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Drabble thread (Avengers, SPN, and others)


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Okay, so my computer crashed a while back and I had to reload everything, so I lost my previous drabble thread. So I'm starting over with possibly a new list. I don't remember. So anyway, here goes.

I'm starting with Captain America drabbles, both pre and post transformation.

I own no characters in this drabble thread although I wish I did because then I would have more fun playing with them.

#1 Turn Away

Steve was surprised to find Bucky still in bed. “Hey, I thought we were going to the bar tonight.”

A series of dry harsh coughs answered him as the lump in the bed rolled over and sat up.

Steve took stock of his friend’s pale face, bleary eyes, and pink tipped nose. “Caught a cold?”

Bucky nodded, inhaling sharply. “Hahrehsh.” He plucked a tissue from the box next to his bed and blew his nose.

“So, I’m guessing no bar tonight.”

Bucky nodded again. “You should probably go.”


“Because if you stay, you’ll catch this and be down and out in two days.”

Steve stepped back. Bucky almost never pointed out Steve’s weak immune system…except to protect him. He nodded. “You need anything before I go?” he asked, knowing how rarely Bucky got sick and how ill prepared he was for the odd occasion.

Bucky shook his head. “I went out this morning. Just go home, Steve. I’ll stop over when I’m better. “

“Feel better.” Steve nodded, heading for the door and home.

#2 Tissues

Huh-chush.” Steve instinctively clapped his hands over his nose as he did something he hadn’t done for over 70 years. Feeling another sneeze brewing, he reached into his pocket for a handkerchief that 70 years ago, would have been there. “Hehh-kehhshh.” This one he sprayed against his wrist. Seeing nothing around with which to blow his nose, he went in search of Nick, sniffling the whole way.

“What can I help you with?” Nick asked as Steve entered his office.

“I’mb looking for a handkerchief.” Steve sniffed, pressing a hand to his nose to hold back a third sneeze.

Nick gestured to the box of tissues sitting on his desk. “People don’t typically use handkerchiefs these days.” He explained as Steve hesitantly took one and pressed it to his nose.

Hehchshhh.” Steve sneezed into the tissue and blew his nose, looking surprised. “It’s soft.” He said.

“Well, yeah.” Answered Nick. “Oh,” he said, as it dawned on him. “Tissues in the 40s weren’t as soft.”

Steve shook his head. “They made your nose sore, if I remember correctly.” He explained.

“They add lotion to them now. Are you sick?” he asked incredulously?

Steve swallowed, noticing his throat was sore. “I think so. But I haven’t been sick since before my transformation.”

“You’ve been frozen for 70 years. Your immune system probably has some catching up to do. I’ll consult with the doctors on what to do.” He reassured Steve, ushering him into the hallway. “Why don’t you take these,” he handed him the tissues, “and get some rest?” he suggested.

#3 Rain

Bucky found Steve sitting in the rain on the fire escape after another failed attempt to enlist. “Hey.”

Steve looked up, pushing damp bangs out of his eyes and handing over the 4F card. Bucky sighed, knowing his lectures were useless. Steve was determined to enlist.

“Sorry.” He offered. “Asthma again?”

Steve opened his mouth to respond. “Heh-ihshhh. Yeah.” He sniffed.

Bucky sighed. “Let’s get you inside before you catch your death.”

Steve opened his mouth to protest, that germs caused colds, not rain, but another sneeze shook his small frame. With his immune system, Bucky was probably right. Blowing his nose, he followed the other man into the apartment.

#4 Storm

A large clap of thunder followed the two men into the apartment. Bucky gestured to Steve’s couch and Steve, understanding the meaning, sat down while Bucky tossed him a towel from the bathroom. “Dry off.” He ordered.

Hehh-ihhhshh, ihhkhht.” Steve muffled two sneezes into his handkerchief and began blotting at his hair. He avoided Bucky’s suspicious glance. “I’m fine.” He insisted. “Just chilled.”

He heard Bucky clattering around in the kitchen, heard water running and the clicking of the pilot light of the stove coming on. Coffee, Bucky was making coffee. He stifled another sneeze against his wrist and leaned back into the couch to wait for his friend.

#5 Massage (follows tissue)

Agent Nick Fury headed down the hallway to Steve’s room. He could hear the superhero coughing and sniffling through the door. “Cobe id.” Was the response to his knock on the door.

“Well, the docs are going to want to a look at you, but based on everything, it sounds like you’ve got a run of the mill every day cold.” He tossed another box of tissues on the bed. “And it sounds like you’re going to need these.”

Hehh-CHuhhh.” Steve buried his nose in a tissue and blew, discarding the tissue in the wastebasket with the rest. “I’d forgotted what this was ligk.”

“Bless you.” He gave Steve a sympathetic smile. “Unfortunately, we can’t give you any cold medicine because your metabolism will burn right through it.”

“They hab bedicide for dis?” Steve sniffled.

“Yeah. Oh…they didn’t back then. What did you use when you got sick?” He asked, wondering if maybe something would help Steve now.

“Cough drops ad Vigks Vapor Rub. Do they still bake thad?”

“Make it? They put it in tissues. It’s gotta be worth a shot.” He left the room, leaving Steve baffled.

An hour later he was back, dropping a bag with more tissues, cough drops and vapor rub. “Thadks.” Steve told him, ripping the box of Vicks open and pulling up his shirt. He began to massage the mentholated rub into his chest and sighed, laying down on the bed. “Hehhchishh, Hehhhkishhh, Kishhshahh.” A wet nose blow followed.

“Bless you.”

“Thandks.” Steve sniffled, wetly.

Agent Fury smiled, pleased that the rub was starting to have the desired effect. “I’ll leave you to sleep this off now.”

#6 Kitten

Bucky sighed as Steve headed over to the alley with his tuna sandwich. His pale, scrawny friend had spotted the stray kitten. And of course, he had to feed it.

And of course after 2 minutes, Steve had started to sneeze.


“Steve, you’re allergic to cats. Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“I’m fine. “Ihhshhh. He’s hungry.”

“I think it’s a she.”

Ihhhkishh.” Steve had his handkerchief in one hand and his sandwich in the other, smiling between sneezes as the kitten took little bites.

Bucky could only stand there as Steve sneezed and fed the kitten. Finally he heard the subtle change in Steve’s breathing he’d been waiting for. “Okay,” he said, tugging at his sleeve and pulling him up. “You’re wheezing. Time to go.”

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And 2 more:

#7 Experiment

It had been 48 hours since he had been transformed. Steve was still getting used to his new body. His new height. His new strength. It was, well, different not to be the scrawny little guy anymore. He had to admit he kind of liked it.

They had allowed him to take a walk outside while they figured out what to do with him, now that the technology was known. And a sudden rain storm had taken him by surprise.

Shivering, he made his way back to his quarters and dry clothes. As he reached for a dry shirt, a sudden sneeze shook him. “Huh-chushhh”

Surprised, he reached for his handkerchief and blew his nose. Even his sneeze had changed. It wasn’t a soft, light sneeze anymore; instead it was deeper and harsher. He still sneezed when he was chilled however; that hadn’t changed with the experiment. “Huh-Kuhshhoo.” A second sneeze followed, and he hurried up and changed into dry clothes, wrapping his blanket around himself to warm up.

#8 Candles

It was Sam and Jess’s six month anniversary when she invited him back to her apartment. Her roommate was out of town, she told him. And she promised him tonight would be worth it, worth the break from the books, even though final exams were two weeks away.

She met Sam at the door, glass of wine in her hand, kissing him warmly. “Dinner’s almost ready.” She took his hand and led him into the kitchen. Jess poured him a glass of wine as he took a seat.

She served him a dish of spaghetti, and they ate, enjoying their anniversary dinner. After dinner, Jess led him to the couch where she inserted a dvd, and dimmed the lights, instead lighting candles. For ambience, she told him. Sam laughed and kissed her, holding her hand on the couch as he settled in to watch a chick flick with her. As the movie continued, he found himself distracted by the growing itch in his sinuses. “Heh-ngxth.” He turned his head to the side and managed to stifle a quick sneeze into his shoulder, which unfortunately, did nothing to alleviate the tickle.

“Bless you.” Jess murmured, her attention rapt on the movie.

“Thanks. “ Sam sniffed and tried to go back to focusing on the movie. “Heh-nxxth, Hhehh-nnxxgshoo.” A few minutes later he was sneezing and fumbling in his pocket for ever present supply of tissues. “Hehh-nggxxt.” He blew his nose as softly as possible.

“You ok?” Jess asked.

“Finde.” Sam sniffled. “Just a few sn…oh, sh...Uhhshhhh, Hehshhuhhh, Uhshhshh.” He took a long shuddery breath and scrubbed at his eyes. “Feels ligke allergies.” He snuffled. “Did you get a dew perfube or sobetig?”

“The candles!” Jess gasped, standing up and blowing them out as Sam launched into a full blown fit on the couch. “I didn’t even think that the scented ones would set you off….”

“Id’s Shoo alrighd.” Sam got up and opened a window, letting in the cool (for California) winter air. Jess ducked into the bathroom and came back with two hot pink tablets.

“Benadryl?” she offered. “I don’t know if it’ll help…”

“Cad’t hurd.” Sam blew his nose and accepted the pills, leaning against Jess and sighing. “Sobe adiversary dis turd oud to be.”

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S-so much s-sneezy S-steve. I'm... Not sure I can handle all of this at one time..... Screw it, I love these drabbles. I coul make passionate love read them over and over again. Thank you for these. A lot heh...

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Thanks guys. wubsmiley.gif

Have some more:

#9 Working

Pepper didn’t need to look for Tony. She just needed to follow the sound of the sneezes echoing throughout the mansion. She found him, in his lab, working on…something.

Hheyehshhh.” Another loud sneeze shook his body.

“Bless you.” She offered curtly. “Shouldn’t you be in bed.” It wasn’t a question.

“Hayfever.” Tony gave her his patented smile before another sneeze overtook him. “Ihhhkeyshh.”

“You don’t have hay fever.” She reminded him. She reached for his arm and he pulled away on contact.

“Pepper! Your hands are freezing!”

“Because you’re burning up.” She had noticed the warmth of his skin at the brief contact.

Hehhyihhshahh!” Another sneeze propelled him forward, and this time he banged his head on his workbench.

“Bed.” Pepper ordered, reaching down to help him up. “Before you add a concussion to that cold.”

#10 Nuzzle

Steve stood by jealously as the puppy nuzzled up against Bucky.

Bucky grinned up at him. “Want some of this?” he asked, petting the overly affectionate puppy.

Steve rubbed his nose. “Can’t.” He said, breathing through his mouth. “Can’t get too close.”

“Right. Allergies.” He wasn’t sure why he had forgotten, after all the years he’d known Steve.

“Yeah. Hhehh-ihshhh.

“Going to set off your asthma?”

“Not as long as I keep my distance.”

Bucky nodded as the pup got distracted and ran off. “Well, I guess that’s the end of that.” He began walking next to Steve.

Hehshh, Ihhskhsh. Great. Dnow, I’mb allergic to you.” Steve sniffled, reaching for his handkerchief.

#11 Purr

Sam heard the purring first but couldn’t place it. The next thing he was aware of was the itch in his nose, meaning that the cat was close.

“Hey Sammy,” he heard Dean say, “Look what I found.”

Sam sat up and looked. And sneezed. “Heh-nghhxxtt, nnggxxt, hhehnnggshhoo.” Repeatedly.

“Bless.” Dean offered as Sam fumbled for the tissues he kept in his pocket.

A harsh sneeze nearly doubled Sam over. “Hahhrhiihhshhoo! Deand, umb, about the cadt,” he snuffled, feeling his eyes start to itch.

“Don’t tell me you’re allergic, Sammy.” At Sam’s nod, he sighed. “Since when?”

“Since a couple years ago.” Sam gave his nose a trumpeting blow. “Jess had a cat whend we started goindg out, and that’s whend I found out.” He headed out to the Impala to get his allergy meds.

“So I can’t keep her?”

“DO!” Sam shouted as he opened the passenger door of the Impala and located the pills in the glove box.

#12 Grass

They were led to the field to do push ups this morning. Steve was managing to keep up until he started to feel a tickle in his nose. Grass didn’t usually bother him, he mused, but they must have mowed very recently in order to be setting off his allergies.

Hhh-khht.” He stifled a sneeze into his shoulder and continued with his push ups. He made a valiant attempt to keep up between sneezes, as well as trying to keep them discreet so as to go unnoticed.

That too, failed.



He looked up to see the Colonel standing in front of him. “Problem?”

“Do sir.” Steve sniffled, holding back another sneeze.

And failing at that too. “Ihhkhht.”

“Allergies.” At Steve’s congested ‘yes sir,’ he grimaced. “Of course, what else would I expect from a 90 pound asthmatic? Go see Erskine.” He ordered.

#13 Accent

Steve approached Erskine’s lab with trepidation. Well, trepidation and curiosity. He had no idea why the Colonel had sent him here instead of to medical. Well, except for the fact that there was little medical could do for him. He knocked on the office door.

“Come in,” came the accented voice of the scientist and Steve entered.

“The Colonel…Hihhkihshh…sent me to see you.”

“Gesundheit.” He waited while Ste ve blew his nose into a handkerchief. “What’s going on?”

Steve sniffled. “Allergies.”

“Ah, yes. I had anticipated this.” He turned and walked over to a cupboard, returning with a bottle of tablets. “Try these.”

Steve looked confused. “What are they?”

“Some anti-allergy tablets I’ve been developed. They should help.”

Steve nodded. “Hehh-iishhmphh.” He hesitantly reached for the pills, deciding to trust the man.

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Thanks fufufufu

This got a little Bucky-centric. Sorry, Or am I?

#14 Frost

Steve shivered as frost started to form on the plane’s windows. He’d brought the plane down on a sheet of ice, saving New York, but dooming himself. Now he just had to wait for death.

He shivered again, the spandex of his suit doing nothing to warm him and wished for a blanket.

“Huhh-chushhh.” A sneeze shook him as the chill spread throughout his entire body.

Huhh-chhuhhh” He fumbled for the handkerchief on his belt and blew his nose.

Hehh-CHuhhmpphh.” He muffled that sneeze into the handkerchief. Great, he thought, this was going to keep up until he slipped into unconsciousness. Just his luck, to be dying and sneezing.

“Hehh-Chhht.” Stifling a fourth sneeze, he closed his eyes, and leaned back to wait.

#15 Ice Cream

Heyy-ishhh” Steve buried his nose in his handkerchief and groaned. His head was throbbing, his eyes were burning and his throat ached. He sat up on the couch and a series of wracking coughs shook him as the congestion in his head shifted. He spat the coughed up mucus into a tissue and discarded it into the trash as Bucky entered his apartment.

“Got you more vapor rub.” He tossed the small box at Steve who fumbled but managed to catch it. “And,” he held up a small bag. “Got ice cream.”

He sat down next to Steve who was busy smearing the vapor rub on his chest. “Ice creab?”

Bucky nodded. “Got your favorite.”

Ihhkshhh. Strawberry?”

“Would I get you anything else?” He handed Steve the small cardboard container of ice cream and got up to get a spoon from the kitchen. Steve accepted the spoon and began taking small bites, grateful for the treat from his friend as it felt heavenly on his sore throat.

#16. Health

Bucky was typically the specimen of perfect health which is why when Steve heard him muffle a sneeze into his arm, he was surprised. Especially when it was followed by a second and a third.

“Bless you.”

“Ugh. Thanks.” Bucky shook his head to clear it. “Sorry. I don’t know where that cambe fromb.” He sniffled, noticing that his nose was completely stuffed.

“You coming down with something?” He reached over to feel Bucky’s forehead, and Bucky batted his hand away.

“I’mb finde. Hehhrihshhh. You got any tissues? I think I just ne…ehh-ruhshhoo…need to blow by dose.”

Steve went off in search of tissues and returned carrying a handkerchief. “I think I used them all when I had that cold last week.” He handed Bucky the handkerchief.

Bucky took it gratefully. “Hehhruhmmpphh.” He muffled another sneeze into it and gave his nose a trumpeting blow. “Thanks. Hey, isn’t there a game on?” He asked, hoping to distract Steve from his little outburst and get his attention onto something else.

#17 Finally Alone (Bucky’s POV)

Bucky tried to get into the hockey game, but the buzzing itch in his nose kept distracting him. He had a feeling that if he sneezed again, Steve would have a thermometer stuck in his throat, and based on how chilled he felt, he wasn’t going to like the results of that.

At the first intermission, Steve got up to use the bathroom, and Bucky, grateful for the moment away from his friend, used the opportunity to his advantage. He buried his nose in the handkerchief and allowed the tickle to overtake him. It didn’t take long; he had been fighting off sneezes the entire first period; fortunately Steve had been too caught up in the game to notice.

Hhhgnt, Hhhmmpth, Hhhchht, Hhhchhmppt, chhtt, ehhchhhshht.”

“Bless you.” Came Steve’s voice from the doorway.

Huhhrishhoo.” Bucky sneezed powerfully, bending double and blushing. He blew his nose and looked up to see Steve standing there, shaking the mercury down in a thermometer.

#18 Caught in the act (Steve’s POV)

Steve was trying to focus on the Hockey game but found it hard with Bucky sniffling every so often next to him. He sat there, pretending to be intent on the game, and pretended not to notice the sniffles and warded off sneezes.

At the first intermission, he excused himself under the pretense of using the bathroom, but really to go get his thermometer. He could hear several muffled explosions as he returned and stood in the kitchen doorway.

Hhhgnt, Hhhmmpth, Hhhchht, Hhhchhmppt, chhtt, ehhchhhshht.”

“Bless you.” He said, gently, breaking Bucky’s concentration on the stifles.

Huhhrisshooo.” Another sneeze folded Bucky double as he looked up to see Steve standing there thermometer in hand.

#19 Under the Weather

“Thought we’d check your temperature.” Steve said, approaching him with the thermometer.

“I’b fide.” Bucky sniffled. “Just got sobething id by doze.” He blew again to no avail.

“Then humor me.” He sat down next to Bucky and waited for him to open his mouth.

“Fide.” Bucky blew his nose again and took the thermometer from Steve, slipping it under his tongue. 3 minutes later, he removed it and they held it up to read it.

“An even hundred.” Steve read. “Bucky, you’re sick.”

“Thend I should probably go. I do’t wandt you to cadtch it. HehhChuhshoo, Chuhshhahh.

Steve shrugged. “It’s probably the cold I had last week. Why don’t you stay tonight? It’s pretty nasty out there.”

Bucky nodded as Steve left to go get him a pillow and blankets from the closet.

#20 Tender Loving Care

Steve made Bucky a bed on the couch and tucked him in, grabbing him an extra handkerchief from the bedroom and the vapor rub from the bathroom.

“Pull up your shirt,” he ordered.

“Why, Steve…Hehhpihhshoo.” Bucky blushed as he failed to cover that one and narrowly missed spraying Steve.

“I’m going to put vapor rub on your chest.” Steve said, ducking out of the way.

“Oh.” Bucky pulled up his shirt and allowed Steve’s warm hands to rub the ointment in.

“I’ll make you a cup of tea.” He handed Bucky the extra handkerchief. “You’re going to want this. This was a pretty sneezy cold.”

“Thanks,” Bucky managed, before doubling over with another loud “Harrihhshoo.” that echoed off the walls of the apartment.

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every time you update i feel the burning need to comment

dfgjkfdhjgkldf these drabbles


Comment away. And there's just something about Bucky that makes me go mmmmmmm......

Anyway, have a few more:

#21 Blush

Steve entered the elevator of Stark Tower at the same time as Agent Coulson. They began the long ascent to the top floor of the tower in silence. “HehKhuhh…HehKuhhshhh.” The agent sneezed, sniffling sharply and looking at the floor. “HuhhKuhhshhh, Kuhhshooo.” Followed a few seconds later.

Phil could feel heat rising in his face, and he knew he was blushing to be losing control like this in front of his idol. He turned away facing the wall of the elevator. “HihKuhhh, Kuhshh, Kehshishh, Heh-hehkehshhoo.” Flushing deeply, he turned around, and straightened up. He saw Steve standing there, sympathetic look on his face, holding out a handkerchief.

“God bless you.” The captain uttered as Phil took the handkerchief gratefully and blew his nose.

“Thanks.” Phil sniffled. “Sorry about that, uh, little display there. Air conditioning always gets to me. Usually not that bad though.”

“I see.” Steve nodded. He’d never heard of that, but being cold always made him sneeze so it certainly seemed plausible. He shook his head as Phil offered the handkerchief back.

“Oh, right.” Phil blushed again. “I’ll wash it first.”

#22 Naked

Of course the God of Mischief would strike when they were trying to take time off at Tony’s country place. Hulk had ended up in the woods surrounding the property following the brief skirmish, and that is where Bruce found himself when he changed back. Bruce sighed, not knowing how deep into the woods he was, and stood up, preparing to make his way out. “Heheh’tsch” He stifled the first sneeze.

Damn his alter ego, Bruce thought. Why was he always putting him in these situations. Just because the Hulk wasn’t afflicted by allergies didn’t mean the human housing him didn’t suffer after the transformation.

He started towards the edge of the forest. “Heh’tshchoo, ehh’tshchahh.” His body spasmed and doubled over with each violent, suppressed explosion. He sniffled deeply and wiped his nose on the back of his hand, wishing for a tissue or a handkerchief or even a sleeve to wipe his nose on.

Hehh’pthshchh, Ehhpschoo, Hehtschoo, Heh’hehtschahh, ehshchahh.” He stopped and stood there as the fit doubled him over and became uncontrollable.

“Oy!” He heard a voice call, and he looked up between sneezes to see the bleary form of Tony Stark approaching. Tony reached his side and handed him a tissue plucked from a travel pack.

“Da…Aagisshoo…Dags.” Bruce blew his nose loudly before taking the jeans Tony offered him and slipping them on. The t-shirt followed. Bruce took another tissue from Tony and stifled another sneeze into it. “You dod’t happed to hab ad adtihistabide, do you?” Tony simply grinned and handed Bruce the Benadryl along with a bottle of water.

#23 Outdoors

There was a reason Tony Stark built his first engine at 6 when other boys his age were outside playing t-ball. Tony was allergic to outside. So Howard kept him occupied in the lab instead of with sports. Tony’s allergies lessened in severity as he got older and he eventually purchased a country retreat where he could bask around outside as his father had never allowed him to.

It was Pepper, of course, who had to deal with the aftermath. Tony would stumble in, red eyed and sneezing. Like now.

“Hey P-p..Pehhshooo…Pep.” He said, as she stood there with papers requiring his signature.

“Tony.” She set the papers down and instead picked up one of the many boxes of tissues that cluttered the estate and handed it to him.

“Tha…” He trailed off again, plucking tissues from the box and pinching the box under his arm. “Ankshoo, Ehchuu, Hehhchou, Ehhchummpff.” He blew his nose and grinned at Pepper.

“Bless you.” She reached into a desk drawer and handed him an allergy pill. “I have papers for you to sign.” She handed him the papers and a pen. “Try not to drip snot all over them.”

#24 Garden

Tony had his little secrets. Yes, he was Tony Stark, genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, but he was also Tony Stark, master gardener. There was just something about having his hands in the soil that he enjoyed. He had had a new orchid delivered and was excitedly transplanting it into a new pot. He’d never had orchids before and was looking forward to cultivating the plant.

He wiped distractedly at his nose with his sleeve as he took the plant from the pot and placed it in the new one, noticing a slight itch in his nose. He wiggled his nose, trying to alleviate the tickle. He began spreading dirt over the roots. “Huhhrtschuhh.” He ducked his head to the side as he sneezed powerfully to avoid sneezing on the plant. He sniffled deeply but that only made the tickle worse. He gritted his teeth and continued patting soil over the plant. He finished just as he could hold back the sneezes no longer.

Whirling around, he tucked his head into shoulder. “Hehhtschahh, ehhtschoo, Heh’hhehptschoo, ehpshchahh, hhuhshchhuhh.” Wiping his nose on his sleeve he stumbled out of the greenhouse and back into his Malibu mansion. Finding a paper towel in the kitchen, he blew his nose loudly. Well, he thought, maybe he wouldn’t be buying that particular flower again.

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Sneezy, allergic Bruce and Tony... where is that little explody smiley, because GUH... you are magnificent!!! I am going to re-read those so many times it's not even funny...

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Have some more sneezy Bruce and Tony. Oh, and I expanded into Clint.....

#25 Purple

Steve took a look at the purple bags under Dr. Banner’s eye, indicating the sleepless night the doc had had. “Rough night?” he asked, sympathetically.

Bruce nodded. “Couldn’t stop coughing and…Hhh’tschh…sneezing.” He flopped back on the bed with a sigh. “I wish the other guy tolerated medication.”

Steve nodded. “It sure seemed to help Tony and Clint.”

Hehp’tschoo. Yeah.” He broke off and coughed harshly.

“I brought you orange juice.” Steve handed over the oversized tumbler. “I remembered how you said it was good for colds, and figured that would be something the other guy would approve of.”

Bruce nodded. “Thanks. I was working up the energy to go down and get some.;

“It’s too early for chicken soup. Otherwise, I would have brought you some.”

Bruce nodded. “Somehow, at 9 am, that doesn’t sound too appealing.” He chuckled.

“I also borrowed Tony’s vaporizer. Again, I don’t think the other guy will object.” He said, plugging it in.

Bruce shook his head. “I was going to go see if Tony had a…a…ahhh’tschh…a spare.”

“I also brought this.” He held out a jar of vapor rub.” “It used to really help with my colds. I don’t know how the other guy’ll feel about it, but it shouldn’t affect your heart rate like the pills.

Bruce nodded. “I’ve used it before.” He pulled up his shirt, and allowed Steve to start massaging the ointment into his chest.

#26 Sun

They were flying back from the mission in the jet. As they turned, they began flying directly into the sun. Unprepared for the change, the light hit his eyes, and instinctively, knowing what was about to happen, Steve cupped a hand over his nose. “Hehh-Chuhshh.”

“Bless you.” Came the surprised chorus from around the plane.

“Didn’t know you could still do that, Capsicle.” Came Tony’s remark. He had removed his iron man helmet and was looking at Steve suspiciously.

Steve rubbed his nose. “Happens when the sun hits me. Or any bright light really.”

Tony nodded. So the Captain was photic. Interesting.

#27 Allergy

Clint and Natasha were similar in all ways but one. Natasha loved cats. Clint, well, it wasn’t that he didn’t like the creatures; he was simply allergic. But he tolerated Natasha’s love of the animals and dosed himself with various antihistamines trying to see which one would have the best effect.

It would be better, however, if Boots weren’t so magically attracted to him. Every time he sat down, the cat was rubbing against his legs, begging for pats or hopping up in his lap, waving her tail in his face. Like now. He had just settled down with the briefing for the latest mission, and in beelined Boots. She was rubbing vigorously against his legs, and he could feel the dander being stirred up in the air.

Hehh-AHhtshchh, Ahhtschh, Hhhahh-Ahhtshchahh.” The sneezes doubled him over and the cat glared up at him haughtily. Clint fumbled on the end table for a tissue, blotting his eyes and blowing his nose.

Natasha had heard his outburst, and came into the room. “Boots, shoo!” She called clapping her hands, coming over and getting the cat. The cat rubbed once more against Clint’s legs and left the room, as Clint bent forward with another loud “Hehh-Atshch.”

#28 Attack

Spring brought one small change to the lab. Bruce’s hayfever kicked in, and so Tony made sure that Jarvis kicked the air filters up, stocked the top 10 floors with tissues and adjusted to the lapses in conversation when Bruce would stop mid sentence to lapse into a sneezing fit.

Like now. Tony had been chattering away about an alteration he wanted to make on his suit when he heard the muffled explosion from the man behind him.


He whirled around to see Banner with a hand clamped over his nose and fumbling for a tissue from the box that seemed to be the Doc’s constant companion. “Another one?” he asked.

Bruce nodded quickly, taking a deep breath. “Hehhhh’tsch, tschh, ‘ischh, itschh, Hihh’kitschh, itschh, tschh, schh, ihhtschhoo. Ugh.” He gave a deep wet sniffle and blew his nose into fresh tissues.

“Bless you. Jarvis, increase air filtration levels.”

“Air filtration levels at maximum capacity, sir.” The AI responded. Tony gave Banner an apologetic look.

“You’re doig what you cad.” Bruce sniffled. He blew his nose again. “Believe me, I appreciate it.”

#29 Apologize

Tony was whiny when he was sick, Steve was finding out. As Thor was back on Asgard, and he was the only other one who couldn’t get sick, he was stuck tending to the man.

“Stebe” The man called, coughing weakly. “Ste-ebe.”

“I’m right here.” Steve said, entering the room. “What do you need?”

“I deed soup.” Tony sniffled dramatically for emphasis.

“Soup. Coming right up.”

“Chicked doodle.” Tony called after him, being rewarded for that effort with a fit of coughing.

Steve was back 10 minutes later with a steaming bowl of soup. He went to set it on the table across from Tony, not noticing that the younger man was about to sneeze.


Steve’s hearing picked up on the inhale and he managed to cover the bowl of soup, his arm taking the brunt of the sneeze.

“Bless you, Tony, cover your mouth.”

“It’s kind of hard when you’re between me and my tissues.” Tony sniped.

“You could have used your hands.” Steve pointed out, taking a tissue and wiping off his arm.

“Gross.” Sniffled Tony, reaching for the tissues and blowing his nose. “But, uh, sorry, I got you there, Cap.”

#30 Blanket

Clint and Tony were curled up together on the couch, a blanket over them and a box of tissues between them. A movie played on the TV but neither man was watching it. They were too busy squabbling.

“Quit hogging the blanket.” Tony whined, coughing.

“I’m not hogging it. You are.” Clint pointed out, rubbing a hand under his nose. He tugged the blanket back from Tony.

Tony moved to pull the blanket back but hesitated when he saw Clint’s nose begin to wrinkle and his jaw fall slack.

Heh-Ahhshchh” Clint muffled the powerful sneeze in the blanket.

Tony wrinkled his nose in disgust, shoving the rest of the blanket over at Clint. “Keep it.” He got off the couch and crossed over to a closet, pulling another throw blanket out of it and settling back on the couch. “You win.”

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Here's some Tony since I'm watching Ironman.

#31 Yellow

Tony stopped short at the yellow lab sitting in the foyer of Stark Tower. Steve, Clint and even Bruce were swarmed around the puppy.

“What is *that* doing here?” He asked, standing in the doorway, not daring to come a step closer.

“*That* is a puppy.” Steve informed him. “And he’s here because Jarvis won’t let us bring him in any further.”

Tony mentally thanked his AI. “Of course not. Dogs aren’t allowed in Stark Tower.”

“But, please? Look how cute he is.” Clint pointed out.

“I always wanted one.” Steve said, flashing him the baby blues, “But I was allergic.”

Bruce picked up the puppy and approached Tony. “Please love me, Mr. Stark.”

Tony tried to take a step back and ran into the door. He could feel his eyes and nose beginning to itch.

“The dog has to go.” He managed.

“Awwww.” Chorused the group. “Why?” They protested.

“I’m allergic.”

Steve rolled his eyes. Bruce noticed the slight pink tint to Tony’s eyes and his quivering nostrils and backed up.

Heyyeshhsh, Yehhshoo.” Tony sneezed explosively. Clint grabbed a box of tissues from a table in the foyer and crossed over to Tony. “Thaks. See. Allergic.” His nose quivered with more sneezes, and he held the tissues over it like a shield. “EHhshhmmmphh.”

“I see.” Said Bruce, setting the puppy down and shooing it back over to Steve. He moved back over to Tony, looking at the eyes that were now red and watery and listening to the man sniffle thickly. “Yes, you do seem to be.”

“That’s why there are no dogs allow….Ehhhshoo, Iiehhshoo…allowed in Stark Towers. You’ll have to return him.”

Bruce nodded. “Tony’s definitely allergic, guys.” He frowned. “Let’s take the dog back.” He allowed Tony to get past them, wad of tissues still firmly clamped to his nose, and the three Avengers headed out to return the puppy.

“Ad do brigig back cats either!” Tony called after them.

#32 Broody

Tony lay in his room sulking. It was Christmas eve, and the rest of the avengers were busy decorating the tree. Tony, on the other hand, couldn’t get within 5 feet of it. Jarvis had maximized air purification, so that Tony could stay in the same room as the tree, but he couldn’t get near enough to decorate it. He knew this. He had tried. And now he was in his room, waiting out the allergy attack and pouting.

“Hehyishh, Yehhshoo, Huhhehhhshoo.” He buried his nose in a tissue and blew, groaning as it did little to alleviate the tickle. He groaned further when he realized he was going to have to leave his room in search of more tissues as he was almost out.

A knock at the door surprised him. “Cobe id.” He sniffled, pathetically.

Steve walked in, holding a wrapped box. “Brought you an early Christmas present,” he said lightly.

Tony sat up, trying to smile as Steve sat down next to him. He took the offered box and opened it, face falling slightly when it revealed an unopened box of tissues.

“Thought you’d need them in the morning when we open presents,” Steve said, rubbing Tony’s back.

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Thanks fufufufu.

There's some House drabbles in these for the lovely tma.

#33 Phone Call

House groaned as the phone rang. A glance over at the phone revealed it was Wilson.

“Hello?” He grumbled.

Huhchishh. Sorry. House? I deed you to…Heychushh…cobe get be.”




“I dod’t dow. Hehrahshoo…sobethig’s triggered by allergies. Ahhahshoo.”

“Alright, alright. Why can’t you drive?”

“Cad’t stop sdeezig, rebebe…ehhrshoo.”

“Fine. I’m on my way.”

He got out of bed slowly, taking his time getting ready and getting to Wilson.

#34 Orange

Natasha wrinkled her nose at the bright orange cheese packet she was mixing into Clint’s macaroni noodles. Other men wanted chicken soup when they got sick, or orange juice, or whiskey, or a combination of the above. But not Clint; he had to have mac and cheese.

“Datasha, how’s the bacarodi cobig?” he called from the living room.

“Blow your nose. I can’t understand you.”

Heh-Atschh.” A loud sneeze was punctuated by an even louder nose blow. “How’s my macarondi combing?”

“Stirring it together now.” She responded.

“That’s good. Heh-Ahtschoo. I’b hundgry. Ahtschhh.”

“And sneezy.” She said, bringing the bowl into the room for him. “Enjoy.” She watched him dig in with mild disgust. If only he’d let her make it from scratch.

#35 Silk

Pepper finished folding the handkerchief and placed it in Tony’s suit jacket pocket. “All ready for the press conference?” She asked, ignoring the way he rolled his eyes.

“Of course I’m ready.” They both ignored the undertones of congestion in his voice. “The press loves me.”

He headed out to face the media. The instant flash of cameras triggered an itch in his sinuses, and he had to bite the inside of his lip to keep from sneezing. He made it through the press conference without more than a few mild coughs, and turned to leave the stage, again amid the glare of flashbulbs.

He was just offstage when he could hold back the sneezes no longer. “HehChushh.” He managed to whip the handkerchief out just in time and snap it open with a flick of his wrist. He pressed the cool silk cloth to his chapped nostrils and doubled over. “Hihtchehh, ehchehh, ehhchoo.” Burying his nose in the confines of the cloth, he gave a loud blow and looked up to see Pepper standing there, biting back a giggle.

“Bless you.”

“Thaks.” He headed back towards the limo with her. Whoever had given him this cold was so getting fired.

#36 Tease

Tony had decided to test the limits of Bruce’s self control. Within specifically designed parameters, of course. And Bruce, after a bottle of wine, had agreed, as this experiment was not designed to release the other guy. All Tony wanted was to see how long Bruce could hold back sneezing. With the proper stimulus, of course.

Bruce was sitting cross legged on the bed. “Alright Tony, what do you have in store for me?” He asked, grinning but nervous.

Tony sat down next to him, pulling a feather out from behind his back. He reached over to Bruce, brushing the feather lightly against his nose. Bruce laughed. “It tickles.”

“Oh it’s gonna do more than tickle.” Tony said, gently inserting the feather into Bruce’s left nostril. He gently twisted, surprised when Bruce reacted quickly with a sharp inhale.

Tony shook his head. “Uh-uh, hold it back.” He continued to tickle the inside of Bruce’s nose, listening to Bruce’s hitching breaths and backing off whenever a sneeze seemed imminent.

Finally he decided to see how much Bruce could handle; this time, he didn’t let up, despite Bruce’s sniffles and hitching breaths.

“Hihh…ihhh….iihhhhh….Tody….hiiiihhhh.” Bruce tried to move his hand up to rub his nose, but Tony grasped his wrist, shaking his head.

“Ca..ahhh…cad’t hold b-baahhh-hhahh-hahhh…back….hhahh…hhahh…HahAHshoo! Ahhshoo, Haht’shoo Hahp’schoo…hehp’schuu…heh’tchoo.” Bruce took the tissues Tony handed him. “Thags. Hehp’tchoo.

“God Bless you,” Tony uttered. “You held out longer than I thought you would.”

#37 Bright Lights

“Jarvis, lights.” Clint poked his head inside Steve’s bedroom as the room lit up.

Steve opened his eyes in response to Clint’s voice and they immediately began watering, and wavered shut in response to the sudden itch in his sinuses.

Clint watched as Steve sleepily batted at his nose, then wrapped an elbow up over his face. “HuhhChuhshoo.” He shook his head. “Chuhshoo. Huhhyuhshoo. Dammit, Clint.”

“Sorry Cap,” he said as Steve reached for a tissue and blew his nose. “It’s just the most effective way to wake you up.”

#38 Kitchen

HehChuhshoo” Wilson sneezed into his shoulder as he opened the can of soup. He coughed heavily pouring it into pot and placing it on the stove. He leaned against the counter as he waited for the soup to heat up.

“Heyuhshoo, Uhshhoo.” A sudden double surprised him and he could barely get his hands to his nose to cover in time.

“What’s going on in there?” House’s voice called from the living room.

“I’mb making myself sombe soup.” Wilson coughed, blowing his nose on a piece of paper towel. He sneezed again into the towel and threw it in the trash.

He heard House’s cane clumping towards the kitchen. “It sounds more like you’re covering my kitchen in a layer of snot.” House walked over to his friend, analyzing his bleary eyes and red nose. “As soon as your soup is done, I want you in bed.”

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Oh, these are all so good!! I don't think I could pick my favorite...though the Tony/Pepper ones are certainly strong candidates ;)

Thanks for writing these!

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sneezy Wilson!!!! :wub: :wub: :bounce: My heart is filled with joy and love. Poor baby.

Your drabbles are so yummy!!

Love them all!

Tony/Bruce was really cute too! Wicked Tony. :twisted:

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Aww, poor Wilson! :wub:

I really have missed your stories, brigid.

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