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a short ficlet from mrshrek ;) enjoy :heart:

“Hold still.” I couldn’t help but scolded at him jokingly when his head was pulled back again, for the countless time.

“It’s itchy…” He blinked his eyes, as is they were itchy too, but it was actually his nose, now twitching and wiggling like crazy. He took some deep breaths, as I waited impatiently, but quite intrigued at the twitching thing wondering if a sneeze will come out or not. After a few seconds, he signed, “Okay, false alarm. Carry on.”

I chuckled. “Why are you doing this? “ I said as I continued painting his nose black with my eye brow pencil.

“A promise is a promise.” He said in a whisper. As a friend, I was happy to help him out to fulfill his promise to his little cousin who is currently at a hospital due to a broken leg; apparently he lost a bet and he had to take a picture of him with something funny drawn on his face, but I know he has allergies, and that leaves his nose incredibly sensitive sometimes; I swear sometimes even when he touches his nose he sneezes, more than one time. So when he came to me after class asking me to help him out, I was quite confused. But yeah, it’s not every day you get to see him paint his nose black on his beautiful charming face. As I gently stroked the eye brow pencil up and down his nose, I took the time to secretly admire his big blue-green eyes, those long thick lashes combined together, a pair of eyes to die for.

“Okay, I think that’s enough.” I put the pencil down.

“Great! Now you just need to take a picture befo—re I-huh-ugh, I sneeze. “ He let a huge embarrassed smile as his breath hitched, and quickly handed me his smartphone. I took it, quickly took a photo of him sticking his tongue out and eyes squinted slightly.

“That was an ugly face.” I laughed, gave his phone back to him.

Huh…uhh..oh god it’s itching like crazy…” As he lost concentration of his nose, it started to twitch again, his breath started to hitch, he started to pull deep breaths, I just sat back and wait, for this guy to take his consequence for his actions.

Uhh…huh…hah-issh! I-esshh! HEehsshh! T’sshh! Oh wow.” He blinked his eyes, chuckled in amazement.

“Bless.” I handed him a tissue from the box sitting on his night stand. He took it and nodded his thanks, blew his nose loudly.

“Thanks for your help today.” He gave me his charming warm smile. I smile back, but he didn’t know, after he blew his nose, the tissue smeared the black color all around his nose area, which made him look like a totally buffoon.

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