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Two women and a man were sitting on a bench waiting for the bus to take them to work. They waited at the same place each day and made smalltalk among themselves.

One of the women, about 30, tall and slender with flowing red hair stopped in mid sentence. A pre-sneeze look came over her face. “Oh dear! I have to s-sneeze, she stammered, as she reached into her purse to pull out a hanky.

She was well dressed, perfectly groomed and methodical about everything, down to covering her sneezes. Her hanky was elegant snow white with wavy edges and purple stripes around the perimeter. Little lilacs were daintily embroidered in the corners. She hadn’t used it since she took it out of her drawer that morning, so it was still perfectly ironed and folded with corners exactly even. It was large enough to cover her face with her nose planted squarely in the center as she sneezed.

She spread it over her palms quickly as her hitched breaths were rapidly building up to a climax. Suddenly a gust of wind blew the hanky from her hands. She watched helplessly as her lovely hanky blew through a mud puddle and came to rest against a telephone pole. Sneeze postponed.

The gentleman in the trio raced to retrieve the hanky where it clung to a telephone pole. He returned it soiled and wet to the redhead. He expressed his sympathy that it was possibly ruined. She was carrying an empty plastic bag and used it to keep the hanky from soiling the interior of her purse.

“Thank you so much,” she said. “I hope it will come clean when I do my laundry. Meanwhile, when I have to sneeze today, I dread not having a usable hanky.”

The other woman offered her some tissues. “Thank you, said the redhead, but I can shred three tissues tripled up with one sneeze. If I keep sneezing, YIKES, forget it! It’s ‘shred city,’ soaking wet. Only hankies can stand up to my explosive sneezes.”

The gentleman who retrieved the hanky said “I have a clean handkerchief that you are welcome to use today. Just return it when you can.” The hankerchief was sparkling white, man-size and would cover the woman’s entire face when she used it.

“Thanks. I can’t imagine sneezing without a handkerchief. I will launder and iron it and return it to you on Monday. How can I repay you for your kindness,?” she asked.

“I have a confession,” he answered.

“You see, I have a sneeze fetish. I would like to witness you sneezing, at least once or a fit if you can muster one.”

He knew it was risky to confess his fetish and his desire to see her sneeze, but he was willing to chance it.

To his surprised, she replied “That’s funny. I too have a sneeze fetish. My name is Jeannie and like the ‘genie in the bottle,’ I would be pleased to grant your wish. Please let me sneeze for you,” she said with a smile. Let’s meet at Smith’s after work. I’ll try to make your sneezy wish come true. I can induce if necessary.”

“Great, said the gentleman. My name is Justin. Who knows where this could lead?”

“Yeah, mused Jeannie. Who knows? Maybe someday our hankies can share a drawer in our bedroom. And we’ll sneeze together happily ever after.”

They both had a good chuckle about the morning’s events as they boarded the bus.

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