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I'm an RN and so I get to see plenty of observations in the hospital from staff, guests, and patients. I've seen this women a few times before but haven't worked with her.

She's about 6'2" I think, and that's wearing flats! She is not overweight at all but is basically in proportion to her body size with very long legs, a pleasant fullness to her hips, and a lovely long neck. She has long, reddish hair, an elogated, skinny nose on which a pair of stylish glasses rest almost on the very tip. To complete the effect, she always wears a long white lab coat, although she is not a doctor but a nurse case manager, I think. She also carries herself with a regal aloofness and authority that I find impressive.

Anyway, I have yet to learn this women's name as I have been at the hospital for only about six months. I have seen her on most of the floors, it's always hard to miss her!

A few days ago, I see her at the nurses station looking at charts when I see her get "the look." I had just dropped off my patient so I was able to pay close attention. Her mouth dropped open, she craned that lovely neck back, and released an extremely violent "HAAEEEEAHSCHOOOO!!!!" She covered this blast with both her hands. She quickly went to a wall mounted hand cleaning station and sprayed antibacterial foam in her hands. But she wasn't done, she was still rubbing her hands near the hand sanitizer when she let out another full, throaty sneeze that bent her over at the waist, "AAEEEESHOOOOO!" She caught the sneeze again in her hands and then reapplied more foam. After that, she began walking away from me toward the opposite hallway of rooms. She stopped halfway down the hallway and let loose another whooper, "HHEEAASCHIOOOOOW!!!!!!" She held her hands over her mouth afterward, apparently in preparation for one more cleansing explosion that rocked her powerful frame with an echoing, "AAAAAAAASCIHHHHHHCTTT!!!!" This last one sounded like the flood had finally let loose from her tortured nose, ending the attack. She kept her hands over her face and retreated to the nursing cubicle at the far end of the hall, presumably to find tissues and more hand sanitizer. I walked toward the elevator in a daze, gooseflesh all over my arms.

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Great obs - I think I too would be somewhat dazed after witnessing such a giant fit as that :D Is it just me or are tall woman more likely to have larger sneezes than shorter woman??

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