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Trade please? Pretty please?


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Okey doke. So my Rocky Horror Picture Show story from a while ago, "Even More Unusual," will soon be given a sequel, in which the incredibly sexy Columbia will be thusly tortured. I was wondering if anyone would want to do some nice art for me of my OC Althea and Columbia? Althea is kind of a look-alike of Alice Cullen from Twilight, but her hair is jet-black and her skin is, believe it or not, whiter. Just picture a Goth Alice. :lmao:

So? Any takers please?

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I'd be pleased to help you, but such thing would take me a long time to draw and it won't necessarily be successful.

But I promise I'll give it a try. yes.gif

EDIT: And I wonder if you've seen this topic: http://www.sneezefetishforum.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=28355&hl=%2Brocky+%2Bhorror

Loca, I never stop loving you! :notworthy: Take as much time as you need, love :heart:

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