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Hanky user on the train (F obs)


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The other day I was got on the train with only maybe three other people scattered about the carriage. I st down and started reading without really looking at the other passengers. I hadn't been there a minute before I heard, "Huuuuuuuuu....HEEEESHOOO!". You know, one of those really drawn out sneezes. Of course, I surreptitiously looked up and saw a girl of maybe 18 or 19, black hair and heavy make up. Very indie-looking. She looked as if she had left the house thinking she looked amazingly cool. But what spoilt the effect was the fact that she had this white hanky propped right in front of her face. I mean, it was only maybe two inches from her nose and she just kept it there.

That's odd, I thought to myself.

So I kept watching. Hanky didn't go away. She held it in the position you might hold a teacup to blow on the tea to cool it.

I must have watched her for five minutes. Her eyes seemed teary and her mouth was half open (that second feature is pretty common on my train line, though). I swear she looked as if she was about to sneeze all that time.

Finally she did, the same as the first. She recovered herself and the hanky went back to its position. Another five minutes, another sneeze, again the hanky was held in its standby position. I fantasized that she had pepper on the hanky, and that holding it in front of her face was in order to bring on the sneezes. (Don't be foolish, Sal, only you would do something like that!).

Twenty minutes, with one sneeze about every five minutes, and the handkerchief just stayed there for the whole journey.

When she got off, she still carried it just in front of her face as she walked along the platform and disappeared from view.

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Oh my god . Yes yes yes. I love that. I wish I could see 18 year old girls using hankies.. That would be great, especially indie ones

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