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I was in a large bookshop one day last week, completely absorbed in browsing the shelves, when I heard a woman in another part of the shop sneeze, "iiiiSHOOO!"

Of course, I looked up immediately, and there she was, a woman in her twenties with long curly brown hair, holding a finger under her nose as if she expected to sneeze again. Then she did, “eeeeeeeEESHOO! eeSHOO!”

That seemed to be all, and for a moment she went back to looking at books. I, of course, kept surreptitiously watching her. Pretty soon her hand went back to her nose and a few seconds later the sneeze came,”eeSSHOO!”

Now she really was finished, and soon drifted off to another part of the bookshop. A girl who had been browsing elsewhere started looking at the shelves the first woman had been looking at. This girl was in her school uniform, so obviously in her teens, with long blonde hair. No sooner had she approached those shelves than she started to sneeze, “huh...ASHOO! uh...ASHOO! ASHOO! ASHOO!” She moved to another part of the shop, sneezing as she went, “ASHOO! ASHOO!” But then her sneezing subsided.

Bizarre, I thought to myself, and went back to looking at the books in front of me.


I looked up and there was another woman, probably mid-thirties, with long brown hair, and obviously she had just sneezed. She was examining those same shelves the other two had looked at. She took a hanky from her bag to wipe her nose. Then she sneezed into it what might have been half a dozen times, “HUCHOO! HUCHOO! HU...CHOO! HUH..CHOO!” a slight pause, “HUCHOO! HUCHOO!” She walked away from the shelves as she was sneezing, and left the shop.

The other two who had sneezed were still around, but not even a sniffle came from either of them. I couldn’t resist, I had to try this for myself. I slowly made my way to the mysterious shelves. I stood there. I inhaled deeply. I sniffed the air for a scent or dust or something, but nothing tickled my nose. I waited for a few minutes, looking at the ‘true crime’ books in front of me, but in the end I gave up. Whatever mysterious power those shelves had, it was lost on me.

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