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Mass Effect request (Liara and/or EDI)


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I was wondering, for anyone who is familiar with Mass Effect, If they would be willing to write a story about Liara and/or EDI. Allergies are my favourite sneezes so would love to see an allergy story involving one or more of them.

Thanks :)

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NoV wrote an excellent one a while back you might have seen. Maybe he'll be kind enough to write another? rolleyes.gif

Hey, you could rewrite the ending! Shepard saves the galaxy then they all have a massive party and head back to Shepards pad and get all cuddly and naked and sneezy. Better than the original, eh? tongue.png

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Did somebody say Liara?

I have ideas. I will write these ideas for you. It will take a while, but it'll happen. *look of extreme determination*

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Nice! I knew if i bumped this it *might* interest someone! I would write it myself, but honestly, i am a rubbish writer lol. Can't wait to see how you go with this! I will try to be patient :)

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