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which memory do you want to hear? Male


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I have been on the forum as an observer for a long time but only recently as a contributor. I have so many sneezy memories and want to know which to write next?

1. Alex - previous coworker who had such horrible hayfever that for 2 months out of the year he could not drive because he sneezed so much. During this time he usually took public transportation but a few times I got to give him a ride. He was so hot but only problem? He sneezed almost entirely silently - argh! You would just see his head jerk forward ever so slightly again and again and again followed by nose blowing , eye rubbing, and sniffling. Of course I never confessed my fetish to him and I swear I think one of my office mates shared my fetish due to coments she would make. Obviously, I never asked.

2. Dave - guy I dated for a while. Adorable sneezer. Looked a bit like James Dean but broader and taller. He completely denied having allergies or athsma until I finally confessed my fettish....somewhere I still have pictures of him sneezing for me.

3. Jay (not real name, he is actually the boyfriend in the Thomas memory) - ex-boyfriend and horrible hay fever sufferer...cute, Asian, and aware of my fetish. Sadly, I adored him as a friend but did not find myself that attracted to him...except during hayfever season. Best memories include once in church a stifled attack so bad he had to leave, a trip to the animal exhibit at the state fair in which he was sneezing so hard I had to guide him out, and once at the mountains...outside ....horrible hayfever...and, well that might be a Pg-13 one.

4. More thomas - another favorite with him ws at a party where he would snezze when I got near him and a guy friedn was teasing that I had the power to make someone sneeze....

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