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I couldn't wait any longer... I had to post it.....

*Looks around* Geez, it's been a while since I posted on here. I honestly feel a bit rusty in the writing department! Every time I post something new, it feels like the very first. Keeps the feeling of wanting to be near perfection, or at least decent, fresh. Heh...

Thankfully, this story is a collaboration between a myself and one of my fellow gleeks in real life. She's an amazing writer and im just SO HAPPY we finally got together on a project. This is also kind of a response to I ruv ze sneeze's Glee request. I mean, honestly, once she mentioned Jyder I was all over this puppy like white on rice. And then Renny had to go and be all.....feely.... So, without further stalling (Like I always seem to do) here it is! HUGE thanks to Scion for helping me edit and smooth this baby out! wink.png Comments/Criticisms are love <3


Jake Puckerman walked into school feeling different. What could it be? He pondered the question while taking his seat in first period English where Ms. Pennington was taking role.





Jake glanced over at Marley slyly, sending her a wink that made her blush scarlett. Oh yes, Puckerman charm is irresistable once again.

"Mr. Puckerman, would it be too much of a burden for you to answer when called upon?"

"Huh?" Jake looked up to see an obviously peeved Pennington shooting daggers at him. Oops.

"Oh uh, here," he answered awkwardly as his name was called for the third time.

Once Pennington had finished role, it hit Jake. He glanced behind him and noticed the third row desk was surprisingly empty. No Bitch Bag Lynn today...sweet! He settled into his seat with a positively giddy expression. Today was going to be awesome...

Class droned on as usual, but Jake shot up out of his seat once the bell rang. He was almost to the door when a shrill voice broke his stride.

"Mr. Puckerman, since you've been such a delight in my class, today especially, you can bring Mr. Lynn his make up work," she said in a sarcastic tone.

"But I don't know where he lives," Jake tried to argue. This chick was not going to screw up his after-school plans, no way.

"Then it's a good thing the school does," she replied with a smirk.

Jake opened his mouth to argue more, but he knew it would do him no good. Damn it...

So it was throughout the day, he begrudgingly collected the boy's work. When school got out, he hopped onto his razor scooter and made the dreaded visit to the house of Lynn...


The place was just as Jake had imagined. Set in a nice, suburban culdesac, every lawn cut and tended with care. And Ryder's house was totally out of a Home and Garden magazine. Absolutely upper class as fuck.

"You've got to be kidding me," he grumbled as he shuffled up the walkway. He went up to the door and knocked. "Ryder," When no one answered, he sighed, and banged harder on the pristine wood frame. "Hey, loser, open up!"

Ryder groaned and clutched at his head. Even the slightest sound felt like a speaker blasting Heavy Metal into his ears. But the who the hell would even be at his door? He sighed, dragging himself out from under his cocoon of covers, and trudged down the steps to the front door.

Maybe it's Marley, he thought happily. But when he heard the baritone voice again he frowned.

Puckerman? Oh fuck me with a spoon...

Ryder stifled a cough into his fist and opened up the door, just slightly, squinting at the sunlight. "Hey," he said groggily.

Jake faked a pout. "Aw, disappointed to see me? Don't worry the feeling's mutual, fool. Mrs. Pennington told me to give you your make up assignments so...here," He shoved the stack into Ryders hands, careful not to touch the germ-laden appendages. This was definitely not how he wanted to spend his after school hours. He'd much rather be making up for lost time with a......certain someone.

Jake grinned at the thought but replaced it with a scowl as he looked over Ryder's pale face. "Why'd you have to go and fake sick anyways? I could be macking with Rose right now,"

Ryder snorted derisively. "You know, im pretty sure she'd rather be 'macking out' with someone who doesn't constantly think about doing it 24/7," Ryder sniffled and wrinkled his nose.

"And im not faking, for your information." He started looking over the papers, muttering more to himself than Jake, "Some sort of bugs been going around, surprised you haven't caught it from one of your back up girls,"He mentally chided himself for the last part. You're trying to be friends with the guy Ryder, don't be a douche.. he thought.

Jake narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms defensively, something he always did when he felt threatened. "What do you mean by that Lynn?"

"Nothing, I didn't mean anything.." said Ryder. He just wanted to get back to bed, and fall into a Nyquil induced coma, not have to deal with Jake's anger issues.

"Bullshit," Jake scoffed and leaned against the doorframe, "Just cause you can't get any girls doesn't mean you should hate on me for getting some ass every now and then.You and I both know Marley would rather be with me than you, so why don't you just back off, kay sicky?"

Fuck thought Jake, I need to work on my insults....

Ryder rolled his bleary eyes, becoming frustrated with both Jake and feeling like crap. "Sicky? Really Puckerman? You know what, fi- " He coughed harshly into his shoulder as he tried to croak out the rest of his response. "Fine. You win, okay? You're the ladies man and im just some...some lame-ass white boy with no game, happy??"

Jake gave Ryder a look because of the comment. "Dude, im half-white. You should get some new material..."

Ryder let out a tired sigh, internally cringing at how much of an idiot he looked like at the moment, "Whatever Jake, I don't have time for this,"He started to walk back into his house but clutched at his stomach, feeling that same queasiness from the past morning return. "Fuck.." he hissed under his breath.

Jake narrowed his eyes at Ryder, "Whoa, hey don't tell em you're gonna..."

Ryder let out a groan, dropping the papers onto the floor in a messy heap, before running into the bathroom and slamming the door shut. He practically collapsed onto his knees, his face hovering above the porcelain bowl."Shit, just let him leave.." he pleaded softly, and started to dry heave into the toilet. "Ugh!.."

Jake sighed his head he picked up the stack of papers and brought them inside, placing them on a coffee table and looking the lesson over. It was actually pretty easy work.

But not for Lynn, he thought grimly. Okay Jake, you don't like the guy, that's true but.. You don't need another enemy in the hell hole. Got enough of those...

His eyes wandered over to the bathroom door, a shiver passing through him as he heard Ryder puking his guts out. "Nasty... Fuck, why the hell am I doing this?" He scratched his neck and started working on one of the assignments, figuring it was his 'Good Deed' for the day. Once he finished the work he walked over to the bathroom and rapped softly on the door. "You okay Lynn? You sound like you're heaving up a lung!"

Ryder cringed when he heard Jake at the door. Why can't I just hurl in peace, is thaat really too much to ask!? After flushing the toiler, he wiped his face off and slowly opened the door.

Jake visibly cringed. "Oh damn, you look worse than before.." He thought about how the statement could be taken and put his hands up, "No offense," said Jake, resisting the urge to smirk.

"'M fine," Ryder grumbled, swiping a hand across his heated face. "Uh, you should probably leave, before you catch whatever this is.." He rushed his words out quickly and sat down at the table, looking over the papers Jake worked on with a frown. "Wait, did you do this all of this?"

Jake looked at Ryder and shrugged. "Yeah. I was bored. And I needed something to distract me from your...tummy troubles..." Well, I'm being half-honest right?

Ryder sniffled shyly. "Didn't think it was that loud... Sorry.."

Jake smirked, not in anger or spite. More amusement. a "Nah, it's whatever," he said "You're sick so...." Akward goodbye is extremely akward..."Well I'll uh, get out of your hair...Later I guess,"

"Wait!" The word had left Ryder's mouth before he could even think of an actual reason to say it. Oh god, don't sound too desperate...desperate is weak, and weak is...not an option at this point...

"Um, are you.. busy? I mean, I could use some help on some of this work, for tests and junk." He cleared his throat and shrugged, putting on an air of what he hoped was nonchalance. "I mean, if you're busy that's fine dude, whatever."

Jake quirked and eyebrow suspiciously at Ryder's change of attitude. "Yeah I can hang back a while....." He sat down beside the table and sifted through the work "What do you need help with?" he asked.

Ryder shrugged and coughed into his shoulder. "Um, probably the lit. I don't really understand any of the spelling, too many..." He squirmed uncomfortably, "....long words..." He cleared his throat harshly, cringing at how raspy his throat sounded.

Jake gave him a look when he started coughing and placed the back side of his hand gently on Ryder's forehead, causing the ill boy to flinch slightly. "Calm down, just checking your temp jumpy...You're burning up.." he commented, worry just barely apparent in his voice.

Ryder shrugged. Jake was deinitely right, he did feel pretty feverish. But he had to make out like he actually wanted to do this work. Jake would leave otherwise and then...

Wait, why do I care.....!?

Ryder shook his head, and shrugged. "It's nothing, let's just go over the work,"

Jake rolled his eyes and sighed, "Alright then," He picked up a piece of paper with some advanced vocabulary, "So, this the kind of stuff you need help with?"

Ryder bit down on his lip and nodded as he tried to comprehend one of the literature questions. The letters didn't seem to make any coherent sentence. If he was being completely honest with himself, they just looked like a mixed heap on the page. He shook his head dizzily. A fever and dyslexia didn't make a good combo for doing homework, that was for sure.

Jake noticed Ryder's confused expression and nudged him gently. "I'm guessing it's vocab, yeah?" Ryder only squinted harder at the paper, his mouth slightly agape, "Ryder? Y-"


"Oh, bless," Jake slid the almost empty box of Puffs towards Ryder, "Here, blow,"

Dammit Puckerman, he's not your sister!

Ryder sniffled as he plucked a couple of sheets out, and proceeded to empty his nose into the soft material. The discharge flooded back into his nasal passags however, and if anything he felt even dizzier than he did before. And that damned tickle.

Ryder sighed and scrubbed at his nostrils. "Mhm, vocab.." This is going to be a long day....


TBC *Cringes* Geez, I really hope this wasn't too terrible guys because... I'm actually kinda proud of this one.. XD But please, tell me what you think!!! And stay tuned for the next update! wink.png

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Hahahahahaha LOVE the fact he refers to himself as Puckerman!

But, this is insane. Seriously. How can you possibly write them, and so in character, when even between them they haven't raked up a season? It's ridiculous.

Also loving the Puckerman-protectivity. It's gorgeous.

And, oh, Ryder.

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ASDFJKLKJDSA GREY. biggrin.pngbiggrin.pngbiggrin.png

WHAT. DID. YOU. DO. blowup.gif

Just *dies*

I can't. I just can't.

Let me love you. wub.png

Thank you just so much. I'm gonna go cry of happiness into a pillow of fluffiness and Jyder glee.

(Oh BTW this is I Ruv Zee Sneeze lol tonguesmiley.gif I changed my display name)

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Oh boy, I update pretty slow don't I? laughing.gif

stephab13: Haha thanks! I just.. I can TOTALLY see Jake doing that.. And thank you SO MUCH for the in character comment. THat has got to be my BIGGEST HURDLE when writing fanfiction, so it's nice to know that it's working out! Hopefully I can stay in character!

Renny: *Joins Renny on her Jyder pillow* Can we just, like, stay here forever? laughing.gif Anyway, I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT! I just hope you like this next part as well!

Well, this parts a bit shorter, but there's more sneezing in this so, Yay? Hope ya'll enjoy!


An hour or so went by, with Ryder growing more and more exhuasted both mentally and physically. And Jake? He was, strange as it seemed, genuinely concerned about the boys health....

"So basically, this one's asking what two words are opposites. Like, see these two?" Jake circled two of the words on Ryder's vocabulary list.

Ryder snuffled and nodded. "Mhm,"

"Well, see this one means irritable, and this one...means..." Jake trailed off as he saw Ryder's eyes glaze over and his nostrils flared out. "Oh, you're probably gonna- "


"....sneeze," Jake finished, chuckling a bit at what was probably Ryder's twentieth sneeze that day. He reached across the counter top and plucked a few tissues from the box, "Bless you, here," he held them out to Ryder with a small smile.

"Thadks.." Ryder replied, taking the tissues gratefully then blowing his nose. He cringed at the slight honking sound it made and blushed. Ugh, gross..."Sorry about that," he chuckled nervously as he swiped at his nose.

Jake waved a hand dismissively. "Nah, 'sfine. The stuffy voice is way more annoying, anyway," He gave Ryder a playful smirk.

Ryder's lips twitched into a small smile. God, what was that weird feeling in his stomach? It wasn't nausea, it was more....pleasant than that. He shrugged it off and glanced down at the papers with a sigh. Must be the fever or something... "God, this is hard..."

Jake gave Ryder a sympathetic glance, "Well, we could always do this like, later. I know it's probably hard to concentrate with a head full of snot,"

"Mm, kind of, and I feel like I'm about to pass out," Ryder mused. It felt more like his head was full of rocks. And water. A lot of heavy shit...

Jake gave a nod and stood up "Right, so I should uh...see myself out then," he smiled a bit and put a hand on Ryder's shoulder "Feel better," he said sincerely, then grabbed his backpack.

Ryder felt his stomach leap. Jake was about to leave. No, no this wasn't happening. He couldn't be alone again. He just.. He...

"J-jake wait a minute." He stood up, feeling a wave of dizziness overtake him."I...Unn.."

Wait, when did his face get so close to the floor? And why was his vision starting to fade? 'Oh shit.' he thought just before he passed out onto the cold kitchen tiles.

Jake's eyes widened when Ryder hit the floor. "Oh my god.." he said, kneeling down to his knee. "Nope, I'm staying. I'm not gonna let you fall all over the place." he said, then picked Ryder up bridal style. He carried the boy upstairs, and brought him into what he assumed was his bedroom. Posters of Peyton Manning and Grease? Yeah, this was Ryder's room...

He sighed as he laid the unconcious boy down on the matress. He couldn't help but felt a little rush of Deja-Vu from all of this. He'd gone through almost the same thing with his little sister about three years ago, when she had pneumonia. It brought up some painful memories, but he had to remind himself to push the emotions back. He couldn't lose it now, not when Ryder was passed the fuck out. God, what is this kid doing to me!?

Ryder's eyes fluttered open, and he looked around his new surroundings with a frown. "Wha happen?" was all he could mutter out. Talking hurt his head, along with almost every other normal action a human could perform. He looked up at Jake, immediately flushing bright pink as the situation hit him. "Did I...Pass out?"

Jake nodded and gave Ryder a small smile. "Yeah, just for a little while though. Hey, didn't know you could change color Lynn.."

Ryder rolled his eyes. "So funny Jake.. And no, im not..blushing," he spat, "It's probably the fever.." He made an attempt to sit up, but still felt pretty weak. He flopped back against his pillows with a groan, causing that familiar to creep up into his sinuses.

"D-Damn it," he choked out before his body was thrown forward. "Hehkissh! Hekissh! Ehkishuu! Nngh..." He snuffled thickly once the fit was over, his cheeks now burning a crimson red. "S-sorry about thad.."

Jake frowned a bit and pulled some of the covers over Ryder. "It's fine. Just, go ahead and relax for now, sweet-" Fuckfuckfuck! He stopped himself before he actually let the word slip. He aways used to call his sister 'sweetie' when she was sick, and he could only hope that Ryder didn't catch it. Right, like you totally didn't just throw it out there....

Ryder quirked an eyebrow. "Did you just call me sweetie?" He chuckled a bit and snuggled under the covers, shivers going through his body. Not that Id really mind it being c-...I mean, GAHSHUTUPYOUIDIOT!

Jake blushed a little, "Psh, No..W-why would I call you that?" Embarrasment dripped in his voice. Wait, why was he embarrassed? What was going on?

(DUNDUNDUUUUN! Heh, I'll try to have the next part up in a couple of days, but thanks for reading so far! Til next time! <3)

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This was just so sweet yet

ANGST MAN. You really had me scared for a minute. WHY YOU MAKE MY RYDER PASS OUT. D:<

But unf.


"Hello, Sweetie." EHEHE

Please continue (I know you will~ xP )

Oh wow. Just. Angst and fluff. And embarrassment. AND THOSE SPELLINGS-


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