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Alright so this morning i get up for work and sometimes during the fall or winter I wake up with my nose running or stuffy but that only lasts for like an hour it's really weird. It probably has something to do with the cold weather i don't know but anyway because of that I always do sneeze within 15 minutes of getting up but this morning was different.

my nose was runny this morning so i was sniffling and so I go to put my dog's leash on him to take him for a walk and i felt a super strong tickle in my left nostril and so i sneezed about 6 seconds later looking into the light. I stifled it (being a compulsive stifler even when i am alone) and the tickle did not subside so then i stifled another sneeze. I was like shocked. I rarely ever sneeze more than once so i was like woah. and then so im just about ready to go out the door and i felt the tickle come back again and i sneezed again. and im like what the? and then i ended up sneezing a 4th time! I was like wow.

Yeah and my dog was the only 1 who witnessed that whole fit...i know he won't tell anyone about this...or my fetish hahaha

So just thought I should share one of my very rare fits with you guys haha

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