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Well I managed to catch my first cold of this cold/flu season. It started Tuesday/Wednesday with an on and off sore throat. I immediately started downing Airborne. It seemed like I managed to escape the grip of the cold as the next few days I just had a sore throat that was getting better each day. Then last night hit. Like a broken faucet my nose began running like crazy. And when it wasn't it was burning. The burning sensation lead to a few very powerful sneezes. 3 in my car on the way to the store to get some Sudafed. All three had bent me forward and spray went all over the cabin. Luckily was no one was riding with me. The rest of the night was constant blowing with no sneezing.

I woke up today with a powerful sneeze. It literally popped me out of bed by forcing me to bend forward. It was very messy with a bunch of stuff coming out of my nose. Massive blowing was needed to clear up the mess. Other than that I have just been blowing like crazy so far today.

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