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Futago no Hanashibashi (Blue Exorcist) 1/?


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/flails arms in excitement






Ah, yes. This a Blue Exorcist fanfic because I haven't seen anything from it and I've had this idea itching my mind for a while. I haven't been able to write anything for a while so I was shocked that I could still string together cohesive thoughts. Fellow fangirls, anyone?


"hah'NGSH!" A bout of blue flames erupted from Yukio Okumura's body as he pitched forward in a hastily contained, violent sneeze. He had always despised the volume with which they came, and they were always harsh and sudden. "HAH'nGSHh-shuh!" He watched with disgust as the flames dissipated; the mark of Satan could never be disguised. Yukio entered the dorm room he shared with his elder brother, making an effort to keep up his usual sternness.

"Nii-san, class is about to start. Wake up." As per usual, the older twin was hanging halfway off his bed, snoring loudly. "Nii-san." It was always annoying to make him get up, but Yukio simply did not have his customary patience today. He stalked over and promptly ripped the sheets clean off.


"Class is starting in five minutes. I'm not going to wait for you," he said firmly. The sheets fell in a bundle on the floor, and when Rin Okumura was finally conscious, he heard his younger brother's steady paces down the hall. He glanced at the clock on his desk.

"Shit, I'm going to be late!"


"Tch, you really don't care, do you?" Ryuji Suguro sniped as Rin ran in and slammed his things on his desk.

"Shut up, I overslept," Rin retorted.

"Ah, relax, Bon. He's late six days a week anyway," Shima said casually. "Morning, Okumura."

"Morning." He looked around. "Where's Yukio?"

"Yuki-chan is late too, huh? That's unusual. I hope he's alright," Shiemi Moriyama remarked worriedly. Rin narrowed his eyes at the doorway.

"What the- he left before me. How's he still not here?" Before their banter could escalate any further, the subject of the gossip rushed through the door. His appearance, though still serious, was haggard, and he looked as though he had run a marathon before arriving to class.

"My apologies. We will begin class now, so everyone please--" He turned sharply to cough into his shoulder. "Please take your seats." Shiemi eyed him curiously. Yukio's shoulders were usually straightened, his overall stance strict and serious. Today, however, he spoke in a weary tone, and his tall stature was not as domineering as it typically was. His voice sounded strained; was he ill?

"Yuki-cha--ah, I mean, Okumura-sensei!" Shiemi thrust her hand into the air with such force that Rin, who was sitting beside her, yelped in surprise.

"Yes? Do you have a question?" Again, that tired, patient voice.

"I, um, do you feel alright?"

"I am a little tired," Yukio admitted calmly, smiling. "But it won't and shouldn't get in the way of your lessons. Every minute is crucial for your education."

"Tch." Typical Yukio. He never let anybody worry about him. Not even his elder brother. Rin shook his head in annoyance. Whatever. Yukio could do whatever the hell he wanted to do. Crossing his arms across the desk, he stared pointedly at his unopened textbook. Still...his eyes strayed to his younger brother, who was struggling to muffle several dry coughs into the sleeve of his long black coat outside the classroom. Rin sighed, rolling his eyes. He picked up his sword.

"Where are you going?"



"NN-sHh! haH'IHgsH-uh! heh'NGSHh'uh!" Satan's blue flames enveloped Yukio each time he pitched forward into his ready fingers. It was exhausting to contain every violent explosion. There was no one around now, but for the cram school exorcists safely out of earshot in the classroom. He leaned against the wall heavily, rubbing his temples.


He directed his gaze at his brother. "Do you need me to check your work?" he asked, pasting on his customary placid smile.

"Cut the crap, Yukio. Are you sick?" Always the straightforward one, Rin plunged right into the issue.

"It's nothing to worry about."

"I saw the flames."

"Like I said, it's nothing to worry about." Yukio strode back inside to rejoin the class without another word, marking the end of the discussion.

"Don't overwork yourself," Rin called loudly at the closed door. Grumbling, he followed suit and plopped into his seat to resume class.


"Don't you think it's weird?"

"He hasn't fallen asleep--"

"--stared at Sensei the whole time..."

"Could it be that?"

"Shima, what are you talking about?"

"I mean that, the most forbidden of fruits." Shima grinned and winked.

"Shima-san, you're not making any sense."

"Twincest, it's twincest." He held up a magazine. "All the signs were there. All of them! In this magazine."

Shiemi look at him uncertainly. "What's twincest?"


"That's enough," Rin cut in. "Shiemi doesn't need to know what that is and it's not fucking 'twincest.'" The group shrank back.

"What's with him?"

"It's twincest, I'm telling you-"

"I can hear you, damn it!" Rin's body was engulfed in blue flames as his temper flared.

"Nii-san, control yourself!" Yukio shouted from the corner. He winced as the cry scraped past his throat, hand automatically reaching for his neck. He hadn't stopped for a break ever since he had been confronted by his brother outside, and it had been several hours since then. His patience had also waned along with his energy, so his loud outburst shocked himself and everyone else. He didn't let his gaze soften.

Rin cast a short, angry stare at his younger twin. "Do what you like." He swung his sword over his shoulder and gathered his materials. He then proceeded out the door, slamming it behind him, leaving Yukio tired, annoyed and unsettled.

"That damn Yukio. Why doesn't he ever rely on me?" Rin kicked the floor. He was aware that his brother simply didn't want to be weak, but it was okay to let the older brother look after him once in a while, wasn't it? "What the hell..."


The sun was setting; Yukio was certain he'd be called on soon to exorcise the demons that became upstarts at night. His head pounded in disagreement as he dragged his metal-filled body to the staff room. He felt the beginnings of a fever as he shivered beneath his usually sufficient black coat. Yukio exhaled darkly, hoping tonight wouldn't be one of the active ones.


despite the way this fic appears to be going, I do prefer Rin. :> heart.gif

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Another anime I'm only vaguely familiar with (I really need to get into it so I know these characters), but dude, this is awesome! I really like how you set it up, though. It made me grin when all the characters were wondering if it was twincest and then in comes Rin like NO. It'd be really cute to see Rin taking care of Yukio and then catching his cold, though. So interested to see what happens with those demons at night, it sounds like he's gonna be miserable!

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Couldn't resist replying back because of your terribly, cursed likemindedness e ___ e I'm totally not going that direction

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i REALLY love blue exorcist :yes:

and i´m happy to read about the boys and the group!!

but...BUT i´m a little confused though. i wonder when this fic takes place...because yukios blue flames appear later in 1st season.

but maybe you want it to be like this ^_^

anyways thank you for writing this!!!

please more! :wub:

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@Ciuty: Sorry if it's confusing! :'D Yes this does take place after his flames appear in Season 1. I'm not sure if that's happened in the scanlated manga chapters yet though ^^;

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Aw, this was actually good, too bad there isn't a part two :(

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Ahhhh I didn't realize this had been bumped up. I'm so sorry to disappoint but this is several years old and I'm not as involved with the fandom as I used to be, so there won't be any future updates. :lol: It's a shame there aren't more fans here though.

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