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Caught a Cold


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I've had an odd couple of weeks, been sleeping irregular hours, and have been surrounded by sick college students, so I wasn't entirely shocked when I woke up yesterday feeling sick. I spent most of the weekend just napping and watching movies.

Oh yeah, and sneezing and blowing my nose. A lot. I have that annoying thing where one side of my nose is stuffy and the other is runny...hate that. Plus, my sneezes are so strong and messy. They're incredibly nasal and thick sounding (I know, gross). I usually get a lot of warning, with a huge buildup, and plenty of time to grab several tissues. Hehh...EHH HehhAHHSNGSCHHH! HehhEHH'NGZSHHHH! Typically, I sneeze a double and then sneeze another double about thirty seconds later. I need at least four tissues just to deal with the sneezes. Then I need another three or four more to blow my nose because the sneezes leave my nose...um...messy. I finally just moved the trashcan from my office and put it next to the sofa.

I live in Florida and the weather is lovely so everyone has their windows open, including my neighbor so I'm super self-conscious of how loud I'm being. Hopefully I can shake it pretty quickly--I've been taking lots of Zicam. My throat is constantly irritated so I'm hoping that doesn't turn into a cough. I really hate coughing.

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I live in Florida too and it kills me when I go to school around this time of year, more so like around December break, and have to sit next to somebody sneezing their sorry arse off knowing that I'm probably going to get their sickness....

Bless you, feel better :hug:

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