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So, yet another astronomy class obs, from last Thursday. There was a rather cute strawberry blond guy sitting a couple rows in front of me and to my left, and about halfway through the lecture he let out this medium volume, one syllable, "Usch!" He sneezed into his hand, bent forward slightly, and it was really cute. Then he did it again. And again. And again. FIVE TIMES, all identical to the first, spaced out with no more than 5-10 seconds between each. I didn't hear a word the prof said, and I'm so glad my friend who was sitting right next to me was paying more attention to the prof than to me, because she would've seen me staring openly. The guy sniffed and rubbed his nose, but he couldn't seem to stop sneezing. Eventually he ripped a piece of paper out of his notebook and blew his nose into it. Poor thing! I imagine that would not feel good at all. I so wish I could've been sitting next to him so I could've offered him a kleenex... So he blew his nose, and then he sneezed again, identical to the first ones. That was it for his poor nose, although he kept sniffing and rubbing it, and I kept an eye on him for the rest of class. (Lucky for me, his nose had had enough - or I wouldn't have been able to pay attention at all!)

And another self obs from today. My roommates and I put plastic over our windows today, so we had to move the couch and the futon out of the way, which kicked up a fair amount of dust. Then my roommates decided that, since everything was being moved anyway, they were going to go on a cleaning spree. So the swept behind the couch and the futon, they threw a rag at the wall to get the dust/cobwebs they couldn't reach, and they used the broom to get into the corners of the ceiling and above the windows (we have a really high ceiling.) Then they moved on to the staircase and did the same thing, cleaning it and the ceiling/walls around it with rags and the broom. I had been helping with the windows, but not the dusting, so I was just sitting on the couch watching (it was pretty amusing), but after a few minutes I had to get up to blow my nose into a napkin (we didn't have any tissues) several times. One of my roommates noticed and asked what was wrong, and I told her it was my allergies. She apologized, but then she went back to cleaning. So all day I've had a constant tickle in my nose. Every once in a while a sneeze builds up, then goes away, then builds up again, so fast that I can't do anything but sit there with my nose wrinkled and my hand in front of my mouth, my breath hitching for a good 5 seconds before I FINALLY sneeze. It's very annoying. I realize my roommates want to have a clean house, but was all that really necessary?

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