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A wonderful sneeze from my wife (sorry for the length)


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Last night I was reading and my wife was laying on the sofa with an IPAD close to her face. It is worth mentioning that my wife has a wonderful nose. She calls it her "schnooz" (not sure on how to spell that). Anyway, it is long and prominent with a nice tip, finished off by long, sweeping nostrils that go on forever. She is not found of it but I love it. The schnooz gets very stuffy, she has to blow it several times a day to clear it. Every time she sneezes, she pinches her nostrils shut. I asked her once why she does this, she replied that she will usually blow snot out of her schnooz if she doesn't hold it while sneezing. Of course this makes me even more obsessed with her sneezing than I already am.

Anyway, I was reading on the love seat when I hear my girl exclaim "Oh God!"as she quickly brought her hand up to her nose. She often says this before an especially forceful sneeze. Her sneezes are powerful, yet feminine with a amazing spray factor that is very visible if you catch her in profile. She took a sudden deep breath and then released with her customary, one syllable, "SSCHIIOOOOOOOOO!!!!" I blessed her as I always do, she replied with a sweet, congested, "Thanks babe!" I looked over at her and glanced at the IPAD that she still had in her hand. The screen had droplets all over it that she was wiping off with her sleeve.

I love that girl!

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I admit I'm very shy about my fetish. I told her very early on in our relationship but I had a very difficult time telling her, it was more like I was admitting a crime then an innocent preference. She was very sweet about it but very seldom has she brought it up in our 12 year relationship. Maybe I will bring it up again someday...

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