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Earlier this past summer I was on a personal trip to Paris and here is my account of a wonderful remembered observation of a lady sneezer. I was with a travel group and the event for that day was a morning walking tour of a particularly lovely open-air market, selling all sorts of fresh fruits, veggies, meats, cheeses and flowers. We had barely begun to enter the market when I noticed a young couple emerge from the crowd and walk towards us, exiting the area. They were in their mid-20's, and I was immediately drawn to the woman - she was a rather attractive blonde, but moreso than that she also suffered from a visibly pink nose and her mouth was held partially open. Being very attuned to the sight of girls with allergies, I immediately zeroed-in my gaze towards her while trying to remain casual. She wore a white collared top, tan shorts, and a pair of dark heels that clicked as she walked.

My attention was well-rewarded, for shortly after I started looking – “hhhAA-IISSCCHHuuhhh!!” she sneezed strongly, the powerful “SCCHH” sound causing a bit of spray to be expelled. Her long, straight blonde hair flew forward, and she squeezed her boyfriend/husband’s hand as the sneeze caused a pause in her step. She began walking another few paces, but the tickly allergic itch remained in her nose. She stared blankly forward, reached up to rub her itchy nose, reared her head back, pink nostrils flaring as she inhaled for another urgent sneeze – “hhhh-HHAAA-IISSCCHHHHhh!!!” she sprayed again freely in front of her.

After recovering from the second sneeze she wriggled her nose and sniffled wetly. I noticed that she began speaking German, perhaps muttering about her allergies or the pollen-infused flowers in the market. By this time she had walked past me and I didn’t turn around to continue looking.

I hope you enjoyed this little replay about one of my obs from my travels. I may write more in the future.

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A great little obs! There's nothing more lovely than Paris in the summer and sneezes! :)

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