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Okay well I've been shipping le Jyder ever since Superman when Jake threw his pants in Ryder's face

I just...can't contain my love for them. So I had to write this.

I know Grey on a Sunday ships these two cuties too, so I kind of wrote this in her favor. :3

Anyway, here you guys go! Not so much wrongness in this first chappie, but there is definitely more to come!

Oh and Ryder doesn't have le fetish he just thinks everything Jake does is adorable so of course he thinks that Jake's sneeze is adorable

By the way:

It's Season 4 of Glee. Yes, they are new characters.

Ryder Lynn- Age 16 (Blake Jenner- Age 22)




Jake Puckerman -Age 16 (Le Sneezer) (Jacob Artist- Age 20)




maybe now you'll see why I love these two

Some notes for you all (SPOILER WARNING):

The Cowgirl and her Pony is an inside joke about these two from S4E7, which shall be addressed in later chappies~

Yes, this was originally a Tumblr fic.

Ryder is dyslexic.

Jake is half-black half-white half-Jewish and apparently has a third-nipple, according to Kitty

Marley and Kitty are the girls they've been in relationships with.

They both supposedly cover up their love for each other with Marley have crushes on Marley.

Marley and Kitty should totally date.

Jake is Puck's half-broter.

The reason I refer to Jake as a ballerina is because he's gay trained in ballet.

Finn is taking Mr. Schue's place as glee club director for a while (he's in Washington)

Finn saw that they were fighting and made them duet together and bond in S4E7

Finn is the original Jyder shipper

Let le story begin~

The Cowgirl and her Pony

By Ruv

Ryder Lynn made his way into glee club, boredly, but stopped short when she noticed a certain half-black "best friend" of his who happened to have a third nipple sitting with his head in his hands. He waved his hands in his face.

“Jake?” He asked the little ballerina. He looked up slowly, red, tired eyes meeting with Ryder’s.

“O-oh, hey Ryder,” he smiled a little at him -he was clearly out of it- and cleared his throat. Ryder couldn’t help but smile at how adorable he looked, but was still concerned.

“Hey, Jake. You okay, bro?” he asked, furrowing a brow. Jake sighed and sat back up, rubbing his eyes a little.

“Yeah, I’m okay, how's your dyslexia stuff been?” he said, trying to change the subject.

Ryder raised a brow at the change of subject, but shook his head. “Uh, it's been great…you sure you’re okay?” Jake coughed loudly, taking a deep breath, and then glared at him.

“I’m fine! Just…sit down, or something!” He gestured to the empty seats around him.

Ryder heard the coughing and rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, okay Jake. You’re fine,” he said and looked away, crossing his arms over his chest stubbornly. Jake looked at him and rolled his eyes.

“Yes! I. am. fine. Do I have to spell it out for you?” His words cut like a knife in Ryder’s chest- he knew how sensitive he was about his dyslexia- and he felt like punching him. When a dazed expression started to come across Jake's face and his breath started to hitch, Ryder didn't even notice because he was looking away from him.

"Huh-ngxsh!" a loud sniff followed. Ryder looked over at the culprit of such sound, and softened and he started blushing. That sneeze was so cute. He shook his head- he was getting distracted.

“If you’re okay, why are you coughing and sneezing?” he asked, pouting slightly. Jake smiled at the little pout.

“What are you talking about? Can't someone sneeze without having the plague?” he asked as his nose started to twitch again. He scratched his head and blushed, looking away.

“You're right....” he looked at Jake. He was blushing and his nose was twitching- so cute and perfect, even when sick. “That’s right, Jake. What was I thinking?”

"Huh-xgsh!" he lurched forward with the force of the sudden sneeze.

"Bless you." Ryder acknowledged him with a little grin.

"Th-thanks," Jake looked away and coughed awkwardly, knowing Ryder was staring at him- he must have looked like a drowned, harrassed rat. 'Stupid cold' he murmured to himself quietly, hoping Ryder wouldn't hear.

“Aww, see, you are sick!” Ryder whined, feeling sorry for him. “Why can't you just go home? You know what Finn will say...” Jake rolled his eyes.

“I can’t believe you heard that!” he groaned loudly and looked at Ryder with a sigh. “Well, I really wanted to see you- Marley, I mean, I wanted to see Marley.” His eyes darted around self-consciously, and Ryder’s heart fluttered at the thought that he might have actually meant him- but he shrugged it off. What were the chances, anyway?

“Great, way to make Marley feel guilty,” he teased. “And where is she, anyway?” he asked, cocking his head to the side like a little puppy-dog. So cute.

“I didn’t want to make you -Marley- feel guilty. You know how she gets when you ditch plans with her. Whatever she ended up going out with Kitty anyway.” He sighed. “And it’s not like I can go home anyways. The front door is locked, and my mom won’t be home ‘til like nine.” He shrugged again as a cough racked through his body.

“You seriously don’t have a key?” Ryder asked with a chuckle. Jake shook his head and suddenly a series of shivers cursed through his body. Ryder hated seeing him like this. He looked at the shivering little ballerina, feeling sorry for him. “You wanna come over to my house? I have a key.” He tried to put on his best 'I'm just a nonchalant straight guy, bro' voice. Jake chuckled a little.

“Shut up, mine broke!” He sighed and looked at Ryder's concerned face. “Are you really sure?” Ryder laughed.

“O-of course! My parents are gone for the weekend anyway, so it’s not like we’d get caught.” Jake’s eyebrows quirked up. “I mean, not that we’d be doing anything! Pshht, gay.” Jake shrugged.

“If it’s okay with you, it’s freezing in here,” he counters, shivering as he stifled a quick little "Hgxshh!" onto his wrist. Ryder was just finding him too adorable at this moment.

“Come on, they won’t miss us.” He looked around at the rest of the glee club. Artie and Blaine were watching Sam do impressions, Joe was reading a bible, Unique and Tina were talking about Drag Race, and Brittany and Sugar were talking in Brittany's made up language about time-travel but nobody could tell. They were completely oblivious to the burst of young, adorable love. He stood up and helped a slightly dizzy Jake up, so that he was leaning on him -but not leaning on him, 'cause that was just gay, man.

“Come on. We can just watch TV or do homework or whatever,” he insisted. Or we could cuddle. It was at this moment that Finn came into the choir room to start glee club. He quirked a brow at the two of them.

"Hey, uh...Jake isn't feeling well, so I'm giving him a ride home. Is it okay if we skip out today?" he asked, looking around. Finn looked at the two of them, slighty concerned for Jake, but soon the little half-smirk came out.

"Yeah, sure. We don't want anyone else getting sick." He put a hand on Ryder's shoulder. "You're a good friend," he said as he watched them walk away.

“Careful, tough guy.”

Finn couldnt contain his happiness any longer. He squeeled and jumped in the air. Thankfully no one saw. He had just been hit with a billion OTP feels right in the balls 'cause he doesn't have ovaries.

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........Erm.......HOLY MOTHER FUCKING ASS CRACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blowup.gifsurprise.gifblowup.gifI uh, I'm not sure I remember how to breathe at the moment... I just... Jyder feels. And this was in my favor? I feel so especial... *le blush* My Jyder feels are very VERY happy right now--> pile.gif

You are absolutely fantabulously amazingly amazing. JYDER. IS. ENDGAME. FOR. GREY. Thank you so very much for writing this love Renny.. I may have a little... Surpprise in store for you after this... naughty.gif

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HOLY SHIRT THANK YOU.I have never felt this appreciated in my life. *creys of joy*And don't feel obligated to write anything but if you do just know I will love you even more

I already love you just cause you ship le Jyder. <3

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HORY SHIT THAT WAS SO ADORABLE I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF!!!!!! Ajhdsugowe'hu'bwe'jlqouwnt4bhpwo0ebg :D

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Okay! So, after much procrastination, it's finally up!

Be warned though- I myself am sick right now, and way lazy to edit this crap lol.

So if it sucks, it sucks. If doesn't suck, well then I guess it doesn't suck!

Here we go!

The Cowgirl and Her Pony

Part II

By Renny

“So, what do you wanna do when we get there?” Ryder asked as he drove down the street that led to his, trying to break the still-somewhat-awkward ice. Jake sniffled as he took it into consideration.

“U-um could we watch a movie or something? Schoolwork would probably burn my head to bits right now- but I know you need to study," he said before stifling a quick So we should probably do that.” Ryder sighed as they pulled into his driveway.

“I’m not gonna make you study when you’re head hurts, and I haven’t needed to study as much now that I’m seeing the specialist. Come on, I’ve got a stash of Marvel-D.C.,” he said as he opened Jake's door to let him out.

“Your house is huge,” Jake observed as he stifled a quick "Uh'shhgt!" onto his wrist and stumbled out of the car. It wasn't really huge, but it was definitely a few steps up from Lima Heights. Ryder laughed as he watched Jake struggle to walk.

“Come on, let’s get you settled down.” He dragged him into the house like a rag-doll. About halfway to the desired room, he got tired of dragging him and just carried him bridal-style. “This is totally gay,” he said, chuckling. Jake laughed awkwardly and looked around.

“Thanks for carrying me. As awkward as it was,” Jake laughed as Ryder dropped him onto the couch and sat down next to him. “I feel like a big baby- like I can’t take care of myself,” he grunted before his eyes fluttered a little and he brought his elbow to his m"Huh'shgxt! Nshgxt- guhh," he sniffled wearily and ran his sleeve under his nose. “Sorry,” he mumbled. Ryder wanted so badly to squeeze him to death at the moment.

“Bless you- and you don’t need to apologize," Ryder insisted as he threw a box of tissues at him. "Just saying, these will probably work better." Jake looked at his soiled sleeve and blushed. Smooth, Puckerman.

"Th-thanks," he said as took one and blew, cringing at the wet, gurgling sound it produced. "Gah. Nasty," he said with a sigh as he tossed said soiled tissue into the waste basket and missed. "Sorry, man," he said as he was about to get up and go get it.

"No," Ryder insisted, holding out an arm in front of his face to stop him and retrieving it to throw it in himself. Jake cringed at the sight of it.

"Wasn't that nasty, though?" he asked with a shudder. "I mean fuck. Sorry 'bout that" he apologized as he watched Ryder shrug and look through his set of movies on one of his shelves.

"Eh, it was okay. It wasn't like I was giving it an analysis or something," he said with a chuckle, feeling the awkward tension between the two of them. “So, you wanted to watch a movie, right?”

“Yeah.. d-do you have Amazing Spider Man?” Jake asked as his nostrils twitched a bit and he sniffled. Ryder smiled all big and goofy and Finn-like.

“Yeah, how could I not have that one? Andrew Garfield is super hohhhh- great as Spidey...d-don't you agree?" he mentally facepalmed at the quick save. Shit, Ryder. Don't blow your freaking cover! Jake quirked a brow and was about to say something snarky, but soon a different expression crossed his face.

"Hig'SHUU! Huh'ISHHT!" he sneezed wearily onto his crossed legs from where he sat barefoot on Ryder's bed, spraying all over his cotton socks as his breath hitched once more. "HUH'ISHUU! UG'SHHT!" Ryder was taken aback by the force and volume of Jake's sneezes, but still felt in a teasing mood.

“Bless you, Mr. Sneezy Pants,” he joked as the movie started and he sat down on the love-seat, giving Jake a place to lay down as he stuck his tongue out adorably at him, earning him a grunt in response.

“Ugh, don't call me th-that,” he stuttered before releasing a quick "HUT'SHHH!" onto his knees again, as a series of rapid shivers cursed through his body. He groaned at the irony and bad timing when Ryder started laughing. “You know, you kind of remind me of Peter Parker…” Ryder looked at him, grinning. Ryder looked at him and chuckled. If only he thought of Peter Parker the way I thought of Peter Parker...

“Does that mean you’re Flash?" he asked with a chuckle. Jake scrunched up his nose in disgust.

"Am I really that much of a dick?" he asked with a little pout. He would have hated it if Ryder actually thought of him like that...

“N-no," Ryder said with a quick shake of the head. "I mean- he's the only other guy in the movie, who, y'know, isn't forty years old, and doesn't turn into a giant lizard," he said with a chuckle. Jake laughed a bit at that.

"Oh, okay," he said with a sniff, before turning his head into his shoulder once again. "HIH'SHGTT!" He looked up and sighed when he saw white fluffy fabric being dangled in front of his nose. He took the tissue grudgingly and blew, before tossing it into the bin again- this time he actually made it. He shivered a few times afterwards. "Th-th- huh?" he asked as he felt himself being pushed back against the pillows from the couch, and something warm being thrown over him. Ryder sat next to him and shrugged.

"You looked cold," he observed, trying to look anywhere but him at the moment. Jake's eyes lit up and he smiled at the thought of being cared for so much.

"O-oh...thanks," he said as he snuggled further into the pillows, now warm and content. "For," he yawned a bit. "taking care of me." His head slipped a little deeper into the pillows he was propped up against. Ryder failed to notice Jake's eyes shutting closed. By the time he looked over at him, he was snoring lightly into one of the pillows. Ryder sighed and paused the movie to get up from his position inspect him. He brushed a hand against his forehead, noting a definite fever, and looked down at his nose...oh. A thin trickle of snot trailed all the way from the boy's inflamed nostrils down his cracked lips. Ryder sighed as he plucked a tissue from the box and carefully dabbed around his lips, and the tips of his nostrils. At that tiny touch they flared open quickly and let out a quick, unstifled "HIH'SHUU!" onto Ryder's hand, which was luckily covered in a tissue at the time. Ryder smiled a bit when Jake curled back up into the pillows, looking content. But he sighed again when he noticed how much he was still shivering.

Fuck, Ryder thought as he carefully stripped the boy of his blankets and lifted him up like a baby. I can't believe I'm fucking doing this right now he mused himself as he picked the boy up once again -who wasn't exactly a lightweight, but having a dancer's body wasn't all that heavy, especially for Ryder the Human-Bicep- and carried him up the stairs to the guest room. As he tucked him into the blankets, he sighed at the sight of him clutching the blankets and snoring. He placed a gentle kiss on the ballerina's head before turning out the light next to him.

"Sweet dreams, Pony..."

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Ryder The Human Bicep? Yes, yes to that so much Renny. ERGERD THE WAY YOU SPELL OUT JAKEE'S SNEEZE? :drool: These two are ao adorable, and im loving this to pieces. Like literally, this fic is now bite size because I love it so much. :blush:

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Oh lol they're on his couchh BTW. I accidentally said bed a few times cause YOU KNOW WHAT I WAS THINKING OF ;D )

( but thanks )

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