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Restaurant Obs.! (M)


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Hi... Well I am new here and I have been wanting to post observations so I am glad I finally can..!

It is a really short one but hey, it is a start lol

Anyway, today I went to a restaurant with one of my female friends. We sat down, ordered and started to talk about stuff. A few minutes into our conversation a Male probably in his Mid 30's, really tall, with a taper fade and a beard who was sitting at a table in front of my table suddenly sneezed a strong/wet "Hsssschoo." I could not help but to face the guy to see if he would sneeze some more. I wanted to yell, "bless you" but that would have just been super awkward haha.. I was in shock that no one at his table even took the time to say it for him.. But his strong/wet like sneeze was amazing!! I even saw the spray because he turned to the side to let the sneeze out and the light was right above from were he sat. A couple minutes later, as I am still talking to my friend at my table I notice that the guy keeps on rubbing his nose. Then he gets up from his table and proceeds to walk towards the restroom.! I wait maybe like a minute or two and I tell my friend, "I'll be right back, I need to use the restroom." So I get up and go.. As soon as i get into the restroom, I see the guy blowing his nose but no sneezes!!! I was like UGH haha but that was the end of that..

So this is my first obs ever.. I know it is not long but it is a start! Thanks guys!

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