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Ant & Dec - Ant sneezes. adorable!


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so I was just browsing and found this :)

I love Ant's pre sneeze face and Dec not being able to stop giggling.

I love these boys and this made my week so thought I would share :heart:

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awwwwh that is too cute!!!

I love these two, on the hunt to find one of Dec now :bleh:

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Thanks for putting these up guys :), i'm not sure there's ever been a Dec sneeze- they have been around a while though, so maybe there's an old one from the 90's somewhere :)

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Sorry for dragging this thread up again - but in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yIaXKJI7uE Ant sneezes at 0:43

Also there was a Chums episode in the days when Ant and Dec presented SMTV Live where Dec faked a sneeze. It was called Ant versus Kian and it was on youtube but it got removed I think. It's probably out there somewhere.

Ooh, and this article http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/pride-of-britain-ant-and-dec-make-256895 there is a sneeze mentioned.

Hope I helped someone!

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New video from when they toured the UK late last year. There's a funny sketch they do each night where they shove a load of crisps into their mouths over and over again... Ant gets some stuck up his nose, sneezes three times. :D The audience finds it hilarious!

Start it from about 1:40. :)

Also has anyone EVER seen/heard of a Dec sneeze? I swear there's been none, and I'm really desperate to see one!

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