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I'd go crazy without a hanky!


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I had it drummed into me when I was a little girl: by the third sneeze your hanky should be there ready to catch it. Better still, the hanky is out of the pocket or purse and deployed when you feel the first sneeze is on its way.

As a result I developed a phobia of being caught sneezing without having my hankerchief. I'm obsessed with having a hanky always there just in case.

Only once have I been caught out. I was walking down the street near home, when a sneeze hit from out of the blue - no warning at all. I went straight to my purse and couldn't find a hanky. I searched for what seemed like ages. Rumaging around in a panic I felt the next sneeze coming and, seriously, started to feel panicky in a way I've seldom experienced. The next sneeze came, I found the handkerchief, and blew my nose. Crisis over, heartbeat slowly returns to normal.

Honestly, I sometimes think I'm like a child with a security blanket.

Am I mental?

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Oh and BTW I can totally relate to your feelings of a 'child with a security blanket' as I always have to hand my handkerchiefs somewhere on me! (even females or childrens hankies that I use most of the time)!!

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I can relate to the panic aspect too. My sneezes are very loud and I feel it's more polite to sneeze into my handkerchief. When I can't get it out in time there's that tiny little shot of adrenaline before a big "yesh esh eshooo" lol.

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I always keep a dozen in my go-bag and have others in this pocket or that.I like having various choices.

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As mentioned above i almost feel naked if i leave my house without hankerchiefs, it doesnt feel right somehow, it's like i need to have them just in case.

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