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At last my long wait is over... hot co-worker (F) finally sneezes after 7 long years


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Hi everybody! I can't quite believe that it's been almost a year since I lasted posted an obs, but Cashewnut is a very busy fetishist these days, with not as much time to contribute to the Forum as he would like. However, I'm soooooo happy to have finally witnessed my hottest work colleague sneeze after seven (yes, SEVEN!) long years of waiting, that I just had to share my joy with you.

Now, some might argue that seven years is a tad too long, if not a little unhealthy to wait for one particular girl to sneeze, so let me put you in the picture, starting with the obligatory physical description:

"B", as I shall call her, has worked under the same roof as me since she was eighteen, and in my opinion,is one of the prettiest girls you could wish to encounter. The first thing that caught my eye was her pinball smile, of which the pearly whites could light up any room. However, clocking up a few years working for our employer have made this display a little less frequent, and have effectively been replaced by a disenchanted pout (so she's still sexy). At around 5'6'' tall, B's blonde hair is a rather simple affair, as she always tends to wear it straight, flowing down to the chest. This is just as well, as it only serves to draw the eyes' attention to her angelic face. Beneath a very fine pair of brows are the most beautiful blue eyes you could imagine, from around which long blackened lashes radiate outwards.

In essence, I'd say that B is a baby-faced version of Hollyoaks hottie Jorgie Porter chickawow.gif . Although B's body is not quite as curvy, she does have the sexier voice in that it is seductively pitched a tone lower, and that her nose is way cuter! I just love it's ski-jump appearance combined with the daintiest, albeit perfectly formed pair of nostrils I have ever seen. They just curve outwards at the base of her nose, and resemble the bell of a trumpet.... in miniature!

Now that I've finished elevating the pedestal upon which I have placed B, Cashewnut must now come back to Earth with a bump (preferably by launching himself via her ski-jump nose). B is too young, too quiet, and too spoken for. However, she is worth keeping in my circle of acquaintances as she is one of the sniffliest girls I have encountered, and so several years ago I had no choice but to put her on my sneeze list!

Sneeze Minus Two Days ~ In ignorance of tissues

I'd always put her often incessant sniffles down to the fact she spends most of her week on our store's freezers, with the constant changing from sub-zero to warm environments playing havoc with her mucous glands. This was certainly evident the other Sunday when we were both in doing a spot of overtime. It was at the end of the day's trade when our paths crossed in the storage refrigeration room when I caught up with B scanning off products as waste. She was kneeling down on the cold hard floor, her long blonde hair draping downwards across the small of her back. Indeed, her posture was somewhat reminiscent of the Lorelei statue in the Rhine Valley, Germany, but with much less flesh on display. Her hair also hindered my view of her pretty nose, but I could tell it was there due to the constant sniffing going on underneath, as though the airways of her nose were as tight as her trousers, judging from the view of her peachy little bottom I was welcomed with.

CN: "Hi B, how's it going? Not in your usual stomping ground today I see?"

B: "Schnnnnf! No, (sniff!) they asked me to stop behind then put me in here (sniff!) I mean, schnnnxxxxxff, I've been in the freezer aisles all day (sniff!) I'm so cold now..."colder.gif

B glanced up at me sadly for a brief second. The insides of her trumpet bells had a certain glossiness about them, that I have sometimes witnessed in those with bad allergies.

CN: "So what are you doing here then?"

B: "(Sniff!) I'm just doing it for the money. Schnnnxxxxxffff!"

CN: "Poor B, I'll let you get on with it, so you can back into the warm. Hope to see you later."

B just snuffled in acknowledgement - SCHNNNFFFXXXX! - and continued in her plight to contain her nose which was hell-bent on running.

Around an hour later our paths crossed in one of the corridors, when I caught B off guard and red handed - or rather green fingered - fiddling with her nose. Talk about good timing! I'd literally just made my way through a pair of double doors, and there she was, in a world of her own, her right thumb placed inside her right "bell", which she prised away from the bridge of her nose, producing some very interesting sounds: Schnurrrrrrkft! Huh-schnorxxxxxxch! SCNURRRRORRRFT! SCHNXXXXORRRRRT!

I think I was almost as embarassed as her (because I was secretly enjoying her little show), judging by the look of horror she gave me having been caught in the act of digging for gold. B swiftly but sheepishly withdrew her fingers, dragging the tips across the corresponding thigh. I whispered "hi" in acknowledgement, but B just flashed a brief smile and sniffed audibly once again, then bowed her head towards the floor so that most of her face was shrouded by her goldilocks. Perhaps she's coming down with a cold, I thought hoped. She's still sexy!

SNEEZE MINUS ONE DAY ~ B's discovered tissues!

The morning after, B joined me at my table in the canteen for an early lunch. Several of us were working our way through one of those word puzzle magazines, brought in by one of the ladies, and I thought that it was brave of B to join us, as she has often admitted "I don't know anything about anything" (followed by the usual sniff!). Try as I will, I just could not procure B's involvement even though she was sat in the chair to the left of me. Initially, I suspected that she might be feeling a little self-conscious about the previous evening. Not that I'm complaining however, as I had a great Avril Lavignesque side profile view of her, in that every so often the tip of B's nose would peep out from behind her blonde curtain-like hair.

As B finished her tomato soup and therefore had at least one reason less to defend her reluctance to participate, I pushed for her to get involved once again. And so, in an attempt to build her self-confidence, prior to writing in an answer I knew damn well to be correct, I sought her approval by asking "What do you think, B?"

B sullenly replied in a stuffed up voice, "Dubbo, sniff!" and began to fumble for something in the confines of her backside pocket, and in a totally unexpected move, produced the most pristine tissue I have ever seen... and then set about to soil it! She quickly folded it into two, and without further-a-do, began to empty the contents of her nose into its soft surface: Hnnnghhhhxxxxxxxxxxx! The tip of her nose was no longer visible as the white of the paper concealed her baby-face....bag.gifHhhhhnnnnnnnnxxxxxx-hnnxxx-nxxxxx-nxxxxx! B folded her new toy once again, and continued to massage her trumpeting nose, running her fingers along the bridge, her soft candy-floss hair rubbing against the knuckles: HHHHHHNNNNNNNNNXXXXX! By now it was virtually impossible to think straight. HHHHHNGGGGHXXXXX! - HHGGGGNNNXXXXXT-NXXXXXT-NXXXXT! B, my Snotty Hotty was undoubtedly coming down with a cold, but nothing could have prepared me for the sight which met my eyes as she prepared to leave the table. For the first time during that break, she turned to me, face to face. As she withdrew her tissue in between honks, I was greeted by a nose which would have made Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer less aesthetically challenged mf_rudolph.gif . Not that B looked a mess, but more rather unconvnetionally attractive as she sported a red triangle which covered her entire nose and upper lip - possibly something to do with the tomato soup?

SNEEZE DAY - My Sneezer Senses are Tingling! spidy.gif

And so at long last it's time for the main event! The next day I joined B at her breakfast table, who once again, was not in a talkative mood. This time I sat opposite her, so that I could get a good view of her nose blowing, which is exactly what she was doing as I walked in. From a distance (or at least my glasses off!) she looked like an English Rose smelling a rose bud due to the rather strange resemblance of her scrunched-up tissue to the UK's favourite thorny bloom. Today my Honey-with-a-nose-so-runny seemed to be having even more issues with her adorable little nose, as though it was itching to sneeze or something. As she massaged her nasal bells, I couldn't help but admire how her rapidly scrabbling fingers flailed up and down, just as a trumpeter presses the valves of his (or her) instrument. This literally was music to my ears.

After around two minutes of gentle gurgling, B put the tissue back into her pocket, but resorted to sniffling the residue remaining in her nasal passages back up from whence they had come. Focusing on her newspaper, her pouting upper lip began to curl upwards, exposing her teeth in what I though was going to be a long overdue pinball smile. Her pixie-like nose began to wrinkle, sharpening the angle of its ski-jump profile, the rims of her nostrils flexing outwards. Finally, her long lashes began to flutter with aggravation as B took a sharp intake of breath and submitted into the miniature Mr. Tickle who had taken up residence in her nose; "Uhh..... (sniff!)...huhhhh....(schhniffffff!)......hhhhuhhhhhAAAAAATCHOOO(-P)! " Mercifully for B, she was able to stifle the end of the sneeze by quickly pinching and plugging her well-formed nostrils between her right hand's thumb and forefinger, resulting in post-sneeze sound as though she had gulped down a ball of air. Once she felt that the air ball had ended up in the bowels of her stomach, she then produced a fresh tissue from the sleeve of her right arm, sniffed wetly, and began to blow once again: Hhhhhhhnnxxxxxxxt! Hhhhgggggnnnnnnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxt!

I was by no means the only red blooded male to witness this spectacle, as I think that R, one of B's friends (who has a child-like sense of humour stupid.gif ) seemed to be aware of the seemlessly endless nose-blowing. I swear that these two would make a great couple together, but both already have their own SO's. Whilst spreading lemon curd accross his toast, I overheard him remark, "You know what, B?" (B just grunted "Wha' ? (Sniff!)" having just been interrupted from blowing her nose). R waved his toast at her as she wiped her nose upwards with her tissue, which was almost full to capacity. "Well this lemon curd see....., don't you think that it looks just a bit like snot ?". B stopped fiddling with her naughty nose, and gave him a filthy look, accompanied by a disapproving sniff! "Have a closer look!", R taunted, waving his toast totally in her face. It certainly provoked a reaction from her as she brushed his arm away in a knee-jerk reaction, exclaiming "EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWwwwwwwww (snifff!)"

R continued with B's after-sneeze tease clown2.gif . "No, go on! It really looks like snot !" He playfully waved the toast towards B's face, but this time she gently pushed him backwards with her right hand, the moist ball of used tissue held in place at the point of contact (R's shoulder) by her thumb alone, and exclaimed "EEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUWWWWWWwwwwwwww! (Scchhhniffffff!)" Sniffling away to catch her breath, B got up to leave the canteen feigning discust, dropping her tissue of liquid gold onto the table. As her peachy little bottom wiggled its way out of the canteen, and her hands once again returned to caressing her delicate nose, fumbling away under a golden cascade of Timotei Shampoo-girl hair, a cunning plan entered my head on how best to resolve R's supposition.

What if we unravel the present she has left us to reveal its contents for comparison? (LOL)

I'm just kidding folks, as if ?! - EEEEEUUUUUUUWWWWWW!


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I love your writing style. "Honey-with-a-nose-so-runny" and "snotty hotty" are real gems!

I'm glad your patience has been rewarded.

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