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The Perfect Christmas


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“Merry Christmas, Meg!” Richie Cunningham smiled at the redhead as she walked into Arnold’s.

“Thanks a ton, Rich! You too!” Meg grinned as she walked past the Christmas tree in the corner of the diner. “The place really looks great!” She mused, sitting in the booth across from Richie.

“You like it? Ralph, Potsie and I stayed back to decorate it.”

“I love it!” And since Meg loved Christmas more than anybody in Milwaukee, Richie knew he’d done a good job. “Fonz here yet?” She asked, playing with a strand of her short bright red hair.

“Not yet,” Richie said a bit nervously, “But he’s coming, I’m sure!”

And as if on cue, the sounds of a motorcycle were heard outside. Meg smiled and watched the entrance, waiting to see her legend in leather.

When he walked in, everything seemed to stop, including Meg’s heart. He was gorgeous, as usual, but something seemed…. Off.

He walked over to the booth and sat next to Meg.

“Hiya Fonz!” She giggled, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas.” He smiled, looking into her blue eyes as she moved in closer.

“How was work?” She asked, snuggling into him, loving the icy feel of his leather through her red sweater.

“Slow.” He said, shaking his head. “we had maybe two people come in. It woulda been better if I stayed home.”

“Aw,” Meg cooed, “Well, at least you’re off now, right? And we can go to your place and decorate, right?” Her eyes lit up and she practically bounced in her seat. She loved Christmas.

“’Ey, I promised ya, didn’t I?”

An excited grin spread across her face. “Yes!”

Fonzie smiled, but it soon disappeared as he felt his nose itch for what seemed like the thousandth time that day. He sniffed, trying to get rid of the itching sensation, but it didn’t help any, and his breath began wavering. “Hhh… Hxx’Chhtt!” He covered the sneeze with the back of his hand and sniffled again, his nose starting to run slightly.

Meg blushed a bright shade of pink. “Bless you!” She and Richie chimed at the same time.

“Thanks, Short Stuff… Rich.” He sniffled again, rubbing under his nose, which was slowly becoming pinkish. Eager to change the subject, he stood and held his hang]d out to Meg, who took it and stood. “Why don’t we get on the decoratin’ now, huh?”

She grinned, “Sounds great!”

And the pair took off for his garage apartment.

Fonzie wrapped the red scarf around his neck tight as they pulled into the driveway of the Cunningham residence. He got off the motorcycle and stepped over, picking Meg up and setting her on the ground.


“I was born ready!” She smirked, starting up the stairs.

Fonzie began to follow his girl, when he felt the familiar tingle in his sinuses again. “H-huh… HutShOO!” He sniffled and followed after her.

“Bless!” Meg blushed.

He muttered a “Thanks.”, followed by a weak sniffle.

“Fonz, are you okay?” She asked as he made his way up and stood next to her.

“’Course I’m okay, doll.” He really wasn’t. He’d felt horrible all day, like he’d been run over by a truck.

She gave him a pouty look. “Arthur Fonzarelli, don’t you lie to me!”

“Short Stuff, I ain’t… Hhhuh!.... Ain’t lyin’ to ya! Hhh…

“F-Fonz,” She stammered, aware of the fact that he was trying to hold back his sneeze.

“I-I’m juhhhuh…. Just fi… fi…. Ii’kSChhOO! The sneeze burst out of him, he was unable to hold it in any longer. He rubbed his nose and sniffled, giving his little redhead a pitiful look. “A’right, so you were right about it. Maybe I ain’t feelin’ so hot.”

Meg blushed deep red and took his hand, leading him into the apartment. “C’mon Fonz. Let’s get you inside and out of the snow.”

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