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Best 'Bless You' You Ever Received?


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What was the best blessing that you ever received and what were the circumstances?

Mine took place about a month or so ago while cuddling (innocently) with one of my guy friends in his dorm room. We were sort of spooning, with him holding me from behind...just sort of relaxing and watching tv...when my nose started to noticeably itch. It wasn't terribly strong at first, but it didn't take very long for me to be overcome by the urge to sneeze. My breath started to hitch rather unproductively, and my friend asked if I was okay. I nodded, mumbling sleepily, "Mmm...gotta sneeze...".

He shifted against me, and I could hear a bit of a smile in his voice as he advised me to look into the light. It was not, I thought, a bad idea. I groaned as my sleep-worn eyes squinted against the florescent lighting, but he was right...it provided the desired effect almost immediately, and I turned my face away from his pillow as I sneezed (uncovered) twice, "Huh-umpshh! Heh-umpshh!"

He tightened his hold around me with each sneeze, gently squeezing my waist as I bucked against him. I sniffled afterwards, freeing my hand from his to rub my nose against the back of my wrist. He laughed softly, taking a moment to press his lips lightly against my hairline before re-seizing my hand and half-mumbling a lyrical, "Blesss youu!".

I don't know why this particular blessing stood out as the most special...I've been blessed by boyfriends before...one of which I was deeply in love with and knew about my fetish...but this boy is just a very close friend for whom I have absolutely no romantic feelings. I think, strangely, that is part of what made it so good...that strange juxtaposition of the naughty and innocent...we were spooning, but not kissing...and I sneezed in front of him, which is highly erotic for me...but still so strangely mundane...

Ok...your turn. :)

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More like one I witnessed; taking the bus home this girl got on and upon sitting down, she sneezed about three times I think (I had my headphones on and was exhausted - so i was half listening.) And the boy sitting diagonally behind me, blessed her with a gesundheit laughing after each sneeze. Then after a fourth or maybe even fifth particularly load sneeze, he blessed her, laughed and asked if she was full of pepper.

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(This is more humorus than pleasant, but still...) I was in rehearsal for my church orchestra and i sneezed rather loudly and the gentleman behind me loudly blessed me-commenting "that was a good one". A little later i sneezed again, and another loud bless you. I sneezed immediately after, but now very selfconcious, stifled. He then said "Don't do that! You'll explode!"

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