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sick with a cold


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I don't usually do self-obs.. but i've been sick with a cold for about 3 dayd now and just thought i'd share with you guys(:

This is basicly how it all cam down:


So my friend N was over, and she wanted to go to church with me the next morning so we decided to go to bed at around 9 to get some good sleep. I had started to feel my throat hurt, and the slightest tickle.. but i didnt worry too much about it. I thought it was just from laughing the whole Thanksgiving weekend basicly. So thats really all that happened that day.


Me and N woke up around 8:00ish, having to be at church around 9:00. I had woken up, feeling the same tickle... but a little stronger. My throat hurt a little more and my nose bothered me a little bit. On our way to church i didnt pay much attention.. when we got to church we headed downstairs to our Sunday school class. I had met my boyfrind, D down there.. we having a lot of fun.. and the whole time at church nothing really bothered me


I wake up around 6:30... having to catch the bus for school around 7:00.. but when i woke up i didnt feel my best.. the lump in my throat had gotten larger.. my head ached and my nose was definately bothering me big time, and started to run constantly. So i stayed home from school. I slept in till around 12:00ish and woke up to s text. It was from D so we started talking. He doeant have school mondays (luckyy!!!) So he was in town with his parents doing some shopping.. but this is basicly how are conversation got started

Me: sweetheart..

D: Hmm?

Me: Im sick. And i feel like shit...

D: :( oh im sorry.. i wish i was there to make you feel better..

Me: yeah

a while later i asked him what he was thinking about..

D: Oh just thinking about what i would do if i was there :)

Me: Hmm and what exactly would that be? :)

D: just making you soup and cuddling with you with a blanket :) to make sure you were okay.

Me: :) really

Thats how that part of our conversation ended..

So i slept more that day.. but i had to go to drivers ed..

My nose was bothering me the whole time.. but i could never get up to fix it or blow my nose because of my mental block.. so suffered all that time..=/

Later on that night i had started developing a cough..

D had just gotten home from shopping. He called me and was talking..

He didnt talk long.. and i was having a bad day.. so i was a little dissapointed..

He texted me:

D: Im sorry sweetheart :( i cant talk very much on weekdays... and i hate it when you have bad dayd it makes me feel bad :( now i wish we did live together.. i would have called in sick just to take care of you and keep you company.. :)

Thats definately made me smile.

After a while he texted me and said he loved me.. and best part of that night was.. he told me he wamted to be with me forever :) i was speechless..

so anyways, we said our goodnights and went to bed..


I woke up feeling thsame way..

But my mom made me go to school..

At school i felt horrible.. and tried to get my mom to pick me up but she wouldnt..

The first time.. i felt the need to scneeze constantly..

It happened around 4th period.. we were cutting tree branches for a projext and i needed to sneeze, but my mental block got to me.. i turned away and breathed deeply and put my finger to my nose.. and luckily i stopped it.. but it came baxk.. same method,, and it worked.. i had asked to go to the bathroom because i had to blow my nose.. it was bothering me so much.. that helped a little..

All through lunch i was coughing my ass off :( and needed to sneeze still.. the rest of the school dqy went ab the equivelant..

Later after school at around 4:00, i had a drive, for drivers ed. So i drove first. Me and my parter switched places.. the time in the back of the car i was sniffling and coughing.. it was horeible because i couldnt blow my nose..

Later i had a churxh thing.. we went through a few things,, amd i was constantly rubbing my nose.. it felt all dry and it burned like hell.. D was getting pretty worried..

During handbook time, i was helping the kids with there studies.. and i felt the urge to sneeze again.. but just like before i stopped it..

During games i was better cuz i wasnt thinking of it..

But closing was bad... i blew my nose in the bathroom like 6 times.. eriting D back and forth.. he saw that i was sniffling a lot.. so he kept asking if i was okay.. :) how sweet of him(:

While getting home i walked into the bathroom.. i went to the bathrrom and stood in front of the mirror for a few, brushing my hair.. allas i felt a sneeze coming on.. finally i could ley it out i was home.. u struggled a few.. then let out a desperate sounding sneeze..

-het shweew-

Then let out an identical..

I felt immediate relief knowinf that i got that out

In my bedroom i sat on my bed.. i got thst familiar tickle... brought my elbow up to sneeze a single.. but ended up sneezing a triple followed by a stifle..

-hetsheeww- -hetshheww- -hetsheww!!-


A few minutes later i find myself sneezing 7 more times.. 2 beinf wet stifles.. and the others into my tissue..

I blew my nose feeling a little better..

Now i atill feel bad... but it will get better..

I kissed D so im hoping but not hoping he will get sick (i hate to see my sweetheart miserable but he sneezes a shitload when hes got a cold)

so just a self obs i thought id share... :) i will keep you guys posted on how it all ends :)

Thanks guys :)

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