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So bummed!


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Okay so my boyfriend, M, and I have been dating for over a year and I love him so much! But there's one tiny problem; he lives 2 hours away. Usually we see each other every week or so and we're really good about that but this week was different because of school and prior obligations. Anyway, this wouldn't be a problem, right? I can live with just seeing him next week instead. That is until I got a text.

"Babe, I'm getting sick"

Gah! Of all weeks! So, a few hours later, I called him. He sounded so cute and stuffy, sniffling constantly. But the worst part was when he went on to say "I must've sneezed 50 times today." 50 times?! What did I do to deserve such punishment?! Don't get me wrong, I pray he feels better and isn't so miserable. But if fate chooses that he must be, I wish I can just take care of him. :/

Sorry for my rambling but you guys are the only ones who can feel my pain. The joys of long distance.

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