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Self; Induce Me All Better?

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Over the last few days, my allergies have produced plenty of pre sneezy faces and hitching tickly build ups. Even with that being said, I've manage to lose more than a few sneezes. My nose has been rather itchy, deep inside my nose so I'm unsure if I'll get the relief of a sneeze. Well, while at my girlfriend's mother's house I manged to kick up a tiny, tiny bit of dust. Which resulted in about a minute of a sneezy, hitching, chest heaving build up before Hhh-chuu! I'm sad I had to stifle. But her mother is quite the germaphobe & I don't exactly cover my sneezes. For a stifle I completely had to clench my jaw shut for, I'm surprised that it bent me in half; even more surprised it was only one. Though I probably couldn't have stifled another.

But now my nose is extremely irrated. However, the tickles, there are multiple are not strong enough to produce a sneeze. So, I've been sleepily laying here, twisting up my face, rubbing at and wiggling my nose - & even trying to think sneezy thoughts. That's how much it tickles. I'm too sleepy to induce, someone come help me?

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