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The most frustrating day of my life so far (no actual sneezing)


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So my boyfriend has been sick with a cold the last three or four days, and lucky for me, I got to go and see him on Saturday...I should also say right now that I have never seen him sneeze in the 3 months we have been going out.

So anyway, I went round to his flat at about two in the afternoon with supplies (orange juice, soup and cookies) and he was in his pyjamas. I totally melted when I saw him, he looked so cute all disheveled. We decided just to watch DVDs so we basically lay on his bed all afternoon. But despite tonnes of sniffling and nose rubbing and him speaking in a really congested yummy voice the whole time, there was no sneezing, though he did cough really cutely the entire afternoon and started to lose his voice, which was adorable and led to me not being able to keep my hands off him....

Anyway, the absolute worst part was at about 8 when he was getting ready to go out to meet some friends for birthday drinks - I told him he really shouldn't, he'd get worse, but he said he really didn't feel too bad - and he suddenly veered from his bedroom into the hall, then came back and announced "I want to sneeze but I don't want you to see". I basically went all crazy inside, I was praying he might, but I just replied "so just do then silly" (there was no way I could say the word sneeze to him), but no, nothing :(

And then I got kind of clingy, I basically wanted any excuse to stay with him or to make him stay at home, but in the end I could see he wanted to go out with his work friends (I also asked if he wanted me to go, but he said they would just be talking politics etc so I would be bored) so I left around 8.30. I wanted to cry with frustration on the train back to my house.

The good news though is that I'm seeing him again on Monday, so I am seriously hoping that maybe then...but it looks like also he's embarrassed to sneeze in front of me so probably not...

Sorry that was so long, I just had to vent

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No, I hadn't thought of that! But I rarely sneeze, so that would be hard

That makes it a bit awkward then, but it may be a contributory factor in him not wanting to sneeze in front of you

Anyway, good luck, hope you get what you want!

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I feel your pain. At the moment of time I am frustrated for a reason which isn't so awfully different from yours. But a wise man once sang: "There must be the future now, I know I'm not dead yet."

With that optimistic thought I will wave you goodbye and say: "Better luck next time." ;)

But be sure to inform us if he sneezes! :yes:

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