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Bugged - A Wreck-it-Ralph Fanfiction


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This will by my second fic posted on this delightful forum; my previous drabble, Fire Within, seemed well recieved so I thought I'd post something a bit lenghtier.

I am seeking a beta to review the later segments (as soon as I finish writing them) before posting them. If interested, please leave a message here and I'll send them to you.

As always praise is lovely, but critism is awesome! If there's anything you'd like to see/ liked or didn't like/ something that felt out of character please let me know here.

Oh and I'll leave this here:

My Hunger Games fic, Fire Within.

Wreck-it-Ralph was a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, it wasn't the greatest animated movie ever (Some pixar film would claim that title) but I am an avid gamer, so it struck a chord with me.

This is set pre-movie, so there aren't any spoilers right now, I will edit this forum if that changes.

No sneezing yet, as this is merely the prologue.

Without further ado, please enjoy Bugged


Fix-it-Felix Jr. was a nice guy, too nice for his own good. Felix would spend every waking moment supporting, assisting and fixing for the local Nicelanders. He was a Good Guy and a good guy, in and out of gameplay. The same could not be said of his cohort, Wreck-it-Ralph.

Despite his rough exterior, Ralph did not share his passion for his title as Felix did. Sure, he was as good at wrecking things, as Felix was at fixing, but the rewards for destruction were too few outside of the game.

It wasn’t difficult, as soon as the arcade closed Ralph would just clock out. While Felix went about doing favors Ralph would visit Tapper’s or lay on his pile of bricks.

Ralph mulled over his life sitting on his pile of bricks, enjoying the silence of the evening. His game had been plugged in now for approximately seven years. The Nicelanders may detest him, during and after games, but Felix wasn’t so bad. The handyman was always polite to Ralph and seemed willing to lend an ear but they didn’t talk often. It was mostly business when they did speak.

It’s not that Felix avoided Ralph, it’s just the Nicelanders kept him so busy. Unlike Ralph, Felix never clocked out. He was always working, always needed, and always wanted.

That twinge of jealously began to creep into Ralph’s psyche. He would love to know that feeling, to be adored.

But that was silly, it wasn’t his job. Besides, he was very good at wrecking things and if he didn’t do his job then who would?

Despite his best attempts at reassuring himself, he still couldn’t shake the feeling.

The trolley that connected Niceland to Game Central Station pulled Ralph out of his thoughts. He could hear Felix and that mustached plumber guy conversing loudly in the tunnel. Irritated at the interruption, Ralph climbed over the side of his brick mountain, concealing himself from view.

“I can’t-a thank you enough, Felix!”

“It was my pleasure, Mario. If you or the missus ever needs my help, for any reason at all, I’d be happy to oblige!”

“I’ll keep-a that in mind. Stay in touch.”

“Will do sir, good evening neighbor.”


Ralph heard the train door open and close, followed by the echo of it moving back to Game Central Station. Out of curiosity, Ralph decided to peek over his bricks at Felix.

Felix smiled and waved as the trolley rolled out. As soon as it was out of sight, however, his face slumped. He stood there for a few moments, bringing a gloved hand up to his face to pinch the bridge of his nose. Ralph had never seen the hero look so worn. Felix slowly made his way to the multistory building he and the Nicelanders called home, dragging his feet. Before he could make it to the door, Gene, a Nicelander, popped his head out of a window.

“Oh, good you’re here! I need some help moving some furniture, Felix, would you mind?”

Felix perked up and replied cheerily.

“Not at all, Gene, be up there in a jiffy!”

Gene closed the window as quickly as he opened it.

Ralph brought his eyes back to the handyman, whom had returned to his sluggish posture. Fix-it was on the porch now, one hand rubbing his eyes and the other massaging the back of his neck. Ralph watched the transition of Felix prior to opening the door with scrutiny.

Despite obviously feeling tired, Felix rolled his shoulders back and plastered that grin back onto his face. He walked into the building with a well-poised bounce to his step and hammer in hand as if he had just heard some good news.

When the door had closed, Ralph slid down his mountain of bricks to contemplate what he had just witnessed. Ralph had always thought Felix was just full of energy, why would he feel compelled to pretend? Ralph drifted off, deep in thought.


“Just a few more inches to the right.”

The handyman pushed the sofa in the ordered position.

“Actually bring it back, a bit.”

Felix did as told.

“Yeah, I like that. That looks good. Thanks Felix.”

“Glad I could help. Was there anything else you needed?”

“I think that’s it, well, it’s getting late. See you tomorrow, Fix-it.”

“Goodnight, Gene. ‘Night everyone!”

A chorus of nighttime greetings came from the Nicelanders.

Felix exited the room to the hall with the stairwell. Boy, did he have a doozy of a headache. He was about to start climbing the stairs to his room, but at the last second decided to head down. Maybe some cool night air would help.

The hero removed his cap and ran a hand through his hair as he exited the building. The cool air was nice, but the silence was even more revered. Felix decided a short walk would be nice while enjoying the sleepy side of his home.

Ralph stirred in his sleep, both because he wasn’t used to sleeping on this side of his mountain. Ralph blinked his eyes and lay still, wondering why he wasn’t by his stump. All of the ponderings flooded back into his mind.

Why does Felix act that way?

The question burned in him. Maybe he should just ask, what’s the harm?

Ralph climbed over his bricks and spotted the handyman in question just a stone’s throw away. He was leaning against a tree, cap tipped over his eyes. Ralph decided now was as good a time to ask as ever.

Ralph slid down his bricks and managed to walk all the way to Felix without alerting him to his presence. Ralph was a little surprised, he was hardly light footed.

“Hey, Felix.”

Fix-it didn’t stir. Ralph didn’t come all this way for nothing. He prodded Felix’s shoulder with an oversized finger.


That did it. Felix bolted awake, eyes wide with fear, and literally jumped five feet in the air. So high, that Felix hit his head on one of the lower branches which sent him crashing down.

Ralph stepped back out of surprise and put his hands up.

Felix somehow landed on his feet and was already composing himself after the ordeal, albeit rubbing his head.

“Jiminy jaminy, Ralph, you gave me quite a scare! Did I doze off out here?”

Felix was looking around, surveying his environment, trying to draw a conclusion. He noticed Ralph had yet to say anything and gave the giant a glance over. It was impossible to miss the questioning look in his eye.

“Is there something you needed, Ralph?”

Ralph nearly chickened out. Despite the bags under his eyes, Felix had a sincere look of interest in what Ralph wanted that made Ralph feel guilty he had woken his cohort. He opened his mouth to talk, closed it, and tried again.

“Why do you do it?”

Felix was a bit confused at the broad statement.

“Why do I do what?”

Ralph got a little irritated; Felix must know what he was talking about.

“Why do you, switch? You know, act smiley all the time?”

Now Felix was really puzzled. His eyebrows knitted together, thinking hard about his answer.

“Why do you think I’m pretending?”

Ralph was officially annoyed with the questions to his questions. Did Felix think he was daft? He felt anger start to boil.

It was an understatement to say Ralph was intimidating. Standing at his full height and becoming increasingly dramatic with his hand gestures as he attempted to explain himself. Felix tried to hold his posture standing under the tree, eye contact remaining steady, despite rising shoulders.

“I SAW you. Your face! As soon as Mr. Spaghetti and Meatballs left you, you switched!”

Felix eyes widened a tad with understanding. Ralph noted the reaction and calmed down a little.

“Well, Ralph, I apologize I didn’t understand what you meant, no one’s ever really asked me anything like that before. I’ll try my best to explain, though I must confess I don’t usually talk about these things.”

Ralph was fully entranced with his coworker. He stood across from Felix, staring intensely.

Felix felt a bit uneasy under the close scrutiny but went ahead. He cleared his voice before he spoke.

“The Nicelanders, they’re good at their jobs and all, but they tend to need help with more than broken windows. Any who, I think it’s safe to say they… expect certain things of me.”

Ralph’s brow furrowed, he didn’t quite understand Felix. He was missing something.

When Felix saw he wasn’t getting anywhere, he began to rub the back of his neck nervously. Ralph wasn’t like the Nicelanders, he didn’t see Felix as the impervious do-gooder that the Nicelanders saw, nay, demanded of him.

It’s not that Ralph was a jerk; it just wasn’t in his code.

Felix wrestled with how to handle this. Did this make Ralph more trustworthy or less so? He was certainly on a different level, but did it end at that? In the end, Felix decided that noticing his dilemma and being inquisitive enough to ask him about it meant something. He decided to come clean.

This was difficult; Felix could feel the flush of embarrassment rush to his cheeks just on the thought. But he had made his decision, so he pushed forward.

“It’s… It’s usually something I don’t have to put any effort into; I honestly enjoy helping others, most of the time.”

Fellix was trying hard not to sound boastful, he was anything but. It was obvious that talking of his ability in this way made him uncomfortable. Ralph noticed the tips of his ears were red.

“But lately, I… well I haven’t been feeling like myself recently.”

And if he wasn’t a braggart, he was never a complainer. Felix was now observably distressed, his face was bright red and his head was bent down to the point where Ralph couldn’t see his exp

ression, only the bill of his hat. But his tone was a dead giveaway.

Ralph wasn’t expecting this answer. Why did Felix tell Ralph this and not the Nicelanders? Was Felix insulting him by treating him differently? Ralph knew this wasn’t the intention. Felix looked like he was genuinely plagued by this. Perhaps it was even a compliment that Felix would talk to him. But Ralph didn’t think that was the case either. Either way he was still curious, since frank inquisitiveness had brought him this far, he continued this approach.

“How so?”

Felix looked up at Ralph and smiled out of relief. Felix was very glad Ralph was remaining neutral. He supposed this was why he would converse with Ralph before he could talk to Mario or a Nicelander. Despite this, Felix still found it incredibly difficult to complain. He removed his hat and began fidgeting with it. He tried to elaborate but couldn’t find the words.

Ralph, noticing Felix’s anxiety, sat down, implying Felix do the same. The handy man did follow suit and spoke again, sitting up against the tree, eyes downcast.

“Well, uh, you see, lately I’ve been starting the day feeling… worn.”

Felix was beginning to turn red again and he bit his lower lip in apprehension. He looked up to make eye contact with Ralph.

Ralph wasn’t condemning Felix in any way for his shortcoming. If anything his interest had a professional air about it. Ralph nodded curtly, encouraging his cohort to continue. Felix managed to smile out of the reassurance, despite his predicament.

“Like this pain in my head, it wasn’t really worth noticing before, but now it can be downright distracting. And I have to muster a bit more energy than usual to get the simplest things done.”

Looking back on the situation, Ralph was glad he didn’t think through how he was acting at that moment. Otherwise he might have backed down. This wasn’t very Bad Guy of him.

Felix hadn’t realized how worried he was by his situation till Ralph had called it to his attention and he was unintentionally looking to Ralph for help. He looked up at Ralph again, waiting for his reaction sheepishly, hoping he hadn’t done something wrong.

Both to assure Felix and because he was starting to become genuinely concerned, Ralph continued prodding, this time putting in a bit more of an effort to be gentle. This was as difficult for Ralph as complaining was for Felix.

“You think it might be a bug?”

Felix shrugged.

“I wish I could say I knew, but the truth of the matter is I haven’t had many dealings with these things. None of the Nicelanders have had any issues with bugs that I’m aware of.”

Ralph didn’t know much about viruses either, but he had heard a few things. It was more common for those folk without a game to get sick since they spent most of their time at grand central station exposed to contaminants, not getting enough to eat. It was less common for someone to get ill in their own game. Actually, Ralph couldn’t recall ever hearing about a sick Good Guy, if this was indeed what was happening with Felix.

He supposed it was still possible. After all, Felix did spend some time travelling to other games.

Some illnesses would work themselves out of your system naturally with in game resets and the like. But sometimes they would eat their way through your code, making you defective and buggy.

Despite the difficulty Felix had expressing himself, he was very grateful he had been able to talk to someone. This was something that was beginning to trouble him a bit, but now that he got it off his chest he felt more confident. Felix smiled. It’s not that there was a lot of good reason to smile; Felix just found it easier to smile than to be any other way.

Ralph awkwardly returned the grin. It was less charismatic but just as sincere, Ralph was pleased Felix had opened up to him. It left his face as quickly as it came, however. Felix still hadn’t answered his question, most likely without realizing it, but Ralph still wanted to know.

“But why not just tell them, the Nicelanders? This could be a problem.”

Smiling, Felix found this easier to explain than his ailment.

“Well that’s just the thing. I don’t want to be laying anyone with undue burden. I shouldn’t trouble someone unnecessarily for something so small, after all this whole thing could amount to a lot of phooey. So I reckon best to keep to myself than cause a ruckus.”

Ralph nodded understandingly, satisfied with that answer. A thought struck him.

“Do you think you’ll be able to keep this up?”

Felix nodded.

“I believe so.”

Felix realized something while talking.

“Actually, I feel a great deal more assured now than before. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me, Ralph.”

This acknowledgment made Ralph feel a little uncomfortable. It hadn’t been his intention, but he was glad to see Felix was actually relieved. He preferred this good natured grinning than the strained smile Ralph had witnessed earlier. Before he really had thought about them, Ralph’s next words escaped.

“Yeah, sure, it was no big deal, you know. If you want to talk, again, we can, whenever.”

Yes, this whole ordeal was decidedly very un-Bad Guy.

“I’d be delighted, brother.”

Felix stood, putting his hat snuggly on his head, positively beaming. Felix loved making friends, even when he was finding a friend in a familiar colleague.

“Well, it’s late; so I think I’ll be heading off now. Thanks for waking me.”

Ralph stood too. Ralph really hoped Felix wouldn’t try to hug him or anything. To his relief, Felix turned to the apartment building.

“See you tomorrow, Ralph.”


Ralph watched Felix go before turning to his pile of bricks. He hadn’t expected the conversation to go as well as it did, but he was very glad it did. He was harboring a morsel of concern, however.

Could Fix-it-Felix really be getting sick?

He would watch his coworker carefully since Felix seemed so adamant about not coming forward about these things.

Ralph fell asleep at peace as the silence of Niceland engulfed him.


So what did everyone think? Love it, hate it? More importantly, was it in character?

And if you haven't seen the movie, go. Right now. Give them your money!

Don't forget to leave a comment if you'd like to review future chapters prior to me posting them!

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I actually squealed a bit when I saw that there was another WIR fic up, and now after reading this I'm squealing even more! I absolutely love the concept, Ledia. We're all so used to seeing Felix chipper and energetic, but I have to admit I like the thought of him feeling weary and worn-out (bug or otherwise). Poor little guy. wub.png

I think both Ralph and Felix are wonderfully in character here. Especially Felix's mannerisms (gripping his hat, being super modest) as well as his dialogue/accent, too. Additionally, I think you really managed to capture Ralph's awkwardness about talking with Felix while also paying attention to other details, such as his jealousy and quick-to-flare irritation. yes.gif Also, "Mr. Spaghetti and Meatballs"? OHMYGOD. I laughed SO hard at that. lmfao.gif

Overall, this fic looks super promising. I'll be waiting on the edge of my chair for any future updates, should you choose to continue. Thank you so much for sharing, my fellow Wreckling! heart.gif

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YES!! Another member in the Lovely Wreck-It Ralph Fiction Club~!! :D This is so well in character, I'm jealous ^^ I'll be sure to keep track of this to see where it goes, keep up the good work! <3

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Oh my word! This is incredible! You're an amazing writer and I cannot wait for the next part to arrive! I didn't even care it had no sneezing in it, it was just good enough by itself! :D

Keep writing and I'll love you forever!

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1) I LOVE THIS. OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE THIS. Ledia!! Never before have I read a fic so closely and so excitedly! This is WONDERFUL! Felix and Ralph are BOTH very much in character, and I am so impressed with how well you're handling them. Felix's bashfulness and Ralph's temper are both conveyed so well, and I could hear their voices in my head the whole time! ALSO. I LOOOOOOVE the idea of a good guy getting run down like this, especially ADORIBIBLE little FELIX <3 <3 <3. Just the idea of someone who's usually so peppy and cheery getting too sick or tired to do it anymore is just~... *purr* xDD

2) Seen the movie QwQ. Going for a third time this weekend. AW YEAH ! <3

3) If you were finished with this, I would have cuddled up with a mug of ice cream and read the whole thing this evening, as if I were reading a happy little novel that I was sooooo looking forward to! OwO Please continue, because I'm on the edge of my seat!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I just read this again and it was as good as the first twenty times I read it. :lol:

Also! I noticed that you were interested in a Beta? I was going to offer in my original comment, but I still had some finals and other obligations to see to before I was granted a bit more free time. If you're still interested I'd be more than willing to Beta for you. :D My contact information is in my forum profile.

Regardless if you're still looking for a Beta or not, I'm looking forward to more of your work! :heart:

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Oh that's wonderful! Thank you Spoo! I've written a fair amount but am afraid to post any of it...

Um, this is a bit awkward, but because I'm still being validated there's actually no way for me to check your profile. Is there any other way for us converse?

Actually, I wish this message could be a pm...

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Oh dear! That is a problem. I would write my email down here, but it's against the forum rules to put up any contact information outside of your profile. :( Let me see if I can PM someone about this. :)

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Ledia cannot check your profile info Spoo, but you can check hers.

Ledia, you need to change your profile so that Spoo can have some contact details. There is a thread here which explains how to do it. Hope that helps!

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  • 2 months later...

I wished you continued this. I finally watch Wreck it Ralph, and days after I'm still glowing from it! *draws circles in the carpet*

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I wished you continued this. I finally watch Wreck it Ralph, and days after I'm still glowing from it! *draws circles in the carpet*

I'm with AppleBlossom! This story has such great potential. :D:heart:

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I wished you continued this. I finally watch Wreck it Ralph, and days after I'm still glowing from it! *draws circles in the carpet*

I'm with AppleBlossom! This story has such great potential. biggrin.pngheart.gif

I'm third~! I check this thread periodically to see if there has been an update~

I simply love it! And I do so hope to see more, if you have the time <3

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  • 3 weeks later...

This is so good! I so hope you continue. I just recently saw Wreck It Ralph and it is such a good movie. Love it. Thanks so much for writing this. yay.gif

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  • 1 month later...

Thank you all so much for the encouraging comments, I've been feeling so inspired lately. But I seek conspiracy!

This is turning out to be more plot-laden than initially anticipated. If you guys like it let me know, I have a grand scheme worked out. SPOO! I have posted an email, I would love you for ever if you'd help me out with the next part (was hoping I'd find away to privately contact you here so you could read this bit actually... but that obviously didn't happen).

Eeyup, quite a bit o Q*Bert here. Like I said I have a grand plot, but if there's more or less you guys want, let me know. there's going to be more ralph and felix in the next chapter, which I have worked out (But I am soo nervous this update really sucks so I would love you Spoo if you could read this next part, email me.)

Sorry for the author note, without further ado part 2:


Q*Bert wasn’t exactly an outgoing character. In actuality, it was reasonably accurate to say he was a loner. He rarely ever went out to Game Central Station. It’s not that he went out of his way to be cold or anything, it’s just that it wasn’t easy to be gregarious with games that couldn’t understand a word you were saying.

Occasionally, back when Q*Bert spent more time traveling; people would attempt to understand him. They would usually guess incorrectly.

It was hard to do charades when you lacked arms.

But more often, characters would just shrug him off, like some minor 1-hit npc. Which Q*Bert most certainly was not.

The game, Q*Bert, had to be one of the most popular cabinet’s at Litwak’s. Kids would play for hours, trying to beat the high scores. After hours, Q*Bert was respected by his peers, the residents of pyramid.

With a steady game and doting coworkers, Q*Bert had no good reason to mingle with the busy patrons of Game Central Station.

There was one major exception to his reclusion, however.


Fix-it-Felix Jr. was a game plugged in a few years after Q*Bert. The orange hero was still young at the time and didn't harbor the grudge against society he had taken to presently.

There was a large gathering around the new game, Fix-it-Felix Jr., that first day; the residents of Litwak’s had taken to putting on a meet-and-greet each time a game was introduced. Mario, one of Litwak’s oldest heroes, usually took it upon himself to make the new games feel welcome. Q*Bert was just becoming accustomed to being ignored and took to watching the proceeding silently.

He saw a short fellow in blue, shaking hands with everyone and a taller, scary looking guy in overalls shuffling around looking lost. The shorty, Felix, was ‘pleased as punch’ to meet anyone and was attempting to learn everyone’s name.

“Howdy-do! I’m Fix-it Felix Jr. It’s a mighty fine pleasure meeting you, sir.”

“Tapper will do, son.”

“Nice to meet you Mr. Tapper; and hello to you!”

“Hi, I’m Pac-Man, this is the missus. Welcome to Litwak’s.”

“Thank you so much, it’s nice to meet you sir; ma’am!”

Felix was shaking hands and nodding in every direction. He had removed his hat a while ago and was beaming from ear to ear, positively elated by all of the neighborly commotion.

“Fix-it’s the name; how are you?”

It took Q*Bert a moment to realize the youthful repairman was addressing him. Felix was holding steady eye contact, eagerly awaiting Q*Bert’s response.

Despite knowing the cheerful hero wouldn’t understand him, Q*Bert didn’t want to leave the optimistic kid hanging.


Felix answered energetically without skipping a beat, smiling.

“Happy to make your acquaintance, sir!”

“Q*Bert is his-a name, Felix.”

Both Felix and Q*Bert turned to address the speaker.

Mario continued explaining.

“He’s from-a the game of the same name.”

“Fancy that! I take after my game as well Mr. Q*Bert!”

Game Central Station echoed with the ten minute warning that signaled the start of the work day.

“That’s our call-a to game, Felix, but you’re-a welcome to visit anyone of us at-a our games after work.”

“That’s a very gracious offer, are you sure I wouldn’t be intruding?”

Several game characters answered in the positive, much to Felix’s excitement.

“You all are too kind! I’ll bring pies for everyone as soon as we get settled, if that’s alright.”

The crowd murmured in agreement again. Felix was looking everywhere, trying to find everyone’s eyes at least once. Eventually, his gaze settled on Q*Bert, once again awaiting the platformer’s approval. Unsure of what to say, Q*Bert just nodded at the cheerful handyman, eyes returning Felix’s broad grin.


Sure enough, once the arcade had closed for the day, Felix went about taking up his neighbors offers. He excitedly chatted with the Nicelanders about all of the new people he had met.

The Nicelanders were inquisitive, but not adventurous enough to go out like Felix. They helped bake pies for everyone Felix had mentioned, though, and soon Felix had a pie for all of his new neighbors ready to be delivered.

“Oh! There was one more, a little orange fellow. Golly, what was his name again? Seems to have slipped my mind, Ca-,Co-… Q*Bert! That was it! Didn’t get to know him all that well, but he resides in a game called Q*Bert.”

“We’ll be sure to make one for him too, Felix.”

Soon, Fix-it was out distributing pies and thanks for the welcome. It would be too difficult to visit every game that night, so he visited Turbo Time, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and Pac-Man. He had one more pie left and decided to stop by Q*Bert before calling it a night.

Felix stood in the entry way to Q*Bert for a moment, just to make sure he wasn’t mistaken. Despite this being the fifth game he had visited he was still just as excited. He removed his hat and stepped inside to board the trolley that would take him to the entrance.

Felix didn’t know what to expect as he rode the trolley through the power chords. What he saw made him gleam with awe. He couldn’t help but whistle. The trolley had stopped at the entrance way and Felix could see a huge multicolored, boxy pyramid just through the door.

Felix exited the trolley, cap in one hand, a blueberry pie held gingerly in the other. He timidly approached archway.

Q*Bert heard the trolley for their game and was initially confused. He looked around, Coily, Sam, Slick, Ugg, Wrong-Way; all of his game seemed present. Who could be coming? He saw the sleight silhouette at the doorway and recollected the new game.

Q*Bert was a bit surprised; he thought perhaps Felix was jesting. He didn’t think he would actually visit. Felix was looking around anxiously. The characters at the pyramid were very curious and everyone seemed to stop what they were doing to see what was going on. Q*Bert couldn’t recall the last time they had a visitor.

Sensing all of the eyes on him, Felix felt pressured to say something.

“H-hello. I’m Fix-it-Felix Jr. from the game Fix-it-Felix Jr. We just got plugged in.”

The silence was a little unsettling. Q*Bert decided it wasn’t very welcoming so he called out to everyone.


Slick was the first to answer, he approached the visitor and soon the whole gang followed suit. Q*Bert moved quicker and was soon a hop away from Felix.

“Howdy, neighbor! Mr. Q*Bert right?”

Q*Bert nodded. He was now standing a few feet across from Felix.

“Well, I really appreciated you coming out and welcoming us, so I thought I’d just drop this here. It’s blueberry!”

Ugg, being the one in the group with arms, approached Felix.

“The Nicelanders baked it fresh today. This place sure is something! All of you are from here?”

Felix looked towards Q*Bert for a reply. Q*Bert nodded and stated yes in his own language.


Felix handed off his pie to a glossy eyed Ugg and addressed Q*Bert.


Q*Bert was a little surprised. It wasn’t quite correct but it was decent pronunciation coming from someone outside of their pyramid. He nodded enthusiastically and repeated the word again.


Felix grinned at his neighbor’s zeal.

“So if £*& means”

Felix nodded his head.

“Then what is?”

Felix shook his head.

Though Q*Bert didn’t have a total grasp on English, he had picked up several words and phrases over his years. It wasn’t difficult to grasp what the new hero was inquiring. Q*Bert nodded and repeated ‘yes’ followed by a shake and the new word Felix was asking for.





At this point, the inhabitants of pyramid were quite excited. This is the first time anything like this had occurred, an English speaking character was repeating words in Q*Bertese! Everyone answered ‘yes’ at the correct pronunciation.

Felix’s curiosity was peaked, at first, his neighborly programming had encouraged the exchange, but now he was honestly inquisitive.

Felix went about introducing himself to everyone individually. This required mental participation as Q*Bert had a difficult time pronouncing even his own name in anything that was comprehensible to Felix; but with the aid of the few words he had learned he eventually made the connections.


Seven years since Felix had started picking up Q*Bertese and he was easily the most adept character in the language in all of Litwak’s today, outside of the pyramid of course.

The familiar spring sound of Felix’s hopping echoed through the tunnel of Q*Bert; its residents were always pleased to hear it. The blue handy man came leaping through the entrance as he had several times before with that smile they had all come to know.

Q*Bert was especially relieved today. For what felt like the millionth time that month, their beloved pyramid was in disrepair.

Felix’s fluency in Q*Bertese wasn’t the only reason he was a welcome visitor to the pyramid. He was also very talented in restoring games to their previous coding.

Any observable, physical damage, be it to a game or a character, could be undone by Felix and his hammer.

Things like this happened occasionally with all games. A few pixels get knocked out of place, or an enemy gets carried away and busts a barrier; Fix-it would make things good as new. The issues arising from the pyramid, however, were becoming too many in number to be allotted to regular maintenance.

“Hello neighbor! What seems to be the problem?”


Felix switched over to Q*Bertese almost flawlessly.

“(Again? What happened this time?)”

“(Beats me! The worst part is, It shut off while we were gaming.)”

Felix pursed his lips together in thought as he surveyed the damage to the now unlit panel of the pyramid. Sure, fixing it was as simple as swinging his hammer, but this was unusual so he attempted to piece together any new clues. Felix was afraid he might not be as perceptive as he needed to be due to a piercing headache.

Felix furrowed his brow and really concentrated on the pyramid for Q*Bert. A hand rubbed the back of his neck.

Felix didn’t want to face the thought of his neighbors having to deal with a glitched pyramid during gameplay. The repercussions could be dreadful. Any game that appeared faulty or broken to the players had a good chance at being un plugged, leaving the inhabitants destitute.

But if the pyramid was broken, Felix’s hammer would fix it. Felix tried to shake the dark thoughts from his mind and put his energy at the task at hand. Felix hopped up and down the pyramid, asking the occasional question and swinging his hammer in the appropriate places. He would have stayed later, but his headache, coupled with a nagging, scratchy throat was tugging away his attention.

“(I reckon everything’s in tip top shape now, friend. But don’t hesitate to call if you see any anomalies.)”

“(Thanks for coming out so quickly Felix. I’ll look out for anything suspicious.)”

“(Nothing to it, friend; I’ll stay in touch. Evening all!)”

The relieved gang at the pyramid bid their farewells while Felix exited as quickly as he was able. Despite the occasional throat clearing, Felix felt if he didn’t do something soon he would begin choking on air. As soon as the handy man made it to the trolley, Felix pressed his elbow to his mouth and was doubled over with gagging.

He coughed at first just to relieve his itchy throat, but something had caught in his chest. A congested rumbling was audible with each cough and it was quite concerning. He just couldn’t get it out. He didn’t feel right after the bout, but Felix knew he couldn’t sit in the trolley all day and he was starting to feel dizzy. The trolley had reached the stop minutes ago.

The Good Guy allowed himself a few more stifled coughs before standing. Doing so was an enormous chore, his headache was debilitating and the coughing had drained what little energy he had left. It was still relatively early in the day, however.

Felix was beginning to panic. He was originally going to head to Pac-Man’s today for a party, but he wasn’t sure he’d be able to put up a front like he had for Q*Bert. Despite all of the coughing, his throat was beginning to feel scratchy again. Going to the Nicelanders wouldn’t be good either. They’re always kind, but he wouldn’t be able to answer questions as to why he was back early. He refused to complain, he could just say that Pac-Man…

No, there would be no need for that.

Felix stopped the idea before it occurred, if there was one thing Mr. Fix-it was not, it was a fibber.

Things would be back to normal in a bit; he probably just needed a little break. Just a few moments to himself, and he’d be right as rain.

Felix was walking through Game Central Station soon, head down and looking uncharacteristically worried. Where could he go where people wouldn’t expect much of him? He visited most games regularly… where do most people go for a break?

He had practically stopped in front of his answer. Tapper’s trolley rested in its station, invitingly. Felix did mental gymnastics in an attempt to justify the destination.

I just need a moment; I won’t run into anyone I know here. I’ll just pop into the washroom and freshen up a bit and be off to Pac-Man’s in no time.

Felix had never spent time at the game before, but he knew the joint as most did. Felix wasn’t the kind of guy who needed a drink to socialize. He would just take a minute to stop chatting and fixing, then he’d be out. No one would recognize him.

The handyman’s fatigued mind wasn’t going to give anymore thought to the half-baked plan. Felix was on the trolley before he could think of any reason not to be.


Thanks to all who read, I'm writing so much lately. I don't want to stop. However, I want to make sure it's in character and interesting before I post. I'll see how this sticks and decide how much to post from there. I've had trouble deciding if this update would ruin it or not, sorry to those who thought it should have stayed a one shot.

I'm dying to collaborate with people, maybe even co-write if someone was up to it. I have so many ideas and half finished fics on my computer, I just don't have the slightest as to what SFF wants. Let me know guys and please, PLEASE email me if you want to work with me. I just need someone to bounce ideas off of who knows the site. I want people to enjoy this fic and my others as much as I enjoy writing them.

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I actually screamed when I saw that this had been updated! :laugh:HURRAAAAAAY! It was so totally worth the wait; I absolutely loved the bit with Q*Bert. That adorable orange little guy~ :wub: Poor Felix is getting worse, and my heart is breaking for him! :( He needs a warm blanket and some cuddles. Buhhh.

Also - just to let you know - I've actually sent you TWO emails. I can see now that they obviously didn't go through. I'll go ahead and send you another one, and hopefully it'll work this time. :yes:

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I kind of just fainted in pure ecstasy~


I wait with baited breath for more <3

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Too bad this wasn’t ever finished haha. I wish we could’ve seen what would’ve happened next tho.

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