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Hello everyone! I am new to this forum so I'm sorry if it's not good. (Hopefully it's good! smile.png )

This is one of my very favorite obs.

I am saxophonist in the band at my school. We were all talking before we started to play. All of a sudden I hear this, "HOUUMMPHH!!!! It was very muffled. I look over and this kid, I'll call him A, sneezed into his arm. This other kid, I'll call him J, was surprised. He said, "That wasn't a real sneeze," and A said, "Yeah it was!," in a kind of immature tone. So, we were almost done our freetime in the beginning. Then, I heard the most PERFECT half-stifle coming from J. It was like "Ha-nggxx". I kind of smiled to myself because I thought he was faking it because A had just sneezed a little while earlier. (Maybe, since he thought it was fake, he'd tried to show him how it's done. wink.png ) I guess he wasn't because he was sniffing and rubbing his nose after. So adorable. I loved it.

I hope you enjoyed!!!!

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