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Head Cold Trauma (long self obs)

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Been sniffling and sneezing past couple days.

It started Sunday. I felt fine. I went to the movies with my folks and then hung out with an old friend. By the time he came over my throat started to feel strange. Didn't think much of it, he just came over and we played video games. Just Dance 3 mostly :) we played until we both felt tired and he went home around midnight. As he left, my throat was really starting to bug me so I had a cough drop to help relax it before I fell asleep. I had to get up during the night, like 3 am, to take motren because of a sinus headache. :(

Monday- I had gotten up early for school. My nose was runny and dripping, my throat was still bothering me, and I kept feeling a tickle in my nose (nonstop). Great I was getting a cold. The sniffles started that morning and I only sneezed 2-3 times, but the sniffling and sneezing got worse when I got to school. Sitting in class (I only had one class thank god), it was quiet and we were taking notes while the teacher wrote them down on the board. I had to use my sleeve to wipe my nose to keep it from dripping onto my notes (gross I know but I had no tissues). Once I got that under control, I suddenly had to sneeze. It was a strong tickle, seemed like you just took one deep breath and the sneeze would come out. My breath started hitching and no way I was going to sneeze in class. I hate sneezing in public. Not only is it embarrassing, but people stare at you. Anyways, I stopped the sneeze from coming out by putting a finger under my nose. One girl in my class sitting next to me asked me if I was alright because according to her it looked like I had hit myself in the face. Told her I had an itch.

But that wasn't the end of the tickles. They just kept coming and this time I was prepared rested my elbow on my desk and kept my hand close to my nose to stop any sneezes. Was easy holding them back. Getting home I let any sneezes coming fly.

Tuesday- I woke up early that morning cause I had to get up for school. My throat felt better but I was really congested. I had a 7 am class and sitting in class, I could feel my nose starting to tickle. But I couldn't sneeze. My nose would tickle and tickle enough to make you go "ah ahhh AHHH" but no sneeze. I was being tortured by my own nose and not only that but the congestion got worse to where I could feel it drip when I looked down and I couldn't breathe. I pinched my nose and got up to go to the bathroom to blow my nose with the tickle still torturing me. I sat in a bathroom stall using toilet paper to blow my nose. The tickle had gone when I blew my nose but within a few seconds it returned. I grabbed more tissue paper and waited. I could feel the tickle in the back of my nose slowly develop then slowly down my nostrils. My nostrils flared, my breath hitched, and "AHCHOOO" "ACHOOO" "ACHOOO!"

Felt so good when I let them out but that tickle remained in the back of my nose all day only letting a certain amount of sneezes out. But laying in bed at night I couldn't stop sneezing. Lol

Today Wednesday- Woke up completely congested and tired. I was still recovering from the Nyquil I took last night. Kept blowing my nose and was still sneezing.

I had held in a lot of sneezes in class and had let out 7 sneezes while driving back home.

I am now sitting on my bed typing this feeling another tickle in my right nostril linger. I have tissues prepared..

I feel it coming... ah... AHHH...... nope better next time. I'll keep you all updated. :)

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