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Disobedience - Sequel to Rocky Horror fic 'Even More Unusual'


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Okey doke everybody. Here’s the sequel to “Even More Unusual,” in which Althea will have a sh*t-ton of work to do! I hope she doesn’t hate me… She probably does. All my OCs do.

Anyway, have fun!

P.S. I have dedicated this fic to LocaLocaBoka and prisma, because both of them inspired me to continue my RHPS fun, and also because they were really kind with my other fic, which in my opinion kind of sucked a little….

Okay, hails, shut up and write! Feedback is appreciated! The first chapter might disappoint you, because there’s basically no sneeze until the last part and it’s really plotty, but I promise the rest of the story will be nice and full of our favorite things!


Althea woke up with a smile, because she knew where she was. She was in the library in Frank’s mansion, curled up on the couch.

There really might be a place for me here, she thought to herself.

She had been given permission to stay when Frank had relapsed after the scare the week before, where everyone in the house had become sick in succession, finally ending with Althea almost ceasing to breathe. After that, she had been asked to stay to care for Frank, but in her mind, she thought she was asked to stay because someone there liked her more than just a healer…

She smirked. Wishful thinking.

“Huuhhh…hihuhh….hut-chisSHEW!” A familiar sneeze sounded from upstairs, breaking her memory slideshow.

“A call to arms,” she said to herself, kicking off her blanket and smoothing out her hair.

“Altheaaaaa…” Althea heard Frank moan. “Where are youuu…”

“Coming, Frank,” she called, quickly ascending the stairs. As she went down the hall, she saw Magenta absentmindedly dusting a candelabra. As she went by her, she smiled at her, and as she passed, Magenta lightly tapped her rear end with the feather duster.

Hmmm…Frank or Magenta? Althea thought, pondering the options.

She knocked lightly on Frank’s door. “It’s Althea; may I come in?” she asked politely.

“Cob id,” came a hoarse reply.

Althea creaked open the door and shut it behind her. Turning to face Frank , she was confused at what she saw: he looked well. Not sick at all.


“Frank…?” she said slowly, a questioning look on her face.

Frank looked at her for a moment, and then sighed. “All right, fine,” he said. “I was only kidding. I’m actually perfectly fine now. I just wanted to talk to you.”

Althea gave him a stern, parental look. “Frank, I was actually worried about you. Don’t do that. You remember what I went through last week; don’t make me think I’m gonna do that again.”

Frank hung his head. “I’m sorry.”

He actually sounded shameful. “You’re forgiven, Frank,” Althea told him, going to his bed and sitting down, putting her arm around him. “At least you’re not sick anymore.”

Frank laughed in relief. “Yes, I was thinking that too. I was not having a fun time being sick. You humans have it really bad. I wish you could have gone and gotten another one of those bottles of remedy, but that snow out there…you could have gone, perhaps, but it would have been quite precarious.”

“Yes, I didn’t want to risk anything,” Althea agreed. “I’m truly sorry I had to make you go through that the human way, but it had to be done.”

Althea looked Frank in the eyes then, and she thought she saw a flash of a reddish, angry color in them. But it went away the next instant, and she had to have imagined it.

Frank looked at her. “What?”

“N-nothing.” Althea shook her head. “Nothing at all.”

Then she remembered what he’d said… “You humans have it really bad.”

You humans.

“Frank, earlier you called me human?” she said. I can’t believe I’m telling him… she thought to herself. Her hands began to shake.


“Um…I have to correct you…but it worries me, because I’ve never really…told anyone…” She stuttered out that whole sentence, humiliating her.

Frank took both her quivering hands into his grasp. “You can trust me, Althea.”

Althea took a deep breath and said, “I’m not exactly…human.”

Frank’s eyes widened but he didn’t interrupt. “What do you mean, Althea love?”

Althea laughed at what he called her, and she felt a tear fall from her eye. “I’m sorry,” she said, freeing a hand to wipe off the tear and then returning it to his grasp. “I’m just incredibly nervous. I feel like if I tell you this something bad will happen.”

“Don’t worry,” Frank said, smiling kindly. “You’re welcome here for as long as you need to be here, Althea. We’ll all keep you safe.”

Althea laughed, happy that she had a friend in Frank. “I’m what you’d refer to as an enhanced sort of superhuman. I’m extremely strong, and extremely fast.”

She demonstrated by moving to the foot of his solid gold bed and lifting it above her head with one hand in the span of about half a second.

“Holy sh -!” Frank caught himself. “I mean, wow…”

“Yeah,” Althea laughed. “And I’m also a damn good healer, but you already knew that.”

“Yes, I did,” Frank said. “Can you do anything else?”

“I can usually do some cool stuff involving the elements – that is, earth, wind, fire, and water – but for some reason those powers haven’t been working lately…ever since a day before I showed up here.”

“I’ve always been wondering, where were you before you showed up at our door?” Frank asked.

“An asylum,” Althea whispered. “They locked me up because the mayor of my town caught me manipulating the water in a fountain. I was there for a month and nearly went as bat-shit crazy as the other loonies there. I barely escaped with my sanity.”

That’s when Althea lost it. She started to cry, and she soon realized that she wouldn’t stop for a while. “Frank, I’ve been alone for nearly three-quarters of my life…my parents died when I was 6…that was 18 years ago, Frank…” she sobbed into her hands.

Frank pulled her into his chest, holding her and rocking her. “Althea, we are your family now,” he told her, soothingly but firmly. “I am your family.”

Althea continued to cry, wrapping her arms around him, finally holding onto someone who would hug back.


More to come immediately and then I'll most likely post every weekend because I'm stuck in the noose known as sophomore year of high school........ weirdsmiley.gifstun.gif

Hope you likey! thumbup1.gif

Love, :heart: HayHay (my nickname hahaha lame much?)

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About fifteen minutes later, Frank released Althea and held up her chin. “All right now, love?” he asked with a cheeky grin.

Althea smiled, drying her tears. “Yes. Thank you, Frank.”


Suddenly, they both heard a noise that Althea had been more or less expecting and Frank had been dreading: “Hihhh…hitCHEW!”



“Jesus!” Althea cried, all thought of her sadness disappearing in a wink. “What could be worse than everyone getting sick at the same effing time?”

Frank paused a moment, and upon hearing a familiar and infuriating sound, he growled, “I can think of something.”

Althea turned and asked, “What?”

Frank pointed up and to his left. “I know exactly why everyone else is sick. It’s not my fault; I don’t remember the last time I didn’t cover my sneeze. However, there is one more person who you haven’t met, and believe it or not, he’s human.”

“Who? There are more of you in this house?” Althea giggled.

“This is no laughing matter, Althea!” Frank was suddenly angry. He got up from his bed and strode over to his closet. (He was completely naked, which thoroughly startled Althea.) After putting on the most stylish and sexy robe he could find, he whipped around and explained to Althea, “This particular idiot is very vulgar and VERY unobservant. As in, he cannot understand what the meaning of ‘Cover your fucking mouth’ is. He was sick about two months before we met you, love,” Frank explained, “just with the common human rhinovirus but it was one hell of a cold. We Transylvanians couldn’t catch it but he had it for two weeks and then gave it to poor Columbia who had it for a month. A month! No wonder she was the one who got the fainting symptom with that illness you cured with the bottle. She’s got the weakest immunal system out of all humans on the planet.”

Immune system, Frank,” Althea said, laughing. “And wow, poor Columbia. I’ll have to watch out for her. And who’s this mystery disgusting asshole that spread his cold to the whole effing house?”

Frank spit the word out like the worst expletive known to all the galaxies: “Eddie.”

Althea stared. “Who the hell is Eddie?”

Frank snorted. “Follow the sneezes.”

Althea snickered. “I will indeed. You stay here until I tell you it’s safe to come out, okay? I don’t want you sick again. I’ll call you on that monitor video thingy, all right?”

“Very well.” Frank waved at her sexily. “Bon voyage, love.”

Althea smiled at him and left the room, closing the door behind her. She used a power she hadn’t told Frank about to lock the door silently: telekinesis, the ability to move objects with one’s mind. She purposely didn’t tell Frank because she figured it might come in handy in the future, perhaps to save a certain someone’s life, or to impress a certain someone...

She smiled, and then her expression became serious. This is where the real work began.


I might possibly give you guys one more tonight, and then stop. I don't want to get IPS-Hosting-Limited'd again; that SUCKED. Guess I was having a little too much fun...hahaha...:D

Later gators!


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Damn did I have fun writing this one! This has to be my most favorite thing I've ever written. Loca, this one's especially for you. :heart::hug:

This is to make up for the not enough sneezes in the first two chaps. I promise! And there are truck-loads more to come, so brace yourself for awesomeness!


“HAAAARRSHHOOOO! *Sniff*. Urrrgghhh.” Riff Raff moaned in pure agony, putting a hand to his burning forehead and stumbling to get out of the rickety chair he was perched on. Unfortunately, the fever was messing with his vision, and he managed half a step before crashing face first onto the tile floor of the laboratory – the only place that they could go and get some true privacy from the rest of the house.

That is, they were all alone until Eddie made his much-unwanted reappearance.

“HuuuUUHHTTSHOO!” Eddie sneezed from a corner, curled up in a ball. Everyone else had claimed the blankets, leaving him to shiver for himself, clutching his arms around his body for some slight warmth. Of course, his sneeze was completely uncovered and disgusting; snot flew everywhere and everyone groaned in disgust.

“Eddie, could you pblease jusd cover your sexy bud sdupid bouth,” Columbia begged, looking up at him miserably from her nest of blanketed pitiful-ness…in the opposite corner. Too late, she remembered that earlier, she had tried to talk and it had resulted in a fit of epic proportions. “Hih…giihhh…hitSHEW! HitCHEEW! ITCHEW! TCHEW-TCHEW! Hihh…HITCHEW! CHEW! ITCHEW! *Snifff*…” Columbia almost began to cry in the utter pain and shame she felt from that fit. “Riff Raff, do you hab a…”

Riff Raff wordlessly tossed her a handkerchief from the pile that they had brought up to the lab with them.

“Thadks,” Columbia said, blowing her nose with a wet, very sick-sounding noise.

Eddie decided to try his best to apologize to his poor sick girlfriend. “I’b real sorry, babe, id’s jusd dthad…huuhhh…dthad dthey keeb takig be by…hhuuhh-uhh…by….huuhh…bysurbrisehHHUUTCHOOOO!” Yet even more disgust permeated throughout the room as Eddie exploded with another uncovered messy sneeze. “*Sniff*. Dabbid…sorry…”

Magenta snarled from the corner opposite Columbia, but it came out sounding like a congested snort. “Hah…gahahh…HAAPPSHHEWW!” she sneezed, catching it in her elbow but smacking the bridge of her nose on the elbow bone and yelping in pain. Her head pounded and she whimpered. Riff Raff snake-crawled over to her and laid his head on her crotch area, which was mercifully pleasant because it was cushioned by a very plushy blanket. Magenta ran her fingers through his hair despite her own pain, trying to make her brother feel better in any way she could.

“Bagedta, where’s Aldthea?” he pleaded hoarsely. “We deed her helbp…where is she…”

“Right on cue, it seems,” came the voice they’d all been waiting for.

“Aldthea!” came the cry on all sides.

“Whoa, seems like I’ve been expected,” she said, smiling as she exited the elevator and entered the room.

Her smile instantly disappeared. “What the ff…”

She went completely silent for a good ten seconds, taking in the room of sick people. Everybody (except Eddie and Riff Raff) was curled up like an Eskimo inside a blanket; Columbia was holding her handkerchief with both hands and Magenta had an arm exposed, stroking the hair of her brother Riff Raff, who was stretched out with his head on Magenta’s crotch area, which immediately made Althea suspect fever.

And the hairy fat guy in the back, who had to be Eddie, had no blanket, and was shivering, white as a sheet, which made Althea smile despite the situation. “So you must be Eddie,” Althea said to him. “I can tell because you’re the only one without a blanket. Nobody ever taught you how to cover your mouth, bud?”

“Doh, ids jusd thad…huuhhh…huuwahh…” Eddie’s pre-sneeze face nearly made Althea laugh out loud, for which she would have actually smacked herself across the face. His nose almost twitched off his face, and his mouth was open in a yawning way.

Althea mimed putting her elbow to cover her nose and mouth, and Magenta did a weaker imitation.

Eddie almost had his arm up in the correct position when the sneeze cascaded from his nostrils. “HAAAATTCHOOO!!” The snot mostly flew on his arm, but some out in front of him.

Althea grimaced. “Here, hon,” she said, taking a handkerchief and throwing it at him, giving it the slightest push with her telekinesis powers so it would reach him. “Clean yourself up with this or I’m seriously gonna puke.”

“Thadks,” he muttered, relieving his nose with a particularly wet gurgling blow. “I was sayig, dthey always take be by surprise.”

“Well, that good blow right there made you a little more understandable,” Althea noted, “so you should be all right in short order.

Your friends, however,” she added, surveying the other three people in the room, “I’m not so sure about.”


How much fun was THAT!? Holy EFF! I nearly wet myself at the Columbia part; she's my serious girl crush.

Keep reading; there's more fun on the way!

Love, :heart: HayHay

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Ohhh, Hails!


Last time I squealed this hard was when I read the reviews of Bowie's 1972 Carnegie Hall concert. Thank you!

I made a sketch for a drawing and I will hopefully start to do it when I catch some time alone.

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Ohhh, Hails!


Last time I squealed this hard was when I read the reviews of Bowie's 1972 Carnegie Hall concert. Thank you!

I made a sketch for a drawing and I will hopefully start to do it when I catch some time alone.

You are most welcome, dear Loca. You and prisma keep me going. Next chapter hopefully later today.

And ooooh, your drawing? I shiver with anticip.....pation. :lol1:

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Over the next day or so, Eddie became remarkably better, as if to just piss everybody off even more. As soon as he was pronounced 100% by Althea, the other three patients immediately kicked him out of the lab.

“If you cob widthid five hudred yards of the door…” Magenta warned, “you’ll be…behhhHAAPPSHEW! You’ll be sorry…*sniff*.”

Eddie whimpered and dashed out. Althea bit back a laugh.

“That dude is weird,” she remarked as she reentered the lab with a fresh pile of handkerchiefs.

“He’s ogkay bostly,” Columbia told her, taking a handkerchief and blowing her nose. It didn’t sound like there was any relief from it. “Gkrrrr…” she growled. “Why did’t I realize dthat scgrewig a sicgk guy was a bad idea…”

Althea whooped with laughter. “Well, now you know, hon,” she giggled. “Messing around with sick guys is never a good choice.”

“Easy for you do say,” Riff Raff called over hoarsely from his position – slumped over on the floor with his face to the cool tile. “Fradk was all over you.”

“Whatever,” Althea said with a dismissive wave of her hand. “My immune system is 500%. That thing last week, that wasn’t a normal illness. That’s why it got me. But this is just a normal rhinovirus. Those little assholes haven’t caught me for at least a decade, probably more.”

Id caughd you?” Magenta barked a laugh that turned into a hacking cough. Once she started coughing, she couldn’t stop. Columbia moved to go and sit with her, but Althea stopped her.

“Whad?” Columbia asked, irritated.

“I’m particularly worried about you,” Althea said quietly, watching Magenta shake with the force of her coughs. She knelt down to Columbia’s eye level and looked her in the face. “The bug last week did Frank first, and then everyone else in succession was given a new symptom. You were slapped with the fainting. That has me thinking that since you were the last to go before me, that means that your immune system holds out as long as it can and then kicks you straight up the ass. You were the last to get sick with this cold, right?”


“So that’s why I’m worried about you. I don’t know how much more your immune system can take, I don’t know much about any of you, as a matter of fact.” Althea mumbled that last part.

She thought out her options. She could stay up here 24/7 with the three sick people, monitoring them and making sure no one was going to stop breathing this time, or she could pop in from time to time and check their progress.

If I chose the second option, Eddie would probably end up back in here since I’d bring the germs out of the room and then there might be another murder, Althea thought dryly. I better stay in here full-time.

“Okay guys,” Althea said, standing up. “I’m gonna stay in here with you guys for the next few days, make sure you all see out this cold in a good way. As you recover, you get to leave the lab. But no one leaves the lab unless I say so…unless you want Eddie back in here.”

“BPLEASE DOH!” The negative response was echoed from all four corners.

Althea cracked up. “It’s settled then,” she said, taking a deep breath from her laughter. “Welcome to Healer Central, we’re glad to have you.”

Columbia laughed a congested giggle, like a little girl’s laugh. Althea turned to her and smiled.

The smile faded only when Althea was contemplating a whooshing sensation in her lower abdomen, and the bell went off in her head.

It wasn’t Frank OR Magenta. It was Columbia.

…Althea likey.


Sadly, I don't think I'll be able to do another chapter today, so most likely the next will be here this weekend. Antici....pation. :)

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"scgrewig a sicgk guy" looks so goddamn epic when written down.

I'll be waiting for more.

I know!!! I felt so naughty when I was writing that part.... :D

I can't type for awhile but probably this weekend, hopefully earlier we will hear more lovely sneezes from our favorite rich hunting lodge weirdos.

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UGH! So sorry it's been such a long week! Long chap to apologize!


Althea had been locked up in the lab for about four days, tending to her ‘patients.’ She’d done just about everything she could think of, but Riff Raff still had a high fever and Columbia, despite Althea’s determined efforts to cure her first, seemed to be getting worse. Magenta, on the other hand, had gotten better the second day and had been released from the lab.

Althea knew what she needed – a bottle of the remedy. But there was still so much snow out on the ground, and there had been scattered storms throughout the past few weeks, and it would be very dangerous to leave the mansion.

“I have to talk to Frank, but I can’t leave…” Althea said, thinking out loud. “Oh – duh, the video monitor.”

She pushed a button on the screen and Frank’s bedroom appeared. “Frank?” she called. “Frank, I have to ask you something.”

Frank slowly appeared in the frame. “Yes, Althea?” he asked. His tone had a strange catch in it, but Althea dismissed it for the time being.

“I need to leave the mansion to go find a bottle of the curing stuff,” Althea told him. “And to do that I need to be unlocked from here. Can you come unlock the door?”

Frank smiled an odd half-smile. “You see, I don’t really think I can.”

Althea paused. “What?” she said angrily. “What the hell do you mean?”

“Just because they’re sick doesn’t mean they’re going to die, Althea darling,” Frank said, in a strangely evil yet soothing voice. Then he paused, and said, “…I didn’t.”

It was as if a bomb went off in Althea’s head. She knew exactly why Frank wasn’t going to let her out – since she couldn’t go out to get the bottle when he had been sick, Frank felt that the others should see out their illnesses in the same way.

“Frank, I understand your feelings,” Althea said, treading carefully, “but if I don’t get this bottle, Riff Raff’s fever is going to keep rising, and honestly, Columbia’s pretty much on the same road I was on before I got the remedy.”

Frank smirked. “That’s over-exaggerating, dear. Come now; they’re fine.”

“Um, no they’re not,” Althea countered, aiming the camera at Riff Raff and Columbia. Riff Raff was lying on top of a blanket, fast asleep and shirtless because of his fever. Columbia was wrapped up in every blanket Althea could find in the entire lab and had still been complaining of chills before she too had fallen asleep. Both of their noses were cherry red and raw, and their faces were pale as snow except for a feverish tint in Riff Raff’s cheeks.

“Does that look okay to you, Frank?” Althea demanded. “Does it?”

“ALTHEA CAMPBELL, I FORBID YOU TO LEAVE THIS MANSION!” Frank bellowed. The video cut off.

Althea was startled by his loud voice, but she was even more startled that he had called her by her full name. So startled, in fact, that she became weak in the knees and fell to the ground, hyperventilating. She hadn’t told anyone in at least a decade what her last name was, so the only place he could have gotten it from were the records of the asylum from which she had escaped.

Terrifying memories whirled through her mind: They shoved me into the corner of the interrogation room; they drew the commitment form up with a pencil and then went over it with ink; they forced me to sign it; they carted me away blindfolded…

“How does he know my name?” she gasped, clutching at her chest. Tears began to trickle out of the corners of her eyes.

She heard a shuffling noise behind her, and she turned slightly to see that Riff Raff had woken up when Frank had shouted. She sniffled and said, “You shouldn’t get up, Riff.”

“Why are you cryig?” he asked, dismissing her order.

Althea turned away. “Go back to sleep.”

“Doh.” Riff’s voice was cracked and hoarse, but firm. “Dtell be why you’re cryig.”

“No, Riff, I-” Althea started to say, but he interrupted her with a harsh barking cough and a demand. “Dtell be, Aldthea, God dabit! We all hade do see you leigk this.”

Althea paused for a few seconds and then broke down. “Frank went to the asylum and found my papers. He knows my full name, and he won’t let me leave to go get the bottle of remedy for Columbia because I couldn’t go to get it for him when he was sick.”

She spent five minutes crying into her hands, Riff’s arm around her shoulders.

Then, something else went off in her head.

Why was she afraid of someone who, deep down, loved her?

Frank loved her.

He wouldn’t ever hurt her. He was just jealous that she was giving Columbia ‘special treatment.’ He even knew that she loved Columbia. Well, who the hell didn’t? After the past few days, their relationship had blossomed – when Columbia was awake, that is. Frank just wanted Althea to love him instead.

Well, fuck that.

“You know what?” Althea growled, standing up.

Riff Raff fell back onto his rear end, having been consoling her and startled by her sudden outburst. “Whad are you doig?”

“I’m doing what I’m best at, Riff,” Althea said, positioning herself directly in front of the lab’s only window and opening it with her telekinetic powers.

“And whad’s thad?” Riff asked, much more urgently. “Aldthea, you’re dot thidkig sdraight.” He took out his handkerchief and blew his nose so he could talk more easily. “To sumb it up, what the hell are you doig?”

“Like I said: showing my best trait,” she said, smiling. “Disobedience.”

She took out a phone that she’d had in her pocket from downstairs a few days before. “I have a hearing device in my ear from the asylum. If you call the first number on the screen, you’ll be able to reach me. The doctors used to do that to me after I escaped, but then they gave up. When Columbia wakes, have her call me.”

Althea eyed the window and prepared to jump. “Take care of her for me, Riff.”

Riff Raff realized what she was doing a split second before she jumped. “ALDTHEA!” he screamed, dashing to the window.

But he saw the complete opposite thing of what he expected: Althea’s body was not falling at high speeds toward the ground, but soaring up into the sky as gracefully as a swan’s.

Riff Raff made a noise of appraisal and shut the window, failing to notice the enormous snowstorm clouds looming on the horizon because Columbia had awoken.


Finally got to explain the title. Love you guys! :heart:

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Woah, another chapter! It has been a tough day, so I guess this is the best part of it.

Thank you once again. :yes:

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