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borderline stalking


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guess what, I'm not complaining this time, rather sharing my sense of joy and love of the whole beautiful world. My story begins with a young man of Asian descent, either Chinese or Japanese, with fair skin. He had a decent build, looked to be about 5'6" which isn't very tall but everyone looks tall to me, so he was tall. He was good-looking, with jet-black hair, and a straight, tall nose, and had a pretty damn good sense of style.

The first time I saw him was at around 5:30PM in the train station as I was waiting for my train. Now I noticed him because he stuck out, and he was a looker. With all the power vested in me by Sherlock Holmes, I deduced that he was a college student majoring in either art or fashion because he was carrying a large black sketchbook, and of course his taste in clothing. I say borderline stalking because I stared at him the whole time that ride home, hoping he would sneeze, which he didn't but kept teasing me so with frequent coughs. Then he got off at the same station as I did and walked in the same direction as I did, until he crossed the street. Yes, I did consider following but that would have been actual stalking, which is illegal. Or I think it is, at least, but it's creepy nonetheless. I didn't expect I would see him again today. On the train. Sitting right across from me. And sneezing a beautiful, singular sneeze. I was happier than a bleeping seal, that's what I was.

He sat there, all in his glory, in perfect view as I read my novel. And then he lifted both hands quickly and sneezed one masculine sneeze, pitching forward in his seat as he did so. "huh-eH'Ihchiuh!"

In a flash, it was all over, but the chances of something like that happening are so small that I'm just gonna replay that in my memory like, forever. That poor boy, having this creepy little fetishy teenage girl on his heels. I almost feel guilty. >:D

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That's so awesome Girl, and he sounds YUMMY!!!! (I find Asian guys very attractive) I wish something like that would happen to me~ but maybe you'll see him more often and be able to give us more stories <3333333 Thanks for sharing!! :D

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