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Christmas Flu


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Hi, I am a new member on the forum. I hope you enjoy the start of this story!

Kyle had just left work for the week and was heading home to prepare for the Christmas holiday. As he walked out the door of his office he had noticed that it had gotten much colder out then when he went to work. Since it was 50 degrees he had not worn a coat but now it was only 21 with a strong wind. He went to wait for the bus and shivered for an hour waiting for it to arrive.

While he was waiting his nose began to run as a result of the cold weather. He tried to ignore it but it persisted. Finally, after about twenty minutes he noticed a crumpled tissue on the bench in the bus shelter. He knew it was a bad idea but he used it anyway to wipe his nose and then threw it away.

Kyle didn't think about it again until Sunday morning when he woke up feeling awful.


I hope that you like it and please leave comments or suggestions

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When Kyle woke up he felt awful. His head hurt, every part of him ached, he was exhausted, he was burning up, and he was CHILLED. Kyle could not stop shivering. He crawled out from his bed in order to put on something warm. As soon as his feet hit the cold floor he shivered and then had a sneezing fit that caused him to double over in pain. Thick green mucus discharged from his nose and he wiped it in his sleeve because he had no tissues.

Then he began a search for something warm to wear because he was shivering. After a few minutes he found his pair of fleece footed pajamas that his girlfriend bought as a gag gift last year for his birthday. He never wore them but thought they would keep him warm. He quickly put them on over his long johns and wrapped a blanket around himself and made his way to the bathroom. Kyle looked in the mirror and saw a pale face, dark circles, and spots of color from fever- he looked as bad as he felt. He decided to take his temperature- 102.7...

Kyle knew that was not good so he took some NyQuil, collected tissues and went back to bed. He crawled back into bed and pulled his blankets over his head. As he fell asleep he thought about how he hoped his girlfriend would come home soon from her trip. He also had a feeling that this flu was going to get worse and he would be spending the holidays in his pajamas, coughing, sneezing, and shivering. He hoped not...

Hope that you enjoy this next part!

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Thank you for this great chapter. I hope his girlfriend will arrive soon. I love caretaking for a man by a woman. Checking his temp etc.

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Sorry that it has been so long.

Five hours later Kyle's girlfriend came home. She searched for him everywhere. It was his congeested snores that led her to his bedroom. He was sleeping in just his boxers on top of all of the blankets. She quietly went up to him to feel his forehead. He was burning up but his body was shivering. She quickly went to get some medicine and woke him up.

"Honey, how are you?"

"i'b really sick he coughed

I know, here take some medicine.

After Kyle took the medicine and drank some water she helped him back into his pajamas and got him under the covers. She went to the bathroom to get him a cold cloth for his head and then crawled into him.

As Kyle drifted off to sleep she thought how lucky she was that her Christmas present was Kyle sick with the flu. Her dream was coming through.

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