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so i accidently stopped at this series last saturday. it´s not that good but i like it somehow.

i must´ve been lucky this time and one of the team, henry, started to be allergic to the new fluffy

monsters they found on a ship. henry is kinda cute guy though so i just wanted to share it with you wink.png enjoy!

for LovelyLinda :heart: i edited this thread and give you the times where henry sneezes ;)

sneezes and sniffling starts @ 5:56 - 6:41

5:35 - 6:09

3:05 - 3:14, 5:03 - 7:00 (lovely congested talking,sneezing and sniffling! :))

4:35 - 4:55, 6:58 - 7:43 (he is so hilarious :lol:)

4:37 - 4:49 (1 sneeze offscreen and 1 stopped sneeze)
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Aww thank you so much, love!

You totally made my day smile.png

I really enjoyed those. Yum.

You rock!!

i do what I can to make you smile, sweety!!! :heart:

see you in nearly 2 hours ;) i´m SO excited to see you again :blushing:

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Wow this video clips were juicy! I never heard of this show until how, and I must tell you got me interested in him and the show (and not just cause of the sneezing) :P Awesome find!

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This is super cute! He's hot!

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