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First Date Nose Blow (F)


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Ok, so I attempted a dating website lol. I met a pretty woman, although she is 16 years older than me. The first thing that caught my attention was that she was wearing a sweater in her her profile pic lol. I have a problem lol. I'm not proud. She's 5'9, average build with short wavy black hair. Nice prominent nose. Not huge or anything. We had been talking for a week and I actually heard her sneeze over the phone. It was very unique and quite loud. Sounded like "HUHHD-JUSH-SHOOOOO!!!" With a deep throaty "shooo" at the end. We decided to meet for coffee last night. When she arrived she had this nice pink sweater set on. Kind of tight, very sexy. Turns out she smokes, which she failed to mention, so we sat outside. We were talking for a good 15 minutes when she sniffs once. Just a subtle sniff. nothing really noticeable but she picked up her purse while she was talking and pulled out two tissues, hesitated, then pulled out a third. My heart was beating like crazy and I began to sweat as she raised the tissues to her nose, still talking. She turned her head to the side, paused, and blew her nose loudly, pitching forward a bit with the effiort. A slightly moist honk with three nostril switches. Maybe 3 seconds in length. "Honk-shunt-hhuurrnk" She continued talking while she was cleaning her nostrils as if she'd done nothing. She kept the tissues in her hand until she went for another cigarette. Then she just put them back in her purse. Nothing else along fetish lines to report. I like her even though she smokes. That's not my thing normally. I'm going to call her tomorrow and ask her out again!

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I hope for you that her smoke tickles her nostrils. A lot of people seem to be irritated by their own cigarettes, so here's hoping she has to blow often!

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Well I had another obs from her finally! We went to a New Year's Eve party together that she'd invited me too. When I picked her up she was wearing a nice thick cardigan for me lol.(I told her about the sweater thing but nothing else yet) as we were driving I noticed that she kept pinching her nostrils and kind of pulling down after wards. After a big sniff I asked her if she was ok. She picked up her purse and said she had to sneeze. She pulled out two tissues just in time to catch a mini fit, that began with a "sneeze and a half", into them with both hands. "UHD-JUSH-HOO-USHOO........YUSH........YUHHHHSH.........UHD-JAAAAAHH-RUSH-HOOO!!!" I blessed her as she subbed her nose up and down with the tissues vigorously. She waited for more sneezes for a moment but nothing else came. She rubbed her nose and said thank you and She wasn't sure what came over her. We began talking but I kept glancing down at the tissues in her hand as we drove. Finally after raising her tissues to dab at a run, she got a fresh tissue and added it to the used ones, turned away from me and let go with 3 short, deep and loud honks. One for each nostril and continued to talk while she cleaned her nose. She kept the tissues in her hand still and blew one last time when we got to the party. This was a long loud and fierce nose blowing session. I was dumbstruck. I have never seen a woman blow her nose this violently in all my life. I've seen women blow louder, that's not what I mean. Her volume is average as far as honkers go. Maybe because she blows with several tissues at once and it muffles it, I don't know. What I'm talking about is how she puts her whole body into a blow. She doesn't just shift her hands when she switches nostrils, she thrusts her head from side to side aggressively. When she blows both nostrils, she leans forward and kind of shakes her whole body from the force. Then she acts as if nothing has happened. One of the most uninhibited nose blowers I've ever seen. I don't know if a relationship will come out of this, but damn can she blow her nose!

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3 short, deep and loud honks. One for each nostril

Hmmmm, I'm not quite sure you meant this........ :P

It's amazing how some people are completely uninhibited when blowing their nose, and others are totally terrified and refuse to do it

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