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The Reactions of my College Family


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So, I have 3 main friends at college who I would consider my college family. Recently, I told all of them (at different times) about my fetish.

I told the one guy first, who I expected to have the most OMG THAT'S SO WEIRD reaction. But he was like beyond cool with it. I said "Would you think it was weird if I told you I had a sneezing fetish? And he was just like "Nope." So that was awesome, first person I ever told.

The girl is my roommate and kinda judgmental, so I had no plans to tell her. However, I let her check her grades on my laptop. I left the forum up (bad move) and she saw it. She said she absolutely had not seen that coming but she actually found it highly amusing, she wasn't freaked out at all. Heck, I think, from the way she said it was amusing, that she almost seemed to find it a little endearing haha.

The last guy is actually the one I'd probably say I'm closest to. We are together nearly 24 hours a day. So I wanted to tell him about my roommate finding out, so I was like "Well, you are the only one who doesn't know, so I might as well tell you..." He was totally fine with it, but he seemed to find it the most strange out of anyone. He seemed taken aback. Which is actually a little annoying but funny considering he's got a filthy mind and like a million ( more typical) fetishes himself. But, it was like 5am after we took my roommate to the airport and he hadn't slept, so maybe he'll feel less weird about it in the morning.

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Whaaaat you are too brave, that's crazy o_0 That's awesome that your close friends were all cool with it! It's great that that worked out ^_^

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XD Lol I did that once with my friends. One of the started laughin XP and then they realized i was serious.

The rest are okay with it

and one of them.. Was unexpectibly trustworthy o.o

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I texted my last friend to ask if he actually thought it was weird, but he told me to just relax and that he wasn't creeped out. Pretty relieved actually.

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So this reply is a bit late but ... oh my god well done! I wish I was brave enough to tell my uni family but living with them I feel it would make things awkward, like they might get the wrong idea and think I'd get turned on everytime they sneezes (which I definitely would not).

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Yea, I told them right before break, so I'm expecting some possible weirdness when we get back. If I sense some awkwardness, I'll have to explain how its not really like a sexy thing with them lol.

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Yep, they are the ones, I'm so glad I'm stuck with them to the end! Especially since we are all living together next year.

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