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Rise of the Guardians (Jack)


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Ficlet written for Bongo.

"Little Tooth, What's wrong?!"

"Jack is sick?"

"You're right, maybe I should go check on him."

Meanwhile, back at the Pole, everyone else was very interested in this new situation.


A little bit of Sandy blew off in the wake and he silently scolded the boy with a finger. Not that it mattered since Jack seemed to be gearing up for another sneeze. The scolding turned into frantic waving for Jack to stop. Lucky for Sandy, North scooped him out of the way just in time.


"Bless you my boy."

A couple of elves haphazardly approached and pushed a box of tissues forward before quickly retreating behind their umbrella.

"Th...thags.. he'MPHSHH." Jack muffled the final sneeze into a handful of tissues and followed it with a blow.

"Disgusting." Bunny muttered from a corner. Of course, he could have left at any point, but he had to admit, this was a very peculiar event, plus he had another five jokes about the king of frost coming down with the chills that he had to fit in somewhere.

Jack shivered.

"Want to try another bowl of hot water for your feet."

"Doh," Jack sniffed, "it jusd turns do ice." Jack hid his face in his hands and massaged his temples.

"Bunny, where is that thermometer?"

"I really don't think it's changed in the last half hour."

"It doesn't hurt to check?"

North had sent Bunny on an earlier mission, and was glad the fur ball had thought to grab this foreign contraption as well as the other supplies.

Jack flinched as Bunny semi jabbed the silver scope into his ear.

"Zero degrees, what'd I tell ya North?"

"Are you sure you don't know what your normal temp is Jack?"

"hu'TSHuh!" He shook his head, it's not like he had ever had reason to check.

All of a sudden Tooth and a few baby teeth buzzed through the window.

"Is it true?" She sped right up to Jack's face to get a closer look, not paying attention to her wings which brushed against his sensitive nostrils.


Tooth brushed herself off after having been blown back a couple feet.

"I'b so, h'NGXTuh, sorry dooth." Jack stifled into a tissue."

"It is true." Tooth returned to her inspection. Jack pinched his nostrils shut to avoid further explosions, while Tooth swooped in and out, eyeing his glazed appearance, red tinged eyes and nostrils, the glistening moisture just above his upper lip.

Baby tooth buzzed alongside her guardian.

"Your right baby tooth, he does look tired."

"How silly of me, you should be resting!" North thundered and smiled at Sandy.

Before Jack had any idea what was going on, he had been sprinkled, and placed on a makeshift bed the yetis had been assigned earlier. Snoring, he dreamed of sunshine and bees buzzing around, baby teeth flitting through the sandy creations watching over him.

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A little bit of Sandy blew off in the wake and he silently scolded the boy with a finger. Not that it mattered since Jack seemed to be gearing up for another sneeze. The scolding turned into frantic waving for Jack to stop. Lucky for Sandy, North scooped him out of the way just in time.

That was adorable! :laugh: I can totally see Sandy doing that, haha.

Poor Jack! I like the idea of wind blowing whenever he sneezes, which was a nice touch! You have to wonder how he got sick, though. Did he spend too much time in warm weather? ;) Thanks for sharing, ick!

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Thank you Spoo! I'm so glad you got the wind blowing thing. I wasn't sure if I had made it clear enough.

You have to wonder how he got sick, though. Did he spend too much time in warm weather? wink.png Thanks for sharing, ick!

I thought about continuing this, but had no idea on how he would have caught it. Interesting idea... warm weather. Hmmm, I'll have o think about this.

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OMG, this was so adorable! icky, if you're having thoughts about continuing this, I definitely support them. And Ciuty80, please please please do a fic for Jack. I am so obsessed and I haven't even seen the movie! LOL.

BYE! :bleh:

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Am I the only person who isn't reminded of the fact that Peter Pan had all his baby teeth in the Peter Pan novel by the Tooth X Jack relationship?


Cause just... :3 he's too cute

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Thank you so much for the wonderful responses everyone. This piece doesn't have much sneezing, but hopefully there will be a little more soon.

"Seriously, I send you on vacation and this is what you bring back?" Bunnymund thumped his foot, not realizing Jacks eyes creased in pain with every thump.

"Well id was your island."

"Just cause it's named after me doesn't mean it's mine."

"Is id really nabed after you?"

The bunny just smiled and Jack knew he'd probably have to ask North if he wanted to know the truth.

Thump... thump... thump

"Cad you stob thad."

"Stop what?"

"Da dumping. Id's hurding by head."

"The dumping?"

"Da dumping. You dnow da dump dump dump."

"Thump? Yeah, whatever, I got work to get to anyways. And blow your nose... Tooth is taking next shift, lets not try to kill her again mate."

He knew Bunny was right. A forceful blow helped clear his nose but caused a flurry of snow to whirl around his now relatively empty room. Safely sanctioned away from all things light and breakable, helped keep everyone a little more calm. Jack knew he was loved, but he couldn't remember the last time he was sick. This left him scared, unsure; and the fog filling his brain, the ache permeating his entire body, made him feel vulnerable and lonely and... sick.

"Oh dear Jack, you are not looking good. Do you want me to get North?"

"It's okay Tooth." Jack waved her back a little bit, stifling a couple sneezes into a blanket/ now giant hanky. This cold was definitely escalating, tissues no longer subduing the misty blast from Jack's nose.

"Bless you Jack."

"I'm so sorry, Tooth."

"For what?"

"Tooth zoomed about, nearing Jack's face to wipe away a stray tear."

"For almost killing you earlier. Maybe you should just go."

"Don't be silly Jack. I'm fine." A few more tears streaked down Jack's face and crackled as they froze while Tooth brushed them off. "And I am not going anywhere."


"Hush, I know you don't need me, but I want to help."


"Come on, now scootch over, baby tooth organized a surprise."

Jack decided arguing seemed to be a waste of his time, and an unnecessary strain on his throat, so he obliged.

Settling in, Tooth happily snuggled up against Jack, feathers protecting her from her freezing friend.

"Okay girls."

Baby Tooth led the troops and an elf followed behind, leading his own entourage of jingling friends. Who knew bells and buzzing could make such a beautiful rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus.

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This is so, so very cute!!!! Thank you sooo much for writing this biggrin.png The concept is absolutely adorable - I love how his elemental powers are attached to his symptoms, poor guy! sleep.png And I love how Tooth is taking care of him regardless of potential hazards lol X) Also, the way you spell his sneezes is perfect, by the way! I love this very much. I hope you continue~! happy.png

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Adorable!!! :heart: Ugh, I seriously need to see this movie. Like, now.

Please please please continue! :wub:

BYE! :bleh:

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AHSGVIUILKAYGGD{UNDUSSDISF THIS IS SO ADORABLE AND I'M GOING TO SEE THE MOVIE TOMORROW I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!! <333333333 This fic is so awesome~ the idea of Jack Frost getting sick is just funny as hell!!! (as well as sexy ;D) Can't wait for more :D

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This is so amazing! And it's for me! Thank you!

But enough with the squeals, and on to the accolades. I loved the relationships between Jack and Tooth, and Jack and Bunny. Bunny so cares about Jack, even if he doesn't want to admit it. And I loved how you described Sandy. For a little ball of sand that never talks, he was awesome. You captured everyone's character really well,and the situation itself is just yummy.

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I love you guys so much. Thanks for the encouragement. On to part 3.

"So what did he do next?"

"How should I know?" Bunnymund answered, "I'm not his guardian."

Images flashed above Sandy with a question mark. Swimming, sunbathing, rock climbing.

"I told ya I don't know."

Tooth fluttered in.

"When's the last time any of us have been sick?"

Sandy shrugged.

"Well, let's ask someone who has been."

"Jaimie." The group chorused.

"Bunny, what are you doing here?" Jamie asked as a hole appeared in his floor.

"We could use your help."


"Jaybe?" Jack smiled, it wasn't un-genuine, but it couldn't exactly mask how miserable he felt.

Everyone else entered behind him.

"It only made sense to bring in an expert on sickness."

Jack nodded and smothered a chesty cough into the blanket.

"First things first? Have you been around anyone sick?"


"Have you been out in the cold?"

Jack raised his eyebrows.

"Oh yeah. Well, where have you been?"

"I-land on vacation. Excuse be." Jack turned away, and blew his nose softly but effectively, causing a light breeze to swirl around.

"Hmmm," Jamie thought, "I have an idea. Can we take Jack somewhere warm?"

"Where you want to go son." North clapped the boy on the back, "Africa, the Bahamas, Miami?"

"Anywhere is fine."

Jamie didn't know where they were, but it was clearly somewhere tropical, sun shining brightly, filling him with warmth; schrubs and various greenery covering the landscape. As everyone exited the sleigh, Bunnymund spoke up first.

"So, now what?"


"What Jack?" Spoke North.

"My nose itches."

"Your nose always itches now." Bunny piped in.

"No id... ih.... really hih' h'itches." Jacks eyelids fluttered. Nostril flaring wildly with every breath.

"Take cover!" Bunny yelled and hid with everyone else behind North's massive frame.

"H'NTSHHHHH!" The first sneeze whipped through the forest, causing several leaves to float to the ground. "Hu'RESCHHHUH!" Another sneeze ripped through his exhausted body and a final, "eh' ECKTSHOOOO!" caused a frost to cascade across the land.

"Look Baby Tooth, isn't it beautiful."

"God bless you!" North laughed.


"Not again," Bunny retreated.

"I really don't feel good." Jack managed to barely breathe out before collapsing against a concerned Sandy.

Back at the Pole, Jack slowly blinked his eyes open. He tried to remember what happened but his brain didn't want to focus. Soft voices whispered in the background, and then hushed.

"Hey, you awake?" Bunnymund approached, feeling guilty for how he had acted before Jack collapsed.

Jack nodded while folding in on himself with a forceful cough. Sandy fought his way through the chilly breeze and handed Jack another blanket.

"Thags." Jack coughed into it's folds. When he was finally able to breathe Jamie brought a glass of ice water forward.

Jack looked confused. The group had been shoving tea and soup down him all morning.

"Jamie had an idea." Tooth explained. "When people get cold they usually get sick. You are always cold, so what happens when you get hot?"

"We are really sorry Jack," North spoke a little more softly, sensing Jack's head still wasn't ready for his normal booming voice, "we may have actually been making you worse. Every time we gave you something hot you ended up becoming barely responsive. We thought you were just getting worse on your own."

"It's just a guess." Added Jamie.

Jack sipped at the water. It did sooth his throat.

"Can you forgive us?" Tooth looked like she could break apart any minute.

"You all have beed abazing to be." Jack paused to sniffle into the blanket. "You have had every reason to abandon me and you have stuck by my side. H'NGTSH!" Jack scrubbed at his nose again. "There is nothing to forgive."

"Oh thank you Jack!" Tooth flew forward embracing his neck before being blown back by another sneeze.

"Sorry." Jack blushed. Tooth just smiled.

"So what do we do now?" Bunny's voice invaded the silence.

"I think, I need to get home," answered Jamie, "but for now, you should try sticking to cold stuff for Jack."

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YAY! There's moooore~ :D I really like the group revelation of what's making Jack so miserable. I also love the character interaction in general (Tooth is so cute!). Thanks for continuing, ick! ^_^ It's great stuff.

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AWWWWSBJBDVYISVBDTUVCRSHD JAAAACK!!!!!!! (can you tell I saw the movie? ;P) This was so precious and I LOVE THE GUARDIANS!!!! And Jamie, he's so adorable~ (smart too :D) I mean, it makes sense, a winter spirit getting sick when it's hot. I mean, if you don't think too hard...yeah...LOGIC? WAT IS THIS LOGIC? CAN I EAT IT? :D (I love this girl, thank you for being a great writer~ <333333)

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