HEHHHCHOOOO!" One last explosion built, and built, and built, until I was almost certain I'd burst from the sheer force. "HUUUUAAAAATCHOOOO!" Even the lecturer stopped talking at my final sneeze.

"Bless you" he called into the lecture hall and continued.

I could hear students snickering all around me and turned a deep red. Quickly, I put away the pencil. There would be no more accidents this lecture...

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And the next two. smile.png Hope you enjoy reading!

6 - Squint

The little fairy squinted to look at the tip of her nose. She had been flying from flower to flower to help the bees with carrying the pollen from one to the other. Now there was something sitting on the end of her little upturned nose. A dandelion fuzzy had landed right on the tip. She laughed and flew to a little stretch of empty ground to put the seed down, balancing it on her nose until then, talking to herself all the time. "Oh dear" she suddenly exclaimed. "It does tickle my nose by being up there!" She squinted again to see if it were still in place.

It was, but her nose had started twitching underneath it. "Uh oh" she breathed. "Uh oh..." She rubbed underneath her nose as she began to take little desperate breaths. "Hihh-ihhh-hihh-iiihh! Hiih-chuh!" The dandelion seed floated gently to the ground. "Iihh-chuh!" The little fairy sneezed again and rubbed her nose, staring accusingly at the little fuzzy. Then she giggled, shrugged and went back to her flowers.

7 - Misplaced (F)

She felt her nose twitch, a second before she registered the intense tickle. It wasn't one she felt often and she was surprised at the intensity. "Ehh... heh-chih!" Only a second later she snapped forward again. "Ehh... iiih-chih!" She never sneezed more than twice so she was quite confident it would end there. It didn't. She sneezed again, and half a minute later again. Instead of stopping, the sneezes just kept increasing in frequency.

She got up and grabbed a box of tissues before flopping down on the sofa again. Then, her nose really took off, firing off sneezes one after the other with hardly any sign of slowing down.

After a few minutes, her flatmate came into the room, looking bashful. "I uhm... seem to have misplaced my stack of sneezing powder." "Hehhh'itchuh! I think I've found... found... aaah-tchuh! found it."

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More drabbles to fill up the gap up to and including today. About drabble 11, I couldn't decide which point of view I liked more, so again, I posted both versions. Hope you enjoy reading! smile.png

8 - Joy (F)

`The doctor will see you now.' She got up and nervously walked into the office.

`Sit down please.' She did, nearly toppling the chair in the process. `Ah, yes. Allergy test, wasn't it?'

She nodded. The doctor shuffled through a few sheets of paper and handed one to her. `Everything that blooms in spring. You should be right as rain again starting the summer.'

She grimaced. `Thank you doctor.' Oh, the joys of spring...

9 - Touched (F)

The cold hadn't fully released its grip on her yet, but her mother had forced her to attend the ball regardless. As soon as she had observed the required curtesies; talked to the right people, danced with elegible bachelors, she had discreetly left the room to rest in the garden, sniffling daintily into her embroidered handkerchief to keep the congestion and urge to sneeze at bay.

For the next half hour it remained her sanctuary. Then it was suddenly disturbed by a gentleman unknown to her. She quickly dabbed her watering eyes dry and softly blew her nose. He turned at the sound. 'My apologies' he hastened to say, 'I was not aware anyone else had changed the hall for this lovely little garden.'

She gave him a watery smile. 'No need for apologies. I had only removed myself as I am not entirely well. Pray, do enjoy the garden, I shall retreat.' Gathering her skirts to leave, she saw him draw closer. 'No need, fair lady. If you are unwell, should I not look after your needs?' He sat down next to her, his eyebrows creased with worry. 'Oh no, you need not bother... bother...' The cessation of her ministrations to her nose had left it increasingly tickly and she struggled to finish her sentence through the building sneeze. 'bothhhh... hhhhh... hehhh-chih! Bother yourself milord.' She finished the sentence, muffled through the fabric of the handkerchief.

'Blessings, fair lady. May I escort you inside before this evening chill has a chance to settle?' Her reply was another, more violent sneeze before nodding weakly. She offered her arm and he assumed a slow pace, filling the silence with a flow of words that made her smile and forget her heavy limbs. At the door, they parted. 'Thank you milord. I am truly touched by your concern. Goodnight.' 'Goodnight fair lady' he smiled and returned to the ballroom.

10 – Cough

Just my luck; taking a sip of water and choking on it. Under the worried glances of my friends, I continued to cough up a lung. Of course I couldn't just cough and be done with it, that would be too easy.

As the coughing wore on, I could feel the prickling sensation in my nose grow. To stop coughing, I'd need to sneeze. It has always been like that.

One of my friends was slapping me on the back. It helped a bit, but also distracted me from what would help most. “Hehh...” Almost. “Ahhhh!” I waited for a long second before finally. “Aaah-CHUH!” Started looks were thrown in my direction. “What?” I tried to shrug it off. “Never seen that trick before?” A few short laughs and everyone returned to their drinks.

11 - Hot/Cold

Then the weather is cold, now hot, then cold again, I can't make head nor tail of it. That's autumn for you.

I shiver, pull my scarf over my nose and mouth, bury myself deeper into my coat, and step outside. The icy wind still takes me by surprise.

I walk down the street, my hands stuck firmly in my pockets to keep warm. "Ehh... eHHH!" I sniff, trying to stop my nose's antics. "EHHHH-HAAACHOO!"

The force makes me stumble. "Stupid autumn.." I mutter through the thick fabric of my shawl.

11 - Hot/Cold v2 (M)

One day the weather is cold, then hot, then cold again. I can't make head nor tail of it. That's autumn for you.

He shivers, pulls his scarf over his nose and mouth, buries himself deeper in his woolen coat, and steps outside. The icy wind still takes him by surprise.

He walks down the street, hands stuck firmly in the polyester-lined pockets to retain some warmth. "Ehh... eHH!" He sniffed, trying to stop his nose's antics. "EHHH-HAAACHOO!" The force made him stumble, hands shooting out of his pockets to shield a potential fall. As he continued, a faint mutter reached my ears. "Stupid autumn..."

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I particularly like "touched" and "hot/cold", as they were particularly evocatively written, I could really see the scene in my head perfectly, but very much enjoyed reading all of these. Excellent, please do keep going! :D

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I'm not stupid! lol Sorry I had to, it's so tempting when someone uses my name so make a silly comment. Anyway I loooooooovvvvveeee these!

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These are so cute!

Honestly, I kinda wish "Touched" as a whole story. :P Loving the characters you set up.

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Lovely variations of style and indeed content. And so nice to have so many nice feminine sneezes. As Maru says, don't try to restrict yourself with too many rules; it's much more fun to let your imagination run riot.

Oh, and I know the concept is difficult, but it is possible for girls to sneeze loudly and openly and enjoy it; and even be pleased about being blessed and taken care of.....

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First of all, thank you lots for the very wonderful comments. biggrin.png My cheeks may explode from blushing/smiling. yes.gif

@Enkidom: blushing.gif Really very happy you like them. biggrin.png I hope #14 will live up to the ones you mentioned. blushing.gif

@MadWonder13: It took me a minute to figure out what you meant. heh.gif Yes, I can imagine it is. smile.png Very happy you enjoy them!

@Blah: Thank you lots. And maybe one day. smile.png (Though I can't really think of something to continue it with right now. blushing.gif)

@Count: Thank you very much. smile.png I am glad the amount of female content pleases you. Oh, it is, but I'd never manage one a day (or week) if I let the imagination riot too much.

Ah, but what would be the fun in that? wink.png

So it is time again for the next three drabbles. Similar to the previous update, most entrees are female. I hope you enjoy reading these. smile.png My love for period fiction seems to be showing a bit. blushing.gif

12 – Sin (F)

She kneeled in front of the metal grating, her eyes shyly aimed towards the ground.

“What is it, my child?” a familiar voice sounded from the other side.

“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned...” Her breath caught. “Yes, my child?”

The gentle voice sounded far away as she struggled to focus. “Ihhh... hhhave been consorting with ahhh... aaahhhh...” She swallowed heavily. “A young man, unchaperoned.”

Her hands, until then resting in her lap, now moved up, pinching her nose. “Hehh.. hnghxt!” A tiny stifle escaped her. She blushed. “Bless you, my child.”

“Thank you... hhhh.... hehhh... father. Hehh... hnghxt!” She stifled six more sneezes in rapid succession.

“Bless you, my child.” She coloured further. “I have also had sinful thoughts about... about... hehh-hhngxt!... this young man. I beg your blessing, and a penance.”

The priest let out a short laugh. “I believe you have been blessed many times already.”

13 – Care (M)

Feverish, asleep, he had never looked more adorable. He snuffled in his sleep, his nose crinkling up a little.

Thankfully the worst was over; his fever had come down quite a bit. Gently, I put down the tray: a thermos of tea, two mugs and a few dry biscuits for when he'd wake up.

He was tossing around, muttering in distress. I knew the drill: nightmare.

A tender smile on my lips, I quickly stepped out of my clothes and slipped under the blanket.

Wrapping my arms around him, I felt him tremble a little. "Hush my love" I whispered, pressing my lips against his neck. "Everything is okay, I'm here."

Slowly, he stilled, a smile appearing on his face. I felt my own eyes growing heavy. A last kiss and I fell asleep, too. "I love you" was the last conscious thought.

14 – Frail (M)

Nervously, he stood outside her room, waiting to be let in. The door opened and the nurse came out. “You can see her, but only for a few moments, she tires quickly.” He nodded, frowning, and hastened into the room.

She looked so frail, a pale picture between ivory sheets. “Miss Godfrey...” his words died on his lips. She looked up. “Mr Watson!” Her face brightened, “How kind of you to visit me.” He took a few steps forward. “The pleasure is mine. I trust you are being well cared for?” She nodded. His eyes creased in a desperate fashion. “Are you... how is... will you...?”

She interrupted him. “I am expected to make a full recovery soon.” As she spoke, she noticed his eyes tightening even further, his hands fumbling with the pockets of his waistcoat. “Are you quite well, Mr Watson?” she inquired gently.

“Quite wehhhll, miss... miss....” His hands having found the desired object, he buried his nose in the handkerchief and sneezed mightily. “Bless you, Mr Watson!” she exclaimed. A blush claimed his cheeks. “My sincerest apologies, I didn't mean to...” Again, she cut him off. “It's quite alright, do not worry yourself.” He nodded awkwardly. “I should be going. I will visit again come morning.” Another nod and he fled the room.

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*grins* Awwww!! :wub:

I Love reading these. :bounce: This is making my day.

#11 made me grin. hehehehe

#14 :wub: :wub: For some reason even though he *isn't* Watson... but because he is "Watson-esque" I pictured sort of a mix of Robert Sean Leonard and "old school" Watson at the same time. :blushing: I simply Adored that one. Such a cutie and the whole proper and embarrassment = SQUEE!!!

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@tma: wub.png Ooh, that is a very nice thought. blushing.gif Really really happy you like them. :D

*pirate voice* Here be drabble 15 to 17. Yarrr!

In order of appearance: F, M, both, and F.

15 – The End

This is the end

Beautiful friend

This is the end

My only friend, the end

Slowly her head waved to and fro to the rhythm of the electric guitar and the low voice of Jim Morrison, drowning her misery in a gentle flow of music. She didn't dare to blare along with her voice in its current croaky state. For what must have been the 1000th time that day, she felt her nostrils prickle. Without a second's delay, she grabbed a handful of tissues and pressed them to her nose. Almost immediately, she inhaled and sneezed violently. “HEHHH—EHHCHOOO!... Ugh...” The release left her head pounding and her sinuses throbbing. Worse, she knew it wasn't the end (contrary to the song she was listening to); her cold sneezes always came in body-racking multiples.

Bracing herself, she gasped, a high, shrill sound. “IIIIIH!... HEHHHCHOOO!... Ahhh... AAAHHRRCHOOO!.... Oh gosh... Hehh... EEHHHH... HAAAARRRRCHOOO!.... Ouch!” She made a low, whining sound and pulled the blanket over her head.

'So very much not coming out of here the rest of the day... '

16 – Three (I)

She saw the clock nearing the hour. “I bet you can't do it.” He smiled. “Are you absolutely sure about that?” She nodded. “I'm willing to bet you a week of dishes that I can sneeze simultaneously with the church bells when the clock strikes three.” She remained sceptical. “Why not, I will enjoy the extra free time.”

He grinned and looked at the clock. One minute to go. To his housemate's puzzlement, he undid his long pony tail and picked up a lock of hair. At his leisure, he reduced it to a very thin, pointed bunch and moistened the end a little.

Thirty seconds to go... He brought the hair up to his nose and gently traced it around the edge, feeling a feathery sensation spread. Fifteen seconds. Resolutely, he pushed the tip up his nose, feeling the need to sneeze blossom instantly. His only concern was not being able to hold back long enough.

The dial crept closer to the hour; a pace too slow for the burning need of his nose. A desperate, vocalised hitch escaped. “Hiiihh!” The clock struck. “Heehhhrrh-choo!” Immediately, another hitch. He pressed his finger under his nostrils to delay the inevitable; the hair still trapped high up in his nasal passages. The clock struck again. “Aaaahh... haaaarrrhhhh... ehchuuuh!”

The tickle died down a little. Quickly, he moved the lock around, sparking it anew. “Eeehhh... eeeehchooo!” Just as the clock struck a third time.

She had watched the process with increasing wonder. “Well, there goes my scepticism. Bless you. I suppose I should get started on those dishes now...”

He held up a finger. “Juhhh... just a second...” His face scrunched up, his free hand pressed against his upper lip. “Ehhh! Hehh-chooo!.... Aahh.... aaaaahh... huuurrrrchoooo! Ehhhhtchoo! Oh gosh...”

She laughed. “Bless you again. You know, you brought this on yourself...” He looked up, with watering eyes, but smiling. “So worth it though. I baked a pie earlier...” With that, he jumped out of her arm range and skipped off.

16 – Three (II)

“Have you heard this outrageous rumour about Jean, Alice and Louis?” A few of the women nodded. “Yes, I heard that they made up the whole conference and have run off to the Bahamas!” Cries of outrage and agreement rose from the lunch group.

Far away, two scarcely clad men and a woman looked up from their cocktails and sneezed violently.

17 – Never

The pirate grabbed the woman by the waist and pulled her close.

Dramatic music played in the background, swelling to a storm of noise. Her companions stood frozen in shock while the other pirates laughed in that typical pirating, thunderous manner.

The woman screamed as the heavily made-up face drew closer. “Now that I have stolen you from your father's ship, I will make you.. my pirate wife!” he shouted, provoking more laughter from his mates.

“Never!” she exclaimed and pulled away, throwing herself on to his bunk and starting to cry hysterically.

The music stilled, the laughter stopped and the spotlight focussed on the bed. Violins began a jittery, mournful introduction.

The wheezing cries didn't cease.

The conductor hesitated for a moment, the music stuttered to a halt.

The woman sneezed.

“Cut!” the director sighed. “Okay, this scene, back to the start.”

She sneezed again, emerging from the bed bashfully. “I'm sorry. The crying just makes my nose tickle something awful...”

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These are so cute. xD I especially love The End. I had this weird phase where I listened to that song all the time. I'm glad to be past that now but it was fun for whatever weird reason.

I also really like Never. Sneezing during plays/movies/any sort of acting is always really cute, whether the sneezing's part of the script or not.

Can't wait to see which ones you do next. :P

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  • 2 weeks later...

@Blah: Aww, thanks. biggrin.png Cool, I had such a phase too. I may have to incorporate the sneezing while acting thing in a few other drabbles... innocent.gif

Life happened, so I didn't manage to keep up the pace. But I have 2 more drabbles to share, all fresh and betaed, with 2 more in the pen.

The first was inspired by the release date of the Hobbit drawing closer (and having re-watched LotR), so I just had to do something with Tolkien-ish dwarves.

18 – Midnight (Imagine Gimli) http://www.panhistor...ages/G20420.jpg

“What are you doin' up at this time? It's past midnight!” “It's always like midnight down here” the other dwarf grumbled. “It's not natural to live here, not even for a dwarf.”

Slightly louder. “I couldn't get to sleep, so I went for a walk.”

The guard dwarf didn't seem convinced. “But why wander down the mine? You know the rules.”

Exasperated, he let his shoulders droop. “Because, my housemate adopted a stray kitten and it makes me... makes me...” he paused, mouth open, breathing shallow, cheeks sporting a pink tinge. “Hehhff... HUURCHOOO! … sneeze.”

19 – Promise

Face covered in heavy make-up, she waited for her take. Recording a commercial wasn't great, but it was a job.

A small bottle of the perfume she was going to promote stood on the table of her small dressing room (Promise – the perfume that doesn't disappoint.)

Time wore on and she was getting bored. The shoot before hers was taking forever. She knew her lines by heart and she got increasingly curious about the product she was going to be a selling point for, by lack of a better distraction.

Taking the stopper out of the slim-necked glass vial, she dripped some on her wrist.

A moment to let the alcohol evaporate passed before she brought her arm up to her face and inhaled deeply.

Immediately, her eyes began to water. She spluttered and coughed as the scent passed through her nasal passages. A gasp; high-pitched, desperate shriek. “Ihhh.... ihhhchuuh... ehhhehhuh... hehh... hehh... ehhhheeechih”

“Miss Brown, we are ready for you”, the announcement came. One look in the mirror told her what she needed to know. Eyes streaming with tears, runny nose, not to mention the sneezing... They may have finally been ready for her, but she wasn't quite ready any more.

Looking a tad bashful, she shuffled out of the room, clutching a handkerchief. “Can I have make-up in here for a last touching up?”

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  • 3 months later...

It's been uhm... a while. A couple of experiments. Hope you like it! Feedback is - as always - very welcome. smile.png

20 – Fight

“Finally, we stand face to face.”

They had decided on the old wood mill, a building that had been abandoned for many years. The air was thick with yellow dust. A rising sun cast a fierce ray through one of the windows, illuminating the scene.

A few abandoned tools, half buried in wood chips, gave the location an extra challenge.

“We fight until first blood?”

“Yes, first blood will be sufficient. The losing party will relinquish any claim to Madeline.”

“Quite right. Shall we begin?”

They drew their swords, assumed a duelling stance and looked their opponent straight in the eye, daring the other to make the first move.

After what seemed an eternity, both struck at once. Blow after blow fell, both moving by instinct while their sword arms were claiming their full attention.

Both stumbled now and then but managed to prevent a successful attack. Clouds of sawdust emerged as they disturbed their stuffy surroundings.

“Stay still, you scoundrel!”

“After you, sihh... huhh.... uuhhh....” Another problem presented itself. “Sir.... ehhhTSHUUH!”

For a heartbeat, he stopped, and that was enough. A cut across his hand settled the fight.

“Ow!” Slowly, the dust settled to see one leave triumphantly, the other standing still, holding his hurt hand, nose twitching like a rabbit. “EhhhTSHUUUH! HehhHCHOOO! Ehhh-ehh-EHTSUUH!” Then a curse and a tired sigh. He lost.

21 – Pollen

"Intruders in section N. I repeat: intruders in section N. All antibodies to section N! Release extra dose of histamine. I repeat: release extra dose of histamine!”

Her nervous system burst into action, despatching troops towards the nasal area. Yellow flocks of pollen floated in the cavity, bumping into walls, slowly drifting further inwards.

Troops of histamine and antibodies marched on them, flooding her nasal area in an attempt to stop the invasion. Climbing the walls, hanging from the ceiling, trying to stop as many particles as they possibly could.

While they marched, the walls of her nose grew a darker red, walls swelling to accommodate the extra blood pumping through it.

A spasm shook the nasal walls. Many fell or where thrown off their feet. Still, they went on. Another spasm.

“Nasal reboot initiated. Retreat. I repeat: retreat. Nasal reboot initiated.” A hurried retreat followed, the very ground under their feet trembling and shaking in anticipation of the reboot.

She raised a hand to her face. “Ahh... hahh! Ahh-chuuh! I'm sorry, hay fever.” She smiled and blushed as her friends blessed her.

“You've fought bravely, but the war hasn't been won. Soon, the yellow plague will once again try and outsmart our soldiers. Rest, for your strength may be needed again soon.”

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These are great! Really a lot of fun.

I especially love the second one, I'm sure there's no secret as to why.

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