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This happened to me today, completey unexpectedly. I'm not really allergic to anything, or so I thought.

(I apologise to Mr. Wordsworth for the style).

I wandered lonely through the crowd

And thought it time to make a stop

To by a gift, since time allowed

So entered I a florist's shop

I chose some lilies, on a hunch

They'd make my friend forget her ills

When all at once I spied a bunch,

A host of golden daffodils

And as the lily bunch was wrapp'd

I neared the daffodils as if

drawn somehow, and it happ'd

I leaned right in to take a sniff

So near was I, I couldn't fail

To draw in their perfume so strong

And as their scent I did inhale

That's when everything went wrong

ACHOOO! I cried, ere I could stop

My hanky flew up to my nose

I glanced, embarrassed 'round the shop.

As inside the next sneeze arose

ACHOO! ACHOO! I sneezed twice more

Whatever could the matter be?

This ne'er happened to me before

Daffodils don't bother me

Ah..AH...AHCHOO! I sneezed again

As my hanky did I clutch

To hold them back I tried in vain

The urge to sneeze was just too much

Five sneezes more, ere they did stop

I paid the florist in a rush

To finish with the flower shop

Lest the girl should see my blush

And once my friend forgot her blues

I sauntered home beneath the stars

And thought betimes, "My flat could use

Some yellow flowers in a vase."

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I logged in entirely to comment upon this post. XD Thank you, this was wonderful! You managed to give an obs, spice it up with a new style, and the format kept all the thrill intact. Brava, encore! :D

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Bless you! Poetry sneezes - never would have imagined such a thing but that was wonderful! So allergic, and yet so artistic. Thank you!

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