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Occupational allergies?


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So I was buying cologne in a perfume shop for an xmas present and after sniffing about a dozen samples, I could begin to feel that feathery tickle begin to form. Now as far as I know I don't have any perfume allergies and I brushed it off as being simply an irritation or overdose of strong scents.

But again fantasy kicked in and I began to wonder about perfume store clerks with allergies. Just how do they manage? Then, of course, it expanded to include any other occupational specific allergies. Especially during the holidays during the retail rush have people working in temporary positions for extra cash. (A man working at Godiva confided to me he doesn't even LIKE chocolates.weirdsmiley.gif )

Accountants with dust allergies?

Models and Actors that are photic?

Massage Therapists with scent allergies.

And of course florists with pollen allergies.

What is YOUR favorite occupational allergy? Or better yet, pick an occupation and give it an allergy?

By the way it took TWO hours for me to get that sneeze out. UGH I had at least a dozen false starts. When it finally came it was a glad double into my sleeve and rather wet.

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I hate to be a fantasy-smasher here, so I'm sorry, but... If you knew you were allergic to something, why would you base your job around it? Or even if you didn't know. Say you want to be a florist, and you suddenly find out you're desperately allergic to daisies. Wouldn't you quit? Again, sorry. I just. Yeah.

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No... I understand where you are coming from of course.

I meant in a non-debilitating or manageable situation. Especially in the case of a temp hire who may or may not have known but still needed the extra cash type of situation whistle.gif

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I work in a very dusty place with many people who have dust allergies. It's sorta the nature of the work. No one has one severe enough to warrant major concern, but it definitely causes a few people to sneeze more often than is normal!

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My sister told one time when she wanted to work as a volunteer at a local animal shelter. She walked in and about half-way through the interview process, she started sneezing like crazy. That's how she found out she was allergic to cats, just like our dad. Needless to say that killed any chance of her working in an animal shelter.

I also remember a reading on a blog about some woman who was allergic to cats and she went for an allergy study. One of the workers there was also allergic to cats but stayed because she said it was a good job? Go fig.

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Sometimes people develop allergies while working somewhere, because of overexposure, too. I developed an allergy to certain types of cleaning fluid while working retail, because I had to use it so often. All it did was give me a rash, so it wasn't worth not having a paycheck. If it's going to kill you, it's one thing, but a lot of people would rather deal with a mild reaction than deal with not having a job in a shitty economy.

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